George Price Burial Plot
Genesee Township


This single burial plot is on the railroad right-of-way at the side of the Milwaukee Road tracks in North Prairie.


Before his death, George Price had expressed wishes to be buried in this location. A 10-ft. monument/marker has been erected here. The plaque on the monument reads as follows:
"George E. Price, Died at Milton, March 23, A.D. 1859, Aged 31 yrs. & 3 mos., Late Conductor of the M.&M.R.R. This monument is erected as a tribute of respect by the employees of the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad Co."

Mr. Price was a conductor for the railroad operating out of Janesville. He would go from Janesville to Madison, then to Milwaukee. On March 7, 1859, was thrown from the back of a passenger coach being pushed from Janesville to Milton Junction. The train collided with lumber standing on the track. An elaborate funeral was held in Janesville on March 25 two days after his death from his injuries. His body was then taken by train to its final resting place in North Prairie on company property.