Wegner Cemetery
Also known as Monterery Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
Oconomowoc Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


This cemetery is an inactive cemetery ocated in section 7 Town of Oconomowoc. The cemetery is on the north side of Highway CW, west of the junction with Highway 67, 1 1/2 miles west of the village of Monterey, just east of the Waukesha County-Jefferson County Line. It is on private property.


The cemetery is known by Monterey Methodist Episcopal and Wegner Cemetery and was established circa 1867. The last burial in this cemetery was 1910. The Monterey Methodist Episcopal Church was established prior to 1864 when the Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Universalists joined together to build a Union Church.

The Methodist group built their own church in 1874. The church was served by pastors from the Oconomowoc Methodist Episcopal Church, now the United Methodist Church of Oconomowoc. Monterery Methodist dissolved in 1913. The buildings were sold and the cemetery was abandoned and unkept. Last known there were at least ten burials of the Huebner, Kehnebaum, and Schimmelpfennig families here.

Sent in by a researcher, see contributors page:

"The people buried in this cemetery are ancestors and relatives of Sid. As noted, the stones are very old and worn.

Michael Friedrich Kiehnbaum (spelled differently on the stone, either missing the e or the h) and his wife Maria Wolgast are buried at the very back of the cemetery. They were both born in Germany.

There is a tall family marker and there were small headstones for Vater, Mutter and Bruder. The Bruder stone is now missing. I don't know the name of that burial, it could be a Kiehnbaum or a Graper, as Maria was a widow and had children from a previous marriage with the Graper name. The Kiehnbaums and some of the Graper children came over together on the same boat. Both families lived on the farm directly behind the cemetery across the Ashippun River.

The name "Wegner Cemetery" is because it was on Franklin Wegner's property. His sister, Clara married Leonard Kiehnbaum. There are no Wegners buried there. The Wagner name has no relevance. It was probably merely a mis-spelling of Wegner. I do not know how the Huebners and Schimmelpfennigs were related to the Kiehnbaums, but my Aunt remembers Huebners attending Kiehnbaum family reunions in the 1920s and 30s. She says the Schimmelpfennigs were also related.

The rest of the Kiehnbaum descendants are buried at Cross Lutheran, Ixonia, Jefferson County."


There are no known cemetery records. The Methodist Church in Oconomowoc has no records for this congregations.

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions of the tombstones 1867-1910.


A few photos have been taken of stones in this cemetery by Linda & Larry Kopet.

This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.

OSSW: means on the same stone with

Friedericke/his wife/1816-1900
J.G. & Fredericke Huebner

KIHNBAUM: Friedrich/Geb 16 ?? 1816/Gest 26 ??? 1881 Frederick Kihnbaum

SCHIMMELPFENNIG: Anna M./Geb 2 Aug 1868/Gest 25 Apr 1883 Anna Schimmelpfennig

SCHIMMELPFENNIG: Lydia M.L./daughter of F & J Schimmelpfenning/Geb 17 Okt 1875/ Gest 11 Juni 1888 Lydia Schimmelpfennin

WOLCAST: Maria/??? F. Kihnbaum/Geb 11 April 1801/Gest 31 Mar 1881 Maria Wolcast