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St. Catherine's Catholic Church Cemetery

Oconomowoc Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


This active cemetery is located adjacent to St. Catherine's Church, 1/4 mile south of Mapleton on Highway P, Section 11, Oconomowoc Township.


St. Catherine's is a Catholic cemetery and was established in 1847. The parish was begun by a group of Irish farmers near Mapleton. The land for the cemetery and church was donated by Alexander and Catherine Coyle. The name of the parish, St. Catherine's of Alexandria, is taken from the Coyles' first Names.


There are Cemetery records 1847*date. Records for the early years are not complete. There is a chart of the cemetery available and records are open to the public for research at the parish rectory during normal weekly office hours. The church will answer mail requests at no charge.

St. Catherine's Church
8512 Brown Street
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

There are transcriptions of the tombstones, 1848-1951 at the Waukesha County Museum.


A few photos have been taken of stones in this cemetery by Linda & Larry Kopet. Click on the surname to see the photographs available. Available obituaries are linked to the individual's name.

This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.

OSSW: means on the same stone with

Mrs. Baker/d. Aug. 1897/age 70

Wm. Jas./Son of John & Catherine Bowie/died June 30, 1875/
	Aged 9 days


Julia A./wife of C. Collins/Died June 19, 1892/Aged 60 years/
	May her soul rest in peace

Elizabeth Ennis Connor/1836-1916

John Cox/1866-1898/OSSW:
Lewis M. Cox/1865-1897

Alexander/Died Mar 25, 1890/Aged 70 Yrs 9 Mo. 9 Days

In Memory of/Ann, Daughter of Barnard & Mary Daily/
	July, 2, 1857/Aged 21 Years

Father/Anthony Derse/born in France/Sept 10, 1816/
	Died July 232, 1895
Eugene L./1858-1911/OSSW:
Clarissa A./Wife/1865-1927

Rose/Wife of James Ennis/Died May 20, 1885/Aged 77 Y'rs
	May Her Soul Rest in Peace Amen/OSSW:
James Ennis Sr./Died Jan. 31, 1888/Aged 78 Y'rs/Rest In Peace


???? P. Kernin/Died May 27, 1861/Aged 46 Yrs./unreadable see photo

Erected in memory of Ann, Wife of John Kinny/Died Jan. 16, 1854/
	Aged 37 yrs./A Native of  Co. Rascom????? Ireland/see photo

V./Born Nov. 1, 1846/Died Mar 10, 1896/OSSW:
Annie/Wife of V. Koehler/born July 29, 1850/Died Mar 10, 1894

Julia/wife of M. McAleavy/Died Jan. 27, 1892/
	Aged 70 years/OSSW:
Bridget/Wife of M. McAleavy/Died July 15, 1848/
	Aged 28 years

Dennis/Died Nov. 23, 1895/Aged 85 years

In Memory of John/Son of Darthol & Bridget Nugent/Died Oct. 15, 1857/
	Aged 17 years 7 Ms./A native of Parish of Mo????? Limerick

In Memory of/Patrick O'Neill/Died May 26, 1881/Aged 76 Years

Elen M. Rowe/Died Feb. 17, 1888/Aged 62 Yrs/OSSW:
A.H. Rowe/Died Dec. 3, 1918/Aged 84 Years

Alexander/born Feb. 25, 1819/Died June 5, 1895/OSSW:
Elizabethe/His Wife/Born May 10, 1829/Died June 17, 1895

Jas./Died May 24, 1867/Aged 66/Erected by his wife Rebecca Stinson/
	A native of the Parish of...unreadable/see photo
Mary Stinson/Died Mary 13, 1879/Aged 75 Years/A native of Ireland
	County ... Unreadable
Catherine/Wife of Peter Stinson/Died Oct. 20, 1853/Aged 38 yrs.

Thos/Died Sep 30, 1883/Aged 63 yrs 6 mo/12 days

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