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Tabernacle Cemetery

Delafield Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


Tabernacle Cemetery is located on the west side of Bryn Drive (Highway E) west of the intersection with Highway G, Sect. 35 Delafield Township.


This inactive cemetery was established circa 1844. The church congregation was organized in 1844 as the First Welsh Congregational Church of Delafied.

The first church, a log structure, was built in 1845 on what is now part of the cemetery. In 1866 a new frame church was built on Hwy G. That church was destroyed by fire in 1980. The church was also called Tabernacle Congregational Church. In 1920, the congregation affiliated with the Waukesha Presbytery of the Calvinistic Methodist Church. It then became known as the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. In 1943 it joined the Kettle Moraine Parish, which was a group of small churches which had band together. The congregation was dissolved in 1947, but a caretaker still maintains the cemetery grounds.


The church records are available 1866-1946 from the Presbyterian Historical Society, 425 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

At the Waukesha Museum are transcriptions of the tombstones 1846-1936.


Some photographs of tombstones can be found at the Linking Your Past Photo Gallery. Photos available have been marked with a [P}.


The following is a list of burials copied by Ramona D. in April 2004. She would be happy to photograph any of the stones in the cemetery. Please email her directly.

Here is a listing by cemetery row.

The stone at road says "Tabernacle Cemetery Established 1842"

Mom/Ethel M./b: Sept, 24, 1922-
Dad/Clayton J./b: Sept 7, 1917/d: July 8, 1988
Mother/Ida A./b: Dec 26, 1887/d: May 15, 1967
Father/Edward H./b: Sept 14, 1887/d: Nov 11, 1962
Father/Oswald J./b: June 9 1857/d: June 3 1929
Mother/Christina  J./b: Nov 9 1860/d: Jan 7 1920
Mabel E./July 6, 1885/Jan 21 1980
Arthur J./Mar. 9 1885/Apr 11 1961

Veronica Shallcross Berg/wife of Victor/mother of Victor and Margaret/1899-1974
Margaret J Berg/wife of Victor E. Berg/1909-1960
Victor E. Berg/husband of Margaret Thomas/1900-1946


Mother Frances C. Bothe/b: Dec 21 1917/d: Aug. 18, 1963

East side: 
	Eleanor Breese/died Apr 23 1887/aged 81 yrs
	Samuel Breese/died Apr 18 1853/aged 54 yrs/
	John Williams/father of George B./Nov 1785-Sept 20 1860
	Mary Howell Williams/wife of John Williams/mother of George B./
		May 12, 1806/Dec 27 1885

DAVIS: (also Davies)
Broken stone -Elizabeth (unreadable)  27 years & 25 days  
	 Margaret daughter of J. ? & E. Davies died Sept 20, 1865
Mother/Charlot Davies/1827-1905/d. Oct. 19, 1905/age 78
Father/Thomas J. Davies/1826-1891
Jemima Davies/1871-1881
Margaret Davies/1860-1886
Thomas Davies/1865-1877
David B Davies/1858-1878
Winifred Jay/Mar 1 1900/June 27, 1981
Lorance D./Feb 5, 1896/Oct 2 1965
Esther T/1898-1987
Byron D/1893-1961
Harold D./1922-1944
Harold D. Davis/Wisconsin PVT 60 Inf 9 INF DIV World War 
	II/March 17 1922/Dec 12, 1944
Ellen A./1867-1949
William D./1863-1947
Mary/In memory of/wife of John Davis Jr./died Sept 3 1860/aged ? yrs
John Davies/died ? 23 ? 1858/aged ? yrs/Mary ? (rest unreadable)
Davis Large Stone:
small stone: Ester J.
small stone: Oscar D.
Large stone: Ester J./daughter of R and E Davis/born May 19 1885/died Aug 6 1901
	     Oscar D./son of R and E Davis/born May 15 1887/died Mar 23 1903
small stone: Mother/Rosa Wilkins Davis/wife of Elmer/1896-1916
small stone: Father/Richard R Davis/1850-1936
small stone: Mother/Elizabeth W. Davis/1868-1945
Father/Elmer/1889-1973/(WWI Star by stone)
Mother/Florence Hood/1903-1942
Son/Robert J Davis/May 30 1934/May 30 1954

Lettie Donohue/b: Apr. 13, 1887/d: July 5 1965

Vance A./b: Sept 13, 1910/d: July 6, 1958/Wisconsin Tec. 4 77 Evacuation Hosp. World War 11

Margaret Jane/dau of D. & E. Driscoll/Sept 25-Oct 2 1945

Evan Evans/Nov 18, 1854/Nov 13 1905
Sarah/his wife/Feb 21 1861/Nov 11, 1934

William Gannon/1841-1910/(Civil War star next to stone)
Mary/his wife/1852-1921

[P]  Elizabeth Harris/died July 16, 1902/aged 76 yrs/a native of Glamnorg?shire Wales
	(unsure of spelling)


Mother/Eliza/b: Feb 24, 1844/d: Jan 31, 1905
Father/Jonah/b: Sept 7 1844/d: Jan 14, 1935


Ann Hughes/Died 1923/aged 75
Griffith Hughes/died 1917/aged 86
Eleanor Hughes/died 1893/aged 88
Hugh E./1843-1925
Mary/his wife/1849-1910
Large stone: East side:  
	Hannah/daughter of H & M Hughes/died Aug 8 1877/aged 11 months
	south side unreadable saying
	West side: 
	Edmund/son of H & M Hughes/died Feb 24, 1886/aged 17 yrs
Annie/wife of H.R. Hughes/died Nov 22, 1891/aged 34 yrs
Elizabeth A Hughes/1881-1965

Large monument 
East side: Ellis Humphrey/died Sept 14, 1858/Aged 67 yrs
	a ? of ? just north Wales
South side: 
	Catherine/wife of John Boheris (?)/daughter of Ellis Humphrey/
	died June 13, 1849/aged 33 yrs
North side: 
	Gainor/wife of Ellis Humphrey/died Nov 9 1849/aged ?3 yrs

Large stone  
West side of stone:
	Joseph James/born June 1812/died ? 1889
	Lizzie Jones/born 1802/died 1888
North side of stone:  
	Richard R. James/born June 4, 1858/died Mar 4 1927
East side of stone: 
	Joseph James/died Sept 7, 1850/aged 71 yrs
	Mary/wife of Jos James/died June 4, 1851/aged 68 yrs
South side of stone: 
	Margaret James/died July 21, 1878/(?) aged 68 yrs
	Margaret James aged 62 years 5m 5 d's 
William B/1857-1935
Catherine E./1858-1925
John James/Died Mar 20, 1860/aged 51 yrs 10 mo's (unreadable saying on bottom of stone)
Elizabeth/wife of John R. James/died Oct 11, 1868/(?) (broken stone)
Phebe/dau RT & A James/Sept 23 1887 ?/ Aged 1 yr ? Dys

William Jenkins/born Dec 22, 1830/died June 28 1905
Mary/his wife/Born Oct 27, 1835/died May 1 1919
(two small stones) husband   wife

upright mostly unreadable stone one of 4 broken stones listed in unknown/
	reads in part wife of J Jones
John H./1813-1891
Elizabeth/his wife/1804-1878
Large stone:
Jones (on bottom of stone)
east side: Charles Garfield/died March 3 1881/aged 3 months
South side: In memory of Rev. Enoch Jones/died May 26 1886/
	aged 48 yrs unreadable saying underneath  
Mother/Ann Jones/1840-1932
Griffith W. Jones/Mar 30, 1848/Mar 17, 1923
East side: 
	Ellen/wife of John G. Jones/died May 11 1890/aged 26 yrs 9 m's
south side: 
	Ella May/dau of J & E Jones/died Dec 18 1890/aged 9 m's 22 d's
	John G. Jones/born Oct 2 1851 Wales G.B./died Jan 5 1917
Owen R. Jones/Died Feb 19 1890/(unsure of date)/aged 71 yrs
T.P. Jones
Large stone south side:   
	Thomas P Jones/died Feb 19, 1888/aged 77 yrs
east side: 
	Elizabeth P./wife of Thomas P. Jones Grove/died Oct 26 1874/
		aged 54 yrs
north side: 
	David Jones/died Aug 26 1884/aged 89 years
David Jones/1795-1884

Mother/Mary A. Martin/Born Oct 2 1832 at Pembrokshire Wales/died Oct 28 1907
Father/Edward W. Martin/Born Oct 2 1831 at Dorchester England/died May 20 1897

Williams Brittain/b: Jan 31, 1926/d: Mar 6, 1994

     Benjamin/son of Wm Morris/born July 27, 1857/died Aug 19 1880
[P]  William Morris/1824-1922/(star next to stone unsure of which war)
[P]  Harriet/his wife/1854-1934

Loren P Meyers/CPL US Army Korea/July 24 1930/Feb 11 1999

Mother/Hermina E./b:Jan 8 1911-
Father/John S./b: Oct 1 1912/d: April 5 1984

Ruth M./1907-1996 
Leslie E./1906-1994/Wed June 29, 1929

Elizabeth Jennett/wife of Thos. Owens/Mar 31, 1881/aged 27 yrs
2 small stones in front ? and Elizabeth
Jane Ann/1852-1913
Thomas J. Owens/Mar 26 1884/Jan 21 1909

Mother/Edna Phillips Frank/1903 -1946
Irene Phillips/1897-1900
Mother Anna Phillips/1864-1946
John Phillips/1854-1929

Thomas J. Price/Oct 20 1831/Oct 29 1911
Margaret/his wife/ April 7 1842/Sept 4 1905 
Roger/their son/Oct 8 1874/July 29 1905
Elizabeth M. Price/Daughter/1870-1948

[P]  Willis E./son of Arthur & Mable L. Richards/b: Oct 9 1926/d: Dec 30 1930
[P]  Mother/Mable L./b: Oct 10, 1886/d: Dec 4, 1970
[P]  Father/Arthur/b: Oct. 7 1881/d: Jan 14, 1964
Large stone:  Richards
Small stones: [P]  Roger/Dec 31, 1873/Jan 24, 1886
	      [P]  Jane/Dec 25, 1886/Aug 8, 1887
              [P]  Thomas/Jan 26, 1889/Feb 16, 1889
	      [P]  David L./Mar 12, 1879/June 3, 1907
	      [P]  Mother/Jane/Nov 20, 1848/Nov 14, 1909
	      [P]  Father/Thomas R./Mar 1 1845/Jan 26 1915
Tall stone broken top
[P]  South side: Elizabeth S./daughter of R & A Richards/
		died Mar 9, 1866/aged 19 yrs 1 mo 20 days
[P]  North side: Amelia/wife of R. Richards/died June 28 1861/
		aged 31 (?) yrs ? months
[P]  East side: Roger Richards/died Aug 29 (?) 1859 or 1879/
		aged 35 yrs ? months

William Olin Rowlands/1961-1996 (sent in by a researcher/see contributors page/
	b. 21 Feb 1961/d. 10 Jan 1996/SSDI)
Doris Olin Rowlands/b. December 28,  1933/d. August 10, 2010/Fabulous Mother/
	(sent in by a researcher/see contributors page)

Grandmother/Amzer Hood Schultz/b: July 12 1875/d: Sept 24 1929

Father/Orville G. Schumacher/June 15 1910/Jan 16 1953


east side of stone:  
	John D. Southard/Jan 16 1815/June 30, 1895
	Elizabeth/his wife/Feb 29 1828/Sept 13 1899
south side: 
	David Morris/Dec 17 1779/Dec 17 1863
	Anna/wife of David Morris/May 27 1783/Jan 27 1880
	Joseph Southard/Mar 1 1848/Mar 27 1877
	Thomas Green/Mar 1848/Mar 1882
north side: 
	Hannah/wife of John Southard Jr./Dec 23 1857/Apr 28 1883
Hannah Southard/in memory of/died Apr 28 1883/Aged 23 yrs/RIP
John T/son of J. & H. Southard/Nov 15 1910/Jan 24 1911
Margaret/his wife/1873-1956
Ruel Eugene/Inf son of  E & M Southard/May 26 1924
Margaret A Southard/1905-1977/Mother
Evan J Southard/1902-1958/Father
Margaret T. Southard/1910-1995
Grace W. Southard/1906-1995

Jack Lafond Straenler/May 24 1930/July 7 1997/(Korean star next to stone)

Marlys S./1928-
Jack F./1927-1973
Linda J. Taege/1954-2001

David/born Feb 11 1875/died Oct 15 1902/native of Merthyrcynoc, Wales
Roger/(Spanish War star next to stone)
Mother/a precious one from us has gone a voice we loved is stilled
	a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled
Mary E/wife of W.W. Thomas/1879-1919


David A./1922


Lorene/b: Aug 3, 1901/d:Nov 7, 1937
John L./b: July 3 1873/d:June 25 1941
Elizabeth/b: Dec 20, 1885/d:Apr. 6, 1915
Hannah/b: Nov 11, 1875/d:Jan 12, 1905
Ann/b: Oct 15, 1867/d:Apr. 15, 1940
Mother-Elizabeth R. Dec 13, 1911-Dec 9, 2000
Father-Edward Sept 10, 1912
J. Maldwyn Williams/833-1902/Vet. Co. F 118th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf.
		Father on small stone
David T./1868-1963
Elizabeth A./1867-1935
Harvey/Son of D & M Williams/1885-1890
Samuel/son of David & Mary Williams/died Feb 23 1877/aged 
	2 yrs 5 mos 18 dys
John Williams Late of Llanllugan N. W./who died Agst 11th 1860/
	aged 61 yrs/In Memory of
Elizabeth Williams/wife of John Williams/(top unreadable) 
	(bottom saying unreadable)
Hannah (rest unreadable)
?  ? Williams wife of ? 1873 unreadable/Large flat stone (unreadable)/
	aged 33 or 53 yrs aged 
Thomas Williams/died Nov 3 1885/aged 79 yrs
Martha Williams/died Mar 23, 1885/aged 79 yrs
Large stone: Williams
East side: John T Williams/1829-1904
	Margaret/his wife 1840-1879
	Willie/died 1877/ae 1 yr 2 mo's
West side: Mary/1864-1897
	 Jennie/died 1889/ae 11 yrs 4 mo's
Father/Edward Williams/1835-1928
Mother/Ann Williams/1837-1922
Son/John R. Williams/1877-1947
Son/Arthur Williams/1877-1947
Margaret A./1863-1929
George B./1849-1922
Large stone: 
	E. Williams
Small stones if front of above: 
	Sarah Jane/dau of Mr & Mrs E. Williams/Nov 24 1865-Nov 3 1868
	Andrew/son of Mr. Mrs E. Williams/May 4 1877-Sept 13 1908
	Son/George Williams/1870-1930
	Son/Eddie Williams/1874-1917
John R. Williams 1863-1927
Mary Beryle Williams/daughter of George B & Margaret Ann Williams/
	Jan 24, 1890/Aug 2 1886
John Williams/died Sept 20 1860/aged 75 yrs/a native of 
	Pembrokeshire South Wales
Mary/wife of John Williams/died Dec 27 1885/aged 79 yrs
George F. Williams/son of George B & Margaret Ann Williams/
	Dec 28 1886/Mar 23 1964
Charles Loyal Williams/son of George B. & Margaret Ann Williams/
	Mar 10 1888/Sept 28 1963
David Williams/May 11 1858/Mar 15 1937
John S. Williams/Oct. 2, 1851/Mar 9 1919
Wm Williams/1846-1853
Mary Williams/1848-1899
John J. Williams/1808-1862
Mary A./his wife/1820-1903


Wm R./son of ? Woodhead/died Dec 8 1876 ?dys

broken stone in ground unreadable/Near Hughes
small stone in ground unreadable/Near Hughes
4 unmarked head stones upright/one reads in part JONES (see JONES above)
at end of row in woods-left half of monument stone reads: 
in me----------   Samuel ---------- who died ----------- 
	Ap -------------  Aged 5-------
Sharon Ann Sept 11 1950-Jan 21 1951 (possibly Davis)

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