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Nelson Cemetery

Also known as Connell Cemetery and Union Cemetery
Menomonee Falls, Menomonee Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy

Connell Entrance Back of Entrance
(Photos taken and generously donated by Christine J./see contributors page)


This cemetery is located on the south side of Schlei Road at the intersection of Hwy V (Town Line Road).


This cemetery is active, established in 1852 and is maintained by the Union Cemetery Association. It is a neighborhood Cemetery, Non-Sectarian which means it is open to all denominations.

The Union Cemetery Association was organized April 17th, 1852, by the inhabitants of the district surrounding the school house, known as "Nelson School House No. 14" in the Town of Menomonee. The meeting was organized by electing William Coats, Chairman, and L. A. Webb secretary.

The following were present: Giles Hard, William Coats, Thomas Blakely, Eli Bush, John Brown, A. B. Hall, William Connell, Anson Gray, Joshua Gifford, A. L. Webb, James H. Nelson, Elijah B. Fuller, James Ball, James Oliver, James Connell, Francis Connell.

The meeting voted to have the organization called the "Union Cemetery Association" and voted to have six trustees, and the following persons were elected for one year, to-wit: Giles Hard and William Warr. William Coats and William Connell were elected for two years and Joshua Gifford and A. L. Webb for three years.

The Union Cemetery Association bought two acres of land of Gabriel H. Nelson, and paid him Fifty ($50.00) Dollars for it, located upon the crest of the hill in Section Six. It was laid out in lots, and the north tier of lots were twenty by forty-five (20x45) feet, except lot fourteen, which is seven feet by forty-five feet. All the rest of the lots are twenty feet by forty-six feet, and run up to seventy-eight.

A certified copy of the plat was filed in the Register of Deeds Office in the year 1912, and a certified copy of the organization was files in the Register of Deeds Office at Waukesha in June 1920. The cemetery, therefore, now completely organized, and on the next page is a list of the officers and committees. Cemetery located in Section Six, Town of Menomonee.


There are cemetery records 1852-date. The records are held by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association. There is a chart of the cemetery. The records are available to the public for research by appointment only. Contact:
Union Cemetery Association
370 Scenic Road
Colgate, WI 53017

Mail requests will be answered. There is no charge at this time for the search.


The following partial list of burials in St. Peter's Episcopal Cemetery are as listed in St. Alban's Church burial records from May 1877 - Dec 1901 Transcribed and contributed by Judy Balen (see contributors page) Includes a transcription originally copied from tombstones and other available cemetery records by Mrs. William Connell, Waukesha, Wis., Member of Waukesha County Historical Society.

Some entries have additional material added from Register of Deeds office, Waukesha, Social Security Death Index, as well as obituaries. Additional entries transcribed by Mike Reilly of the Sussex-Lisbon Historical Society. Alphabetized and sorted by Ellen-

Names in [Brackets] were contributed by other sources/see contributors page

Name, age, date of death, date of burial, where living at time of death, cause of death, where buried, and any extra notes added.

Richard/d. May 12, 1879 
Eliza Ann/d. Oct. 19, 1871
Emma/d. June 23, 1888
Field/husband of Ann Nuttall/who died bef. 1874/
	son of James Ashworth (11/1/1758? - 11/18/1810) and Mary (3/21/1762) 
	who were married 12/4/1787; b. 1/15/1808 in Fearns, Rossendale, Lancashire, 
	England, d. Jan. 16, 1874; Field's grandfather was George Ashworth, b. 9/21/1718

Albert/b. Nov. 17, 1860 in Michigan/d. Oct. 23, 1931 in Menomonee Falls, WI/son of 
	Isaac (d. 10/10/1904 in Wis.) and Mary (Clason) Baer. His mother Mary, b. 1838, 
	d. 9/11/1915/dau. of Alexander P. Clason/b. Sept. 20, 1808 in Groshen, Orange, 
	N.Y.; her mother Laura Margaret Acker was b. 1805 in Clauvit, N.Y. 
Jennie (Greengo)/b. Feb. 22, 1869/d. July 15, 1908/wife of Albert (married in 1893)/
	dau. of James C. Greengo. Jennie and Albert had three sons, James, Denzil and Wilson.

Charles E./d. Aug. 22, 1874
Ellen M./d. Sept. 25, 1872
Fannie A./d. Feb. 1, 1864
Hessa John/d. May  15, 1874

Willis David/b. Dec. 7, 1854 in Town of Menomonee/d. Jan. 13/1930/son of Alonzo 
	& Jane (Brink) Bailey
Ellen Augusta (Minthon)/b. Oct. 4, 1857 in England/d. June   23, 1931/wife of W. D./
	dau. of ? Minthon & Amelia  Lillicrap

Aaron S./b. Sept. 12, 1864/d. Dec. 17, 1901/son of John D. and Matilda (Spinner) Berringer
Maurice A./1892 - 1918 (in WWI?)

Harry/d. 1938
Alfred H./d. Mar. 6, 1904
Alice/d. Mar. 19, 1895
Arthur/d. Oct. 15, 1925
Clara Bell/d. Aug. 25, 1892
Fannie/d. May 26, 1905/wife of Harry
Mary/d. July 12, 1885

James/d. Mar. 29, 1868
Mary A./d. June 5, 1875

Mrs. Christine (KRAUS) Christman /b. September 26, 1848/Hanheim, Province of Hessen-Darmstadt/
	d. circa Feb. 5, 1931/wife of Henry Phillip Christman 
H. P. (Henry Phillip)/b. August 31, 1841/Norriston, Montgomery Co., Pa./
	d. June 16, 1913 
Elvin/b. abt 1880, d. Feb. 18, 1897
Eugene/d. Oct. 1, 1933

CHUGH (?):
Mrs. K., d. Jan. 9, 1909

George W., d. Sept.  22, 1888
Mary Jane, d. Mar. 23, 1878
(?), ?, b. ? - d. Oct. 30, 1924
(?), Mary, wife of Geo. W., d. June   24, 1929
(?), Lottie Bell, d. June   17, 1875

Francis/b. 1820 in Ireland/d. 8 Jul 1899/bur. 10 Jul 1899/age 79/Co. line: 
	Lisbon/cancer of stomach/Nelson’s cemetery Menominee/St.
	Albans burial records/son of Richard & Jane (Johnson)
Mabel Ann(infant child of James B. and Ella C. Connell)/age 4 mos/
	d. 21 Feb 1891/bur. 22 Feb 1891/Germantown/pneumonia/Nelson’s 
	burial ground, Menominee/St.Albans burial records,
May Eva/age 1/d. 27 Aug 1893/bur. 29 Aug 1893/Menominee/cholera/
	Nelson’s or Union cem/St.Albans burial records,
Scott Salter/age 8/d. 30 Nov 1895/bur. 2 Dec 1895/Lisbon/pernicious 
	anemia/Nelsons cem./St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Ursula (Dukelow)/age 66/d. 15 Dec 1899/bur. 18 Dec 1899/Co. 
	line Lisbon/acute Pneumonia/Nelson’s cemetery/St.Albans 
	burial records/wife of Francis, and dau. of Richard & Sarah 
	Duklow, b. 1827 in Ireland, d. Dec. 15, 1899
baby/d. Sept.  26, 1868
Frank D./b. Sept. 30, 1866/d. Oct. 28, 1935/son of F. & U.
Richard M./b. Jul. 12, 1856/d. Oct. 27, 1921/son of F. & U.
William P./b. 1861/d. Jan. 5, 1926/son of F. & U.
Catherine Elizabeth/b. Aug. 19, 1862/d. Jan. 20, 1923/dau. of F. & U.
John F./b. Apr. 18, 1857 in Menomonee Falls, WI./d. Jan. 28, 1923/
	son of F. & U.
Caroline (Peterson)/b. Apr. 10, 1864 in Ashippun, WI./d. Apr. 8, 1914/wife of 
	John F./daughter of Peter (b. 3/7/1836) & Margaret Rasmusson (Rurmun 
	or Furuvald) Pedersen
Stella M./ d. May 15, 1935/dau. of John F. & C.
Eva May/b. Dec. 23, 1892/d. Jan. 2, 1893/dau. of John F. & C.
James/b.Dec. 12, 1812 in Ireland/d. Jan. 3, 1869/son of Richard 
	Connell & Jane Johnson
Anna or Ann (Salter)/b. Jul 20, 1820 in Ireland/d. Oct. 8, 1905/
	wife of James/daughter of James Salter & Mary Johnson
Thomas/d. Mar. 12, 1871
Catherine/d. Jan. 15, 1869
Rebecca/d. Nov. 12, 1862
Jane (Johnson)/b. Mar. 8, 1782 in Skibereen, Cork, Ireland/d. 
	June 28, 1861/wife of Richard
Franklin/d. Oct. 13, 1874
Richard/d. May  9, 1869/son of Thomas & Catharine Connell/immigrated in 
	1846 with 5 brother, 3 sisters, wife, and many other relatives, 
	originally settled in Township of Germantown
William/d. Dec. 1, 1863
George A./d. Sept.  5, 1930
William/d. Apr. 15, 1892
Elizabeth/d. July 13, 1908/wife of Wm.
Elsie E./d. Feb. 24, 1888/dau. of Wm. & E.
Emma N./d. June   9, 1927/dau. of Wm. & E.
John D./d. Oct. 3, 1907/son of Wm.
Richard F./d. Jan. 9, 1869
Eliza/d. Dec. 16, 1870
Mary/d. Feb. 22, 1897
Thomas/d. Oct. 15, 1876
John J./b. Jan. 27, 1852/d. Jun. 18, 1908
Mary J (Salter)/b. Sept. 10, 1858/d. Feb. 19, 1917/wife of John J./
	dau. of Frank & Elizabeth (Cole) Salter
Wesley S./b. Nov. 18, 1882/d. Jul. 26, 1936/son
Martha (Schroeder)/b. Jun. 10, 1889/d. Jan. 10, 1919/wife of Elmer (?)/
	dau. of Carl & Henrietta (Brousmann) Schroeder
Scott S./d. Nov. 30, 1895
Alice Josephine (Gray)/b. Feb. 23, 1856/d. Jul. 11, 1929/wife of Richard/dau. 
	of Byron & Jane (Pool) Byron/Note: Byron's father was Anson Gray., 
	and his mother, Roxana Cleveland
Rachel/d. June   7, 1928
Richard/d. Oct. 14, 1870

Angeline/d. Jan. 31, 1862

Richard/d. Nov. 30, 1867
Ann/d. Jan. 30, 1892
Eliza/d. Mar. 7, 1889
Jane/d. May  22, 1862
John/d. Jan. 15, 1892
Maggie/d. 4/15, 1878
Thomas/d. June   18, 1908
William/d. Feb. 9, 1899

Edgar A./d. Dec. 18, 1925
Chester Eugene/son of Edgar A. & Hattie (Lounsbury) Cummings/
	b. Dec. 22, 1892/d. Jan. 17, 1919
Ida May/b. 1891/d. Jan. 27, 1892/age 6 wks./dau. of Edw. (or probably Edgar) & Hattie Cummings

John/d. Mar. 4, 1860

Philip/d. Apr. 14, 1867

Moses/d. Apr. 2, 1852

Zachariah/d. May  26, 1854
Betsey/d. Aug. 13, 1852
Emma F./d. June   27, 1857

Mrs. Jane (Poole)/age 59/d. 17 May 1894/bur. 20 May 1894/Menominee/
	neuralgia of heart /Union cemetery Nelsons/St.Albans burial 
Anson/b. in Dorset, V. T/d. Mar. 10, 1871
Roxana (Cleveland)/d. June 15, 1880
Byron/son of Anson & Roxana/d. Aug. 30, 1883
Jane/wife of Byron/b. in Salem, N. Y./d. May  17, 1894

Rev. William/d. in 1855/husband of Anna Allen Poole
Ellen A./b. Aug. 1, 1845/d. Mar. 1, 1908/dau. of William 
	& Anna Allen (Poole) Green
Henry/d. in 1907

Jesse J./b. 10/26, 1804 in England/son of George 
	& Mary (Kemp) Greengo
Mary Ann Potter (Morris)/b. Feb. 1, 1805/d. Dec. 12 or 15, 
	1879/wife of Jesse J./dau. of James & Mary Ann 
	(Potter) Morris
James C./b. Aug. 29, 1838 in Kent Co., England/d. July 28, 1896/
	son of Jesse J. & Mary Ann Greengo/served in 1st Wis. 
	Reg. Civil War.
Ann W. (Baker)/b. Jun 7, 1849 in Ottawa, Wis./d. Jan. 27, 1917/
	wife of James C. Greengo/dau. of H. E. L. & Frances P. 
	(Taylor) Baker
Richmond/b. Dec. 8, 1851/d. Mar. 12, 1923/son of Jesse J. & 
	Mary Ann Greengo
Mary W. (Baker)/b. ?/d. Apr. 19, 1918/wife of Richmond Greengo/
	dau. of H. E. L. & Frances P. (Taylor) Baker
Charles Lewis/b. ?, d. 1937/son of Richmond
Beulah Vail (Rockafellow)/b. Apr. 1, 1873 at Waterford (Wis.?)/
	d. Feb. 23, 1899/wife of Charles Lewis Greengo/
	dau. of Alfred & Celia (Vail) Rockafellow
Nelson/b. in 1837 in England/d. May  31, 1912/son of Jesse J. & 
	Mary Ann (Potter) Greengo
Elizabeth (Jeffery)/b. Apr. 4, 1836/d. Feb. 20, 1917/wife of Nelson 
	Greengo/dau. of William & Mary Ann (Wimset) Jeffery/
	sister to William Jeffery
George/b. Jan. 17, 1833/d. Aug. 5, 1927/son of Jesse J. & Mary Ann (Potter) Greengo

Lucius/d. Feb. 19, 1858
A. B./d. Feb. 25, 1877
Deb/d. June   5, 1864

Giles/d. Jan. 16, 1863
Deleva/d. Oct. 16, 1870
Eva May/d. Apr. 29, 1882

Elizabeth/b. 1803/d. Sept. 21, 1865/wife of William Hesk

William/b. Jun. 20, 1820 in Kent Co., England/d. Aug. 30, 1893/
	son of William & Mary Ann (Wimset) Jeffery
Mary M. or A. (Wildish)/b. Mar. 23, 1823 in England/
	d. Feb. 27, 1890/wife
George/b. Oct. 20, 1847/d. Aug. 8, 1919/son of Wm. & Mary  
Laura A./b. Jul. 23, 1858/d. Jul. 26, 1920/dau. of Wm. & Mary
Mary/b. Nov. 10, 1852 in Town of Lisbon/d. June   9, 1922/
	dau. of Wm. & Mary
Alzina/b. ?/d. July 22, 1870
Cordelia/b. ?/d. Sept.  3, 1870
Horace E./b. ?/d. June   19, 1866
Henry/b. ?/d. Sept.  15, 1870
Edgar/b. ?/d. Sept.  19, 1870
John/b. May 22, 1818 in Kent County, England/d. June 1, 1901/
	son of Wm. & Mary Ann (Wimset) Jeffery/brother of 
	Wm. above
Mary Ann (Callow)/b. in Kent Co., England/d. Dec. 4, 1875/
	wife of John Jeffery
John, Jr./b. ?/d. Dec. 15, 1850/son of John
Lizzie/d. May  20, 1855/dau. of John & Mary
Henry T./d. Nov. 14, 1907, in 1890-91 had Colgate P.O.
Emily (Wildish)/b. Mar. 16, 1848/d. Mar. 8, 1915/wife of 
	Henry T./dau. of Charles and Harriet (Greengo) Wildish
John/b. Oct. 17, 1903/d. Oct. 18, 1903/son of Albert & Margaret/
	twin of Mary
Mary/b. Oct. 17, 1903/d. Oct. 18, 1903/dau. of Albert & Margaret/
	twin of John.
Gladys M./b. Jan. 7, 1902/d. Oct. 19, 1902, Waukesha Co. Death 
	record V2, P491/dau. of Albert & Margaret
Margaret/b. Sept. 17, 1865 in Town of Lisbon/d. Aug. 26, 1933/
	wife of Albert J. Jeffery/dau. of William & Agnes 
	(Davidson) Butler
Emma/d. July 6, 1935/dau. of John & Mary Ann (Callow) 

Frederick A. Murrell/b. May 23, 1827 in Freudenstat, Wurttemburg, 
	Germany/d. Oct. 19, 1912/son of Christian & Mary Eliza Keebler/
	brother of Gottlieb/b. abt 1817 (Note: Christian had a brother 
	named Charles - buried at Sunnyside Cemetery)
Caroline (Eastwood)/b. Apr. 27, 1829/d. Aug. 30, 1875
Bertha/d. Feb. 8, 1885/wife of Frederick Jr.
Frederick (Jr. ?)/b. Jun. 4, 1861/d. Jan. 31, 1890
Mary Ana/b. Mar. 22, 1867/d. Aug. 23, 1867/dau. of Frederick Sr.

Jane/d. Apr. 14, 1854
Margaret/d. Aug. 31, 1874

[Jane (DAILY)/b: December 20, 1840 at Rochester, N.Y./d: 12 March 1881/
	cause: in childbirth of first child/p: John Daily and Nanncy Connell]

Thomas/d. Apr. 12, 1868
Margaret/d. Mar. 8, 1880

J. Ernst/d. Aug. 25, 1871
Margaret/d. Aug. 11, 1883

James E./b. Jul. 8, 1836 in New York State/d. July 28, 1912/
	son of Purdy & Hester (Thurwdliker) Lounsbury
Harriet (Poole)/b. Jun. 26, 1836 in England/d. Apr. 5, 1920/
	wife of James E./dau. of William & Ann (Allen) Poole
George W./d. Aug. 6, 1863

Louis/b. Jun. 5, 1862 in Germany/d. May  12, 1928/son of Louis 
	& Marie (Oehmke) Lembecke/husband of Mary (Turtenwald)

Donald/no dates
Arline May/d. Mar. 20, 1931
William/d. Aug. 1, 1917

Richard/d. Jan. 1, 1876
Mary (Pearse)/d. Apr. 5, 1884/wife of Richard
Adolphus, Dr. Vet. Surg./b. Dec. 25, 1838/d. Aug. 9, 1908/
	son of Richard & Mary (Pearse) Lillicrapp
Adelia/d. May  29, 1887/wife of Dr. Adolphus
Jennie Dean/b. Dec. 22, 1883/d. Oct. 21, 1890/dau. of Dr. A. & Adelia
Ellen/d. Nov. 25, 1853
Mary/d. June   15, 1881
William R./d. June   21, 1881

Rev. Theron/b. July 7, 1814/d. May 18, 1896
Elizabeth (Ballard)/b. Apr. 21, 1822/d. ?/wife of Rev. Theron
Charles Sumtar/b. May 8, 1867/d. Oct. 1, 1936/son of Rev. 
	Theron & Elizabeth
Lillie W./b. Aug. 5, 1867 in Milwaukee/d. Oct. 1, 1936/wife of Charles 
	S./dau. of William & Emma (Gross) Kuecker

Amelia/d. Oct. 14, 1881

Gabriel O./d. Mar. 31, 1860
Mrs. Gabriel O./d. Sept.  29, 1914
Mary Elizabeth/d. Sept.  17, 1923

John/d. Apr. 17, 188?
Elizabeth (Morse)/b. Apr. 1, 1819 in N. Y./d. Oct. 24, 1907/wife of 
	John/dau. of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Thomas) Morse
Alice L./d. July 5, 1862/dau. of John & Elizabeth
Emma R./d. Aug. 9, 1857 

William/d. Apr. 17, 1869
Ann/wife/d. Mar. 17, 1867

Thomas/b. May 15, 1830 in Norfolk, England, came to Waukesha Co. 
	in 1844/d. Nov. 13, 1914
Mary E. (Gray)/b. in Vermont/d. June 21, 1912 (or 1920)/wife of 
	Thomas/dau. of Anson Gray
Anson G./d. Dec. 19, 1866/son
Eddie G./d. Sept.  12, 1867
Emma R./d. Dec. 19, 1866
Walter G./d. May  10, 1883

Oscar Adolph/b. Jan. 26, 1857 in Germany/d. Mar. 26, 1936/
	son of William & Matilda Reder

Clifford William/d. Sept.  14, 1906

Avis Moore/d. Oct. 17, 1891
Samantha/d. Feb. 19, 1892

Mary/d. 1855

Samuel/no dates
Emily/no dates
William/no dates

Matthew/d. Mar. 21, 1925
Sarah Jane (Connell)/d. Aug. 29, 1906/wife of Matthew/dau. of 
	Francis & Ursula Connell
Irving J./d. Sept. 11, 1889/son
Pearl/d. Sept. 1, 1922/dau.
Pearl Clarabel/d. Aug. 28, 1927

John C./age 75/d. 7 Aug 1888/bur. 11 Aug 1888/Germantown/heart 
	disease/Nelsons -?-Menominee(?)/St.Albans burial records/
	Headstone inscription is d. Aug. 16, 1888
Mrs. Sarah (Edy?)/age 80/d. 19 Dec 1893/bur. 22 Dec 1893/Germantown/
	old age & stroke..Nelson’s/St.Albans burial records

Marcella L. Nee Hartling/d. Dec 21, 1999 in Bloomer, WI/formerly of 
	Sussex/age 92 years/Wife of Carl A. Unverrich

Mrs. Bertha/d. 1920
Marie/d. 1920
Elsie (Connell)/no dates/wife of  ?/dau. of William & Kate (Kingston) 

Charles/b. 1819 in Kent Co., England/d. June   28, 1898
Harriet (Greengo)/b. Sept. 7, 1823 in England/d. Jan. 20, 1916/wife of 
	Charles/dau. of Jesse & Mary Ann (Potter) Greengo
Richard C./d. Sept.  3, 1862/son of Charles & Harriet
Charlotte/d. Dec. 24, 1856
Fred/b. May 4, 1868/d. Jan. 9, 1921/son of Charles & Harriet
Joseph/d. Feb. 6, 1861 
Mary/d. Oct. 23, 1857
Julia A./d. Oct. 26, 1870
Harriet/d. May  6, 1899/dau. of Charles & Harriet
Joseph Nelson/b. Apr. 18, 1864/d. Feb. 12, 1935/son of Charles & Harriet
Joseph/d. Aug. 23, 1876
Joseph E./d. Feb. 25, 1923

Edward/d. Feb. 11, 1901 

Hattie M./d. 1913

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