Oak Ridge Cemetery
Eagle Township, Waukesha County, Wisconsin


It is located on the west side of Hwy 67. Originally it was entirely in the Village of Eagle, but has expanded into the town in recent years.


This active cemetery was established about 1869. It is administered by the Oak Ridge Cemetery Association which was established in 1884. It is believed that a group of women of the village went door-to-door to collect enough money to buy a piece of land to be used for a cemetery. Land was purchased from the estate of Thomas W. Pittman, who died in 1882.

The cemetery association was established in 1893. The articles of incorporation read as follows: Eagle Wisconsin, October 7, 1893 Meeting of citizens to form a Cemetery Association. The following named persons assembled at the Opera House in the Village of Eagle, Waukesha Co. Wisconsin. W.E. Mayhew, C.E. Lins, Albert Williams, Samuel Hage, Otto Lewandoske, Geo. W. Blackburn, J.A. Lins, W.W. Perry. On motion W.E. Mayhew was elected chairman, and W.W. Perry, Secretary and Treasurer.

On motion Resolved that the corporate name be and is hereby the Oak Ridge Cemetery Association of Eagle Wisconsin.

On motion Resolved, that we elect three trustees. The first one elected to be for three years, the second for two years, and the third for one year.

On motion, resolved our annual meeting shall be held on the first Saturday in October each year at 7:30 p.m.

In 1964, the Association purchased an adjacent 66 foot frontage lot from Matt Kau. Recently an additional 3 acres from the Harold Chapman estate was also purchased, 1.27 acres in the town and .73 in the village.


There is no known map of the cemetery. The burial records prior to 1910 were lost long ago. All burials prior to 1910 were taken from tombstone transcriptions by Mabel Thomas. The records are not available to the public for research, however mail requests will be answered at no charge.
Contact as of July 2011:
Peter Jones
Phone: 262-470-4855

Tombstone Inscriptions

These tombstone inscriptions were compiled from a variety of sources. The entries do not seem to be verified with official records. There appear to be errors in dates and names, they are corrected as they are verified. This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.

OSSW: means on the same stone with ACKLEY: see LOGAN ALLPRESS: Johanna/Jan 2, 1904/wife of William Allpress, 67 yr William/1812/Aug 22, 1893 Anna Dresdow Allpress/b. North Prairie/d. Dec. 1948 AMANN: Frederick/Mar 5, 1835/Mar 6, 1919/Civil War Veteran: Co H, 1st Wis Cavalry, GAR Helen (LONG)/Apr 22, 1851 WI/Sept 23, 1924/wife of Frederick Amann, daughter of John & Mary Long ASTERHOUT: see COLYER BAINGTNER: see RASHLEY BANNERMAN: [P] Alexander H Bannerman/Apr 12, 1876/Feb 11, 1894 George C/1885/1943 [P] Father/Gilbert G/1850-1927 Mary G/1854/1945/wife of Gilbert Bannerman BANNISTER: C B Dr/pr 6, 1817/Apr 10, 1895 Mary P (ROWLAND) Bannister/Jan 10, 1840/Chester Co., PA/ Apr 21, 1885/wife of Dr C B Bannister BARKER: see DEWITT BARTON: Anna/Feb 18, 1797/Feb 23, 1887/wife of Joseph G Barton Joseph G/Feb 2, 1793/June 28, 1872 Lydia/1827/1918 Nathaniel J/1830/1917 William B/1854/1869 BEACHTEL: see COX BEAUMEISTER: see MACKOLD BEEREND: Bertha/1889/1937/"Mother" Charlotte M/1923/1925 BETTS: Thomas Betts/d. July 1950 BIBBLE: see THORNTON BIGELOW: see JAMES BLACKBURN: George/Washington/Sept 23, 1862/Genesee, WI/Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.,WI/son of John & Hannah M Blackburn Harold "Harry" Blackburn/July 17, 1886/Apr 28, 1889/son of George W & Esther L Blackburn BLACKBURN: see MACARTHUR BOETTCHER: Robert H/Apr 30, 1922/May 9, 1922 BOETTCHER: see POPP BOONE: see LURVEY BOSSINGHAM: [P] Bossingham Family Marker [P] Edward/Bossingham/May 13, 1841/Oct 31, 1910/b. Wisbich, England/ son of Benjamin Bossingham [P] Elizabeth/Bossingham/June 16, 1879/Apr 24, 1921/wife of Edward Bossingham [P] Kate M. Bossingham/1869-1970 [P] John E Bossingham/1863-1934 BOTSFORD: Charles L/1858/1939 Harriet E/1857/1942 BOVEE: Bovee Family/Moved from Eagle Cemetery Benedict A/Feb 18, 1822 NY/Oct 3, 1875/son of Matthias Bovee & Elizabeth Bovee Catherine (CRAMER)/Jan 25, 1823/Dec 6, 1893/wife of Benedict A Bovee Dewitt C/1861/1908/son of Edward Bovee & Elizabeth HELLIER Edward L/June 29, 1833/Amsterdam, NY/July 5, 1892/ son of Matthias Bovee & Elizabeth Bovee Eliabeth B (HELLIER)/Mar 22, 1840/Bradford, England/Sept 10, 1894/Philadelphia, PA/wife of Edward L Bovee Elizabeth M (Bovee)/Apr 16, 1793 NY/June 12, 1884/Whitewater, Walworth Co., WI/wife of Matthias J Bovee, daughter of Isaac Bovee (originally buried in First Eagle Cem.) Ella E/Sept 3, 1855/Oct 26, 1857/son of William R Bovee & Sarah Ann SNOVER/(originally buried in First Eagle Cem.) [P] Emma Broker Bovee/1862-1933/(wife of Halsey Bovee) Francis/Mar 22, 1900/Jan 20, 1919/son of Marvin Bovee & Margaret ROBINSON [P] Halsey Wood Bovee/1863-1918/(son of Edward Bovee & Elizabeth HELLIER) Henry J Bovee/Apr 18, 1854/Nov 24, 1903 [P] Jacob I Bovee/1801-1876 Lemuel Bovee/May 24, 1910/son of Philip Bovee & Cahrlotte PITTMAN Leslie H/Sept 18, 1891/Sept 11, 1894/son of Marvin Bovee & Margaret ROBINSON Margaret(ROBINSON)/July 27, 1858/Forest Glen, IL/Dec 16, 1943/wife of Marvin Bovee, daughter of James ROBINSON & Anna HARRINGTON Margaret S/1839/1926/ Marquis B/1827/1923 Marvin/Jan 31, 1859 Eagle, WI/Nov 25, 1947/son of Benedict A Bovee & Catherine CRAMER Matthias J/July 24, 1793/Amsterdam, NY/Sept 12, 1872/ son of Jacob Bovee & Jane DODS/husband of Elizabeth B./ (originally buried in First Eagle Cem.) Matthias J/Jan 7, 1844 NY/Aug 6, 1905/son of Benedict A Bovee & Catherine CRAMER, Civil War Veteran: Co A, 24th Wis Vol Ralph/Aug 31, 1885/Jan 31, 1886 Sarah Ann (SNOVER) Bovee/Mar 15, 1825/Mar 16, 1905/06/wife of William R Bovee/wife of William R./(originally buried in First Eagle Cem.) William R/Oct 11, 1823 NY/Mar 18, 1874/son of Matthias Bovee & Elizabeth Bovee/husband of Sarah A./(originally buried in First Eagle Cem.) BOVEE: see CLEMONS see PITTMAN BOWEY: Mary (ENGLE) Bowey/Aug 11, 1857/Germany/Dec 3, 1946/wife of Samuel Bowey, daughter of Charles ENGLE Samuel/Mar 1, 1852/England/July 2, 1926 Eagle, WI/son of Kaley Bowey BOYD: Matilda "Mattie"/(REEVES)/June 17, 1845 WI/Feb 4, 1927/wife of William Boyd, daughter of William Reeves & Mary CASTLE William H/Nov 19, 1843 OH/Oct 29, 1914/son of John Boyd & Isabella CARLISLE BRADLEY: see SKIDMORE BREWEN: Harvey J/1883/1885 Katherine/1855/1937/wife of William Brewen William/1851/1938 BROKER: see BOVEE BRYANT: Jennie May/(MACHOLDT)/Jan 20, 1883/Nov 14, 1911/daughter of Christian Macholdt & Margaret MADDEN BUNKER: see LOGAN see WATROUS BURDEN: Edward John Sr/1853/Cornwall,England/Feb 2, 1919/son of John Burden & Mary Ann METTERS BURGESS: see MAYHEW BURGY: Adolph G/Jan 17, 1923/Jan 19, 1923 BURKE: see PARTRIDGE BURTON: Edward John Jr/Sept 15, 1889/Eagle, WI/Jan 6, 1944/son of Edward J Burden & Ada E SPRAGUE Lila (DRAPER)/wife of Edward J Burton Jr, daughter of Francis Draper & Hannah OTIS CABLE: see OBORNE CARLISLE: see BOYD CARR: see OBORNE CASTLE: see BOYD see REEVES CHURCHILL: see COLYER see WAY CLEARY: Mary Alice REISH/(WRAY)/Oct 17, 1861 OH/Aug 28, 1931/wife of Thomas Cleary, daughter of Samuel Wray & ? KLINE unknown/1947 CLEMONS: Edith J/1868/1881 Edna (BOVEE)/Aug , 1858/Mar , 1919/wife of Ezra Clemons Elnora (PITTMAN)/Feb 22, 1846/Dec 4, 1916/wife of Harvey Clemons, daughter of Thomas Pittman Ezra/1858/1925 Harriet/1862/1939 [P] Harvey Clemons/May 20, 1847-Sept 25, 1925 Horace/Mar 20, 1837/Lockport, NY/May 28, 1911/son of Lyman Clemons & Eliza HAYES Mary A (FRENCH)/Sept 22, 1836/England/Dec 9, 1913/wife of Horace Clemons, daughter of James French & Genefy UGLOW CLEMONS: see WINGERTER COLE: Charles Harriet/wife of Charles Cole COLE: see MCCABE COLLINS: see FAIRBROTHER see MARTY COLYER: Mary A(CHURCHILL)/Nov 12, 1842 WI/Dec 29, 1932/daughter of Erastus Churchill & Elmira ASTERHOUT COOLIDGE: Alma DRAPER/ CORY: [P] Fannie Cory/1836-1925/OSSW: [P] William Cory/1828-1921 COX: Charles E Cox/Aug 8, 1848/England/Dec 9, 1919/son of J H Cox & Emily GORAN/Civil War Veteran/32nd Wis Regiment Emily E Cox/1881/1904 Harold L/1882/1885 Seraphine(BEACHTEL)/June 28, 1854 Troy Center, Walworth Co., WI/wife of Charles E Cox, daughter of Abraham Beachtel & Sarah HENRY CRAMER: see BOVEE CRANK: Frank/1861/1915 [P] William Crank/Born Dec 2, 1852/Died Aug 28, 1890 CRAWLEY: Harvey/1885/1887 James Crawley/1857/1906 Mary J/1858/1930 CROWLEY: Elnora (WILFORD)/Aug 9, 1865 WI/Sept 27, 1934 wife of Wilsy Crowley, daughter of Edward & Charlotte Wilford Wilsey Crowley/b. Sept. 28, 1866 Eagle/d. August 1945 CUMMINGS: Ellsworth G/1889/1933 unknown/ CUMMINGS: see KILTS CUTLER: see HINKLEY DABEL: Evelyn/1923/1926/daughter of R F & A Dabel DANIELS: see HINKLEY see PARDEE DAVIS: see MEREDITH DEGNER: see KUETTER DETLOF: Agnes/1882/1941 Fred/1844 DEWEY: Frank/1877/1940 DEWITT: Edwin/Apr 1, 1841/Feb 6, 1911/wife of William DeWitt & Sarah BARKER Robert W/Nov 8, 1880/Aug 28, 1881 DEWITT: see SPRAGUE DODS: see BOVEE DRAPER: Almira MEADWAY(SALISBURY)/Jan 11, 1847 WI/Sept 15, 1914/wife of Francis Draper, daughter of John Salisbury & Keziah LAKE Francis/Feb 7, 1842 Eagle, WI/July 30, 1941/son of Francis Draper & Hannah OTIS, Veteran: 1st Wis Heavy Artillery DRAPER: see COOLIDGE DRESDOW: William John Dresdow/Jan 1, 1854/Germany/Sept 3, 1912/son of Louis Dresdow & Carrie SAUMERFELT DUNNING: John E/1872/1935 EARLE: Henry H Earle/1859/1921 Ruby Earle/d. February 03, 1949 EBRHARDT: see LINS EDWARDS: Herbert Blanchard Edwards/June 25, 1862 WI/July 7, 1918/son of S B Edwards & Betsy A WHEELER Luella (PARKS)/Mar 15, 1861/Eagle, WI/Mar 14, 1942/ wife of Herbert Edwards, daughter of Francis J Parks & Susan G WEBB ELTING: see HILL ENGLE: see BOWEY ENRIGHT: John E/1878/1932 Mary M/1888 ERICKSON: Amanda(PETERSON)/July 18, 1869/Sweden/Mar 15, 1942/ wife of Peter Erickson, daughter of Ander Peterson Peter/1870 FAIRBROTHER: Arthur O/Dec 14, 1862 WI/Apr 13, 1934/son of Richard Fairbrother & Maryette REEVES Olive A (WHEELOCK)/Jan 23, 1884/July 29, 1943/wife of Arthur O Fairbrother, daughter of Del H Wheelock & Mary COLLINS FAIRBROTHER: see PERRY see ROCKTEACHER FINKE: John/Oct 16, 1826/Apr 24, 1894 Mina/July 28, 1810/Apr 24, 1895 FLINT: see LEWANDOSKE FOSTER: see SMART FRAYER: see PIPER FRENCH: see CLEMONS GILBERT: see RIDGMAN GORAN: see COX GRANT: see ELTING GRICE: Caroline M (WHITTAM)/Oct 1, 1883/Mar 2, 1918/daughter of John W Whittam & Mary WILTON GRIFFIN: Emma/Sept 7, 1864/daughter of J & A Griffin [P] James/Born Feb 15, 1827/Died Jan 14, 1892 HAGE: George W/Jan 8, 1860/Oct 18, 1865 John W/Mar 3, 1847/Jan 16, 1900 Rev John Hage/Oct 10, 1811/Mar 12, 1902 Mary E/Feb 29, 1813/Jan 26, 1889/wife of John Hage HALL: Bessie M/Jan 1, 1898/Mar 25, 1913 Kate A/Jan 26, 1847 Lansing E Hall/Jan 7, 1850/Aug 4, 1902/son of W H Hall HAMANN: Augusta C (LARTZ)/Dec 19, 1865/Germany/Jan 13, 1927/wife of William C Hamann, daughter of William Lartz William C/Feb 8, 1865/Germany/Apr 20, 1918/son of Chris & Charlotte Rose Hamann HAMRICK: Vault HANSEN: Emery Hansen/d. December 1953 HARRINGTON: see BOVEE HARRISON: see SKIDMORE HARTWELL: Lucy P/ HAYES: see CLEMONS HELGESON: see PIPER HELLIER: see BOVEE HENDRICKSON: Earl H/Nov 1, 1918/Nov 19, 1918 HENRY: Edgar/1859/1890 Edward James/1926/1928 Elizabeth (Logan)/1839/1925 George/1864/1919 Janet/1867/1924 William L/1829/Jan , 1892 HENRY: see COX HIBBARD: see JAMES HIGBIE: Ellsworth J/Dec 4, 1943/Pvt Medical Department HILL: Charles M/Dec 31, 1833/Aug 3, 1920 Ellsworth E Hill/Dec 8, 1863/July 24, 1926 Henrietta E/Aug 31, 1843/Nov 6, 1915 Marian J (ELTING) Hill/June 28, 1863/Dec 5 1912/wife of E E Hill, daughter of Roeleff/Rolliff Elting & Jane GRANT HINKLEY: Ahira Rockwell Hinkley/Oct 23, 1810/Lebanon, NH/Jan , 1907/son of Samuel Hinkley & Ann E CUTLER/founder of Eagle Mary C (DANIELS) Hinkley/Jan 15, 1813/Nov 4, 1898/wife of Ahira Hinkley HINKLEY: see PARDEE HINRICHS: Marcia (PARKS) Hinrichs/July 20, 1858/Apr 1, 1913/(Mattie Hinrichs) Paul L/Oct 14, 1854/May 7, 1935 HUBBARD: John L/1872/1891 John W/1836/1873 Mary A/1840/Apr , 1891/wife of John W Hubbard [P] Lottie A. Hubbard/Born 18??/Died 1866 IHRIG: "Mother"/1848/1907/Helena (Miller/Mueller) Ihrig/wife of William William J Ihrig/June 14, 1849/Germany/son of William Ihrig IRVES: see MURDOCH JAMES: Minnie (BIGELOW)/Aug 8, 1841 Eagle, WI/Aug 17, 1910/ Eagle, WI/daughter of Fernand Bigelow & Caroline HIBBARD JOHNSON: see MAYHEW see REEVES JONES: see SHERMAN KASLER: see MARCLAY KEMKER: see LEWANDOSKE KILMAN: see SILVERNALE KILTS: Franklyn E/Apr 12, 1854 WI/Sept 27, 1933/son of John Kilts & Hannah LAKE Laura (SPRAGUE)/Dec 19, 1858/Osage, IA/Dec 27, 1943/ wife of Franklyn Kilts, daughter of Frederick Sprague & Lucy CUMMINGS Sidney S/1886/1928 KIRALY: Charlotte/1878/1945 Frank/1874 KLINE: Mary H/1845/1923 Sidney P/1843/1891 KLINE: see CLEARY see WAY KLISCH: see MACHHOLDT KOVNICH: see THAYER KUETTER: Amelia/1863/1929 Charles/Aug 9, 1862/Germany/Dec 4, 1920/son of Charles Kuettner & Minnie DEGNER Pauline/1901/1901 LAKE: see DRAPER see KILTS see SALISBURY LARTZ: see HAMANN LEEMAN: see LORGE LEGLER: see MARTY LENARD: see STEWART LEWANDOSKE: Emma (KEMKER)/Apr 15, 1860 WI/Feb 12, 1931/wife of Otto Lewandoske, daughter of Christian Kemker & Sophia FLINT Flora/1823/1892/"Mother" Otto/1863/1936 LINS: "Father"/1857/1903 Charles Jr/"Charlie"/1880/June , 1893/son of Charles Lins Henrietta (MACHOLDT)/Feb 15, 1844/Germany/Oct 10, 1934/ daughter of Christian Macholdt & Margaret MADDEN John August Lins/Oct 3, 1840/Prussia/Mar 20, 1905/Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI/son of John Lins & Margaret EBRHARDT Martha/1857/1940/"Mother" Mary (WITTE)/1851/1934/wife of John A Lins LOGAN: Mary Louise (ACKLEY)/Nov 20, 1845 Troy Center, Walworth Co., WI/Feb 4, 1929/wife of William A Logan, daughter of Charles B Ackley & Louisa BUNKER [P] William A Logan/1840-1925/(Oct 11, 1840 Nova Scotia/Jan 15, 1925/son of John Logan & Margaret MACDONALD) LONG: see AMANN LORGE: Joseph J/May 13, 1859 WI/Dec 16, 1932/son of John Lorge & Theresa LEEMAN Mary A/1866 LUMB: Emma F/1849/1925 William H/Jan 8, 1848 NY/Apr 25, 1917 Eagle WI/son of William Lumb & Ann RAYNON LURVEY: Joseph Jackson Lurvey/Apr 22, 1837 NY/Feb 11, 1909/son of Ezra Lurvey & Caroline THOMPSON, Civil War Veteran/enlisted in Company A, 1st Wisconsin cavalry. August, 1861 Mary J (REED) Lurvey/Nov 7, 1843 WI/Nov 2, 1907/wife of Joseph J Lurvey, daughter of Samuel Reed & Jane BOONE MAASSEN: Ed Maassen/d. March 1952/age 71/husband of Laura (Worm) Maasen MACARTHUR: Edna (BLACKBURN)/Oct 9, 186? MACDONALD: see LOGAN MACHOLDT: Catherine H Macholdt/Feb 12, 1880/Mar 3, 1945/daughter of Christian Macholdt & Margaret MADDEN Christian H/1846 Germany/June 17, 1936 Eagle, WI/son of J Christian Macholdt & Magdalene KLISCH Frederick C/Jan 4, 1838 Germany/Sept 30, 1913/son of J Christian Macholdt & Magdalene KLISCH J Christian/Sept 1, 1808/Nov 4, 1886/"Father" Magdalene (KLISCH)/July 11, 1807/Mar 11, 1869/wife of J Christian Macholdt/"Mother" Margaret "Maggie" (MADDEN) Macholdt/Apr 20, 1850 NY/Feb 2, 1912/ wife of Christian H Macholdt Margaret W/1841/1923 William C/1885/son of Christian Macholdt & Margaret MADDEN MACHOLDT: see BRYANT see LINS MACKOLD: Edward L/1865 Elizabeth (THURLOFF)/May 25, 1868 WI/Nov 16, 1941/wife of Edward Mackold, daughter of Christian Thurloff & ? BEAUMEISTER John T/Apr 4, 1941 Luella M/Sept 10, 1898/daughter of Edward Mackold & Elizabeth THURLOFF Nelson L Mackold/1869/1927 MADDEN: see BRYANT see LINS see MACHHOLDT MARCLAY: Lucinda (REEVES)/Dec 25, 1831/Canada/Nov 13, 1907/Eagle, WI/wife of Norman Marclay, daughter of William Reeves & Mary KASLER Norman/1819/1902 MARQUARDT: Gene Arthur/Mar 6, 1927/July 1, 1942/son of Otto J Marquardt & Lena PAPCKE MARTY: John J Jr/Mar 22, 1868 KS/June 24, 1943/son of J J Marty & Anna LEGLAR Lillian I (COLLINS)/Sept 9, 1871 IL/Sept 22, 1942/wife of John J Marty Jr, daughter of John Collins & Jane SMITH MAYHEW: Arthur E/Oct 20, 1876/June 28, 1879/son of William Mayhew & Mary ROFFMAN Bessie A/1873/1929 Harry H Mayhew/Feb 27, 1875/Apr 23, 1892/son of William Mayhew & Mary ROFFMAN Mary E (ROFFMAN)/Sept 4, 1850/Pontiac, MI/June 25, 1937/ wife of William E Mayhew, daughter of Marshall Roffman & Mary JOHNSON Robert Jr/1905/1910 Walter J/1872 William E Mayhew/Sept 15, 1845/Canada/June 7, 1917/son of Edwin Mayhew & Mary BURGESS MCCABE: Amorett (COLE)/Mar 15, 1883/wife of Andrew McCabe, 46 yr 8 mo 3 da Andrew/1828/July 20, 1893/65 yr MCCARTHY: Annie (PARTRIDGE)/May 31, 1862/Eagle, WI/wife of Richard McCarthy, daughter of John Partridge & Mary REGAN Richard A/1862/1904 MCGILL: Anna B/1872 William G/1868/1929 MCHUGH: M/1831/1911/d. November 01, 1911 MEAD: see WALTERMIRE MEADWAY: Clara May/1866/1881 George C/1828/1884 MEADWAY: see DRAPER MEREDITH: Anna L (ROBERTS) Meredith/Dec 8, 1870/Columbia Co., NY/Apr 9, 1937 Eagle,WI/wife of William Meredith, daughter of Thomas Roberts & Winifred DAVIS Beryl/Aug 18, 1900 WI/1929/daughter of William Meredith & Anna ROBERTS Gladys/1895 Irving Richard/Aug 10, 1892 WI/June 7, 1927/son of William Meredith & Anna ROBERTS William Meredith/1860/Jan 7, 1907/son of Richard & Elizabeth Meredith MERICHEL: see STEAD METTERS: see BURDEN MILLER: See IHRIG MINETT: see SPRAGUE MUELLER: See IHRIG MUHASKY: Thomas/1895/Feb 5, 1927/American Legion MURDOCH: James/1844 Margaret(ROBERTSON)/Mar 20, 1843/Scotland/July 3, 1919/wife of James Murdoch, daughter of James Robertson & Ellen IRVES NIELSEN: Helena E. Nielsen/b. March 6, 1915 Norfolk, OH/d. Jan. 20, 2007/age 91/ daughter of Louis and Louise Schick. Charles W. Nielsen/marrried to Helena on Feb. 1, 1936. OBORNE: Arthur W/1862 Milwaukee Co., WI/July 7, 1940/son of Henry Oborne & Annie CABLE, 78 yr 4 mo 16 da, "Father" Malinda (CARR)/1875/"Mother" Sharon Ann/Jan 22, 1943/Jan 24, 1943 OLSON: William/Mar 29, 1881/Genesee, WI/May 6, 1944/son of Gunder Olson ONASCH: unknown ONYON: Alma L/Mar 14, 1846/Dec 5, 1910 Baxter W Onyon/Jan 11, 1846/June 10, 1909 Grace/1850/1945 Henry/1852/1917 [P] Jane Baxter/1825/Feb 10, 1869/OSSW: [P] Thos Onyon/Feb 3, 1874/63 yr 3 mo 20 da(Thomas/b. 1810)/OSSW: [P] Ann Onyon /Mar 26, 1822/Apr 11, 1899/wife of Thomas Onyon OTIS: see BURTON see DRAPER PAPCKE: see MARQUARDT PARDEE: Adelbert/1843/1916 Donald/Oct 13, 1881/Mar 20, 1927/son of Adelbert Pardee & Emeline HINKLEY Emeline (HINKLEY)/June 27, 1848 WI/Aug 31, 1938/wife of Adelbert Pardee, daughter of Ahira Hinkley & Mary DANIELS Emily Pardee/Aug 11, 1891 WI/July 29, 1925/daughter of Adelbert Pardee & Emeline HINKLEY PARKER: Anna/Nov 5, 1916/78 yr J J/1891/58 yr PARKS: Francis G Parks/June 1, 1824/Feb 18, 1902 Susan (WEBB) Parks/Apr 15, 1826/Jan 10, 1908/Davenport, IA/wife of Francis Parks, daughter of Francis Webb PARKS: see EDWARDS see HINRICHS PARRENT: [P] Stephen S/Dec 21, 1806/Aug 11, 1889 PARSONS: Dorothy/1880/1920/wife of E W Parsons/1844/1899/Civil War Veteran (Edwin W. Parsons) Mary A/Feb 12, 1849/Nov 21, 1924/"Mother" Ray C/May 27, 1855/Jan 22, 1943/Twin Roy C Parsons/May 27, 1855/Jan 9, 1923/Twin PARTRIDGE: Dora/Dec 19, 1864/Sept 5, 1937/daughter of John Partridge & Mary REGAN Edna F M/1905/1906 Francis Burke/June 16, 1870/Dec 5, 192?/son of John Partridge & Mary REGAN George C/Sept 15, 1860/Feb 19, 1888/son of John Partridge & Mary REGAN John/Feb 15, 1829/Dec 3, 1888/"Father" John M/July 16, 1866 WI/May 27, 1934/son of John Partridge & Mary REGAN Margaret Partridge/Dec 19, 1854/Dec 5, 1914/daughter of John Partridge & Mary REGAN Mary (REGAN)/Mar 22, 1834/Ireland/Mar 2, 1911/wife of John Partridge, daughter of Morgan Regan & Mary BURKE PARTRIDGE: see MCCARTHY see WATROUS PAULL: Emma/1855/1929 Henry F/Aug 15, 1853 IL/June 29, 1921/Eagle, WI/son of William Paull & Lucretia SACHREB/SCHREB PERRY: Asaph/Sept 8, 1849 WI/July 10, 1936/Eagle, WI/son of Albion Perry & Susan ROBERTS Emma G Perry/1862/1944/wife of William Perry William W/July 28, 1853/Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI/Sept 13, 1929/son of James Perry & Ellen SMITH Harold/1886/1887/son of William & Emma PERRY Mary (FAIRBROTHER)/Feb 5, 1852 WI/Mar 12, 1932/wife of Asaph Perry, daughter of Richard Fairbrother & Maryette REEVES PERRY: see ROCKTEACHER PETERSON: see ERICKSON PIPER: Bessie (HELGESON)/Oct 3, 1883 WI/Jan 18, 1916/ daughter of M V Helgeson & Sarah FRAYER Viola G/1910/1916 PITTMAN: Sarah J (BOVEE)/Mar 20, 1818/Amsterdam, NY/Oct 5, 1882/wife of Thomas W Pittman Thomas W Pittman/Dec 12, 1798/Sept 19, 1882 PITTMAN: see BOVEE see CLEMONS POOL: see SYKES POPPE: Alvina Poppe/1858/d. January 02, 1948/wife of William Popp William C/Sept 10, 1935/son of Gottlieb Popp & Wilhelmina BOETTCHER/80 yr 11 mo 12 da PRUDIE: Mary D/Oct 10, 1831/Feb 13, 1884 Prudence S/Oct 3, 1856/Nov 4, 1912 Thomas/Feb 28, 1814/Sept 26, 1891 PUGH: see REEVES RASHLEY: Frank/June 5, 1881/Whitewater, WI/Sept 12, 1945/son of Nimrod Rashley & Mary BAINGTNER RAYNON: see LUMB REED: see LURVEY REEVES: Andrew Jackson/Dec 14, 1839 NY/Jan 14, 1931/son of William Reeves & Mary CASTLE Helen/Apr 12, 1908/Sept 27, 1909/daughter of S & M Reeves Infant/May 8, 1899/May 11, 1899/son of S & M Reeves Julius/Oct 14, 1837 NY/Apr 11, 1920/son of William Reeves & Mary CASTLE Mary A (PUGH)/Jan 14, 1872 Little Prairie, WI/Feb 2, 1930/daughter of William Pugh/"Mother" Mary L/May 21, 1842/Feb 21, 1899 Rhoda N (SEWALL)/May 25, 1845/Aug 17, 1923/wife of Andrew J Reeves, daughter of Samuel Sewall & Hannah JOHNSON Silas Reeves/d. April 7, 1901, Veteran Civil War Co. A. 1st Wis Heavy Artillery REEVES: see BOYD see FAIRBROTHER see MARCLAY see PERRY REGAN: J Dillo/1860/"Mother" Mathias J/1847/1931/"Father" unknown REGAN: see MCCARTHY see PARTRIDGE see WATROUS REISH: see CLEARY RENNEMO: James E/1921/1925 (Sent in by a researcher/see contributors page.) Mrs. Otto J. Rennemo/d. Oct. 1953/age 63 RICHART: Ellen E/1856/1940 Maude G Philip H/Mar 2, 1845/Germany/Feb 28, 1923/son of Philip Richart, Civil War Veteran Willie H/1881/1894 RICKER: Harry R Ricker/1842/1946/"Father" RIDGMAN: Bertha/1867/1935/"Mother" Elizabeth (GILBERT)/May 31, 1861/England/Feb 23, 1934/ wife of Tim Ridgman, daughter of William Gilbert & Elizabeth SPRY Thomas/May 14, 1858/Cornwall, England/July 8, 1941/ son of Walter Ridgman & Jane GILBERT ROBERTS: see MEREDITH see PERRY ROBERTSON: see MURDOCH ROBINSON: see BOVEE ROCKTEACHER: Arthur/Sept 1, 1854 WI/Oct 5, 1918/son of Mathew Rockteacher & Frances VON REUDEN Fred J/Sept 4, 1870/Jan 20, 1924 John M/1868 Martin C Rockteacher/1859/1927 Myrtle L (PERRY)/May 12, 1878 NE/Oct 8, 1937/wife of John M Rockteacher, daughter of Aseph Perry & Marian FAIRBROTHER Nellie/Aug 15, 1858/Aug 22, 1928 ROFFMAN: see MAYHEW ROHLOFF: see STEAD ROWLAND: see BANNISTER SACHREB: see PAULL SALISBURY: [P] Keziah Salisbury/1830-1924/(Oct 12, 1830 NY/Oct 30, 1924/daughter of Nelson Lake) SALISBURY: see DRAPER SARGENT: George E Sargent/July 27, 1894/Dec 10, 1918 SAUMERFELT: see DRESDOW SAWYER: Arthur/Nov 22, 1890/Mar 26, 1905 Carl H/1896/1931 G/Dec 24, 1853/Sept 20, 1912/"Father" Lena/Nov 19, 1852/Jan 21, 1938/"Mother" Lillian/Mar 15, 1894/May 22, 1910 SCHREB: see PAULL SCOTT: Jessie E/1881/1946 SEEFELD/SEEFELT: Augusta Seefelt/1863/1944/d. July 24, 1944 Frank/1861/1943 SEWALL: see REEVES SHEARER: Joseph/July 9, 1858 WI/Dec 1, 1924/son of Timothy Shearer/"Father" Lettie Shearer/May 6, 1861/Oct 16, 1908/"Mother" SHERMAN: Enoch/Feb 24, 1826/Rupert, VT/Mar 24, 1900 Laurette (WALTON) Sherman/June 20, 1831/Batavia, NY/June 11, 1919/ wife of Enoch Sherman, daughter of Nathaniel Walton & Laura JONES [P] James A Sherman/1864-1896/"Papa"/son of Enoch/(died October 14, 1896)/OSSW: [P] Sylvia A Sherman/1867-1958 SILVERNALE: Annie E/1863/1943 Jay D/Jan 21, 1854 NY/Apr 24, 1940/son of Abraham Sivernale & Anna KILMAN SKIDMORE: Della Ella M (BRADLEY)/Dec 10, 1848 WI/July 5, 1934/wife of John D Skidmore, daughter of Isaac Bradley & Jane WILKINSON John B Skidmore/Apr 7, 1855 Eagle, WI/June 29, 1945/son of John D Skidmore & Ella M BRADLEY John D/Dec 10, 1848 WI/Sept 16, 1929/son of Isaiah Skidmore & Emeline HARRISON Harrison Skidmore/d. August 1949/cause Car accident/Military service SMART: Harry/1876 James J/1913 Mary Adell/1880/1936 Mary Drusilla (TURNER)/Oct 8, 1872 WI/Dec 12, 1939/ daughter of R C Turner & Isabel FOSTER SMART: see STEAD SMITH: see MARTY see PERRY see WHITTAM SNOVER: see BOVEE SPRAGUE: Mabel C (DEWITT) Sprague/May 7, 1876/Sept 16, 1910/wife of Frank Sprague, daughter of Edward DeWitt & Sarah MINETT SPRAGUE: see BURTON see KILTS SPRY: see RIDGMAN STE: Lillie C/1876 STEAD: Arthur E/Nov 1, 1865 WI/July 10, 1935/son of Henry Stead & Mary SMART Clarence/Jan 29, 1896/July 8, 1916/son of Arthur Stead Henry/1832/Oct , 1890/"Father" Mary (SMART) Stead Townsend/1841/1911/wife of Henry Stead/"Mother" Myrtle Stead/1891/Mar , 1910/daughter of Arthur Stead Pearl E (ROHLOFF)/July 22, 1900 WI/Apr 11, 1930/ wife of George E Stead, daughter of Charles Rohloff & Grace MERICHEL Vernia B/1892/Jan 10, 1894/daughter of Arthur Stead STEPHENS: William/1874/1935 STEWART: Willis A/Dec 23, 1868 WI/Aug 14, 1936/son of John J Stewart & Jane A LENARD SYKES: Peter W/Feb 14, 1838 NY/Nov 30, 1915/son of Wells Sykes & Hannah POOL TANNER: Harold Cuyler Tanner/1866/1945/(Harry Tanner) Marjorie Eileen/1897/1942 THAYER: Frank H/1885/1935 Tina (KOVNICH)/1890 THOMPSON: see LURVEY THORNTON: Emma L (WILLIAMS) Thornton/Aug 1, 1857 Eagle, WI/Apr 23, 1946/wife of Henry A Thornton, daughter of Albert & Lydia Williams Frankie A/July 3, 1881/Mar 12, 1882/son of Henry A Thornton & Emma L WILLIAMS Henry A/Feb 13, 1855 WI/Oct 28, 1930/son of Joseph Thornton & Charlotte BIBBLE Infant/Jan 6, 1894/Jan 17, 1894/son of Henry A Thornton & Emma L WILLIAMS Ralph A/Apr 2, 1898/Mar 11, 1918/son of Henry A Thornton & Emma L WILLIAMS/Veteran: Co E, 128th Infantry THURLOFF: see MACKOLD TROW: Lucinda (VARS)/July 27, 1817/Otsego Co., NY/Sept 23, 1892/wife of Thomas Trow Thomas/1817/Apr 20, 1884/67 yr TROWBRIDGE: Raymond L/July 4, 1894/Mar 13, 1895 TURNER: see SMART UGLOW: see CLEMONS VARS: see TROW VATER: Lena/June 15, 1865/Germany/Nov 23, 1941/daughter of A & Johnna Vater VONREUDEN: see ROCKTEACHER WALLACE: Emma J/May 19, 1840/July 25, 1876 WALTERMIRE: Frances Adams(MEAD) Waltermire/1842/Oct 1909/wife of Henry Waltermire, daughter of David Mead Henry Wellington/1830/1915 WALTERMIRE: see YOUMANS WALTON: see SHERMAN WATROUS: Donald/1914/1919 Eugene A/Feb 23, 1855/Jan 30, 1937 Eagle,WI/son of John Watrous & Ann BUNKER John E/1886/1937 Nellie (PARTRIDGE)/Sept 8, 1858 WI/Feb 23, 1926/wife of Eugene A Watrous, daughter of John Partridge & Mary REGAN WAY: Hiram Way/May 10, 1835 NY/Sept 8, 1915/son of Jacob Way & Hannah KLINE, Civil War marker: Co E, 46th Wis Infantry Ida Miranda (WHITE) Colyer/June 10, 1860 WI/daughter of Marcellus White & Mary CHURCHILL Minerva/Apr 24, 1838/Sept 13, 1899/wife of Hiram Way WEBB: see EDWARDS see PARKS WHEELER: see EDWARDS WHEELOCK: see FAIRBROTHER WHITE: see WAY WHITTAM: John/Dec 6, 1843/Apr 4, 1919 Mary (WILTON)/July 3, 1847 WI/Feb 19, 1915/wife of John Whittam, daughter of William Wilton & Mary SMITH WHITTAM: see GRICE WILFORD: see CROWLEY WILKENSON: see SKIDMORE WILLIAMS: Albert/Apr 7, 1826/Apr 17, 1900 Lydia/Oct 18, 1832/Jan 23, 1907/"Mother" WILLIAMS: see THORNTON WILTON: Kenneth G Wilton/July 29, 1906/Oct 24, 1910 Mrs. John C. Wilton/d. Jan. 1947/age 70 WILTON: see GRICE see WHITTAM WINGERTER: [P] Josephine (Clemons) Wingerter/1874-1944/d. Sept. 19, 1944 WITTE: [P] C/Born Mar 1, 1834/Died Mar 16, 1885/"Mother" Ettie E/Oct 9, 1875/Jan 31, 1885 S/Feb 2, 1822/Feb 18, 1889/"Mother" Charles Witte/d. May 15, 1904 WITTE: see LINS WORM: Charles Worm/1861/"Father" Charlotte Worm/1823/1906/"Mother" Johanna/1865/1932/"Mother" WRAY: see CLEARY WURSTER: unknown William H/1869/1945 YOUMANS: Caroline M/(WALTERMIRE)/May 4, 1866/Feb 26, 1920 ZUNKER: Anna/1896/1946/"Mother" Fred/1889