St. John United Church of Christ Cemetery
Merton Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


This cemetery is located on Highway VV (Old Highway 74) in the village of Merton. About where the highway turns at the intersection of Highway F., SE 1/4 of Section 13


The church was formed by a group of Germans under the leadership of Philip Schneider. It was first known as St. John's Evangelical Church and later St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church. In 1957 the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged with the Congregational Church to become United Church of Christ.

St. John's has a sister church, St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Colgate, Erin Township, Washington County.

The cemetery was established in 1880 and is administered by the cemetery committee.

Cemetery Records

There are Cemetery records available 1880-date for public research. Call ahead for an appointment. In the oldest section of the cemetery the grave locations are no longer marked, but there are records available that show who was buried in that section.

The church will answer mail requests.
Contact: St. John's United Church of Christ
P.O. Box 456
7298 Main Street
Merton WI 53056

There are Tombstone transcriptions 1880-1939 available at the Waukesha Museum.


The listings with a * next to the name were obtained with permission from Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society Webmaster. For more information, please see their website located at

*Sara Lee/d. May 5, 2002/age 80 years/wife of Frederick H. Droegkamp/wife of Mr. Strauss

*Monument/"Ruhestaette Der Familie"/no names on monument
*Georgie (G.W.)/Born 7 Dec 1893/Died 22 June 1895
*Willie (W.H.)/Born 29 Mar 1894/Died 8? July 1895
*Mary S./1857-1924/Mother
*Phebe/Born 2 Apr 1852/Died 12 Apr 1900
*John/Born 28 Jul 1859?/Died 15 Apr 1890 "__ __ Phebe"
*Clara/18__?/died 10 Apr 18__?
*John/Geb 15 Juni 1841/Gest 29 Nov 1894/Vater
*Sussanna/born 1843?/died 16 Dec 1891?/Mutter
*Walter C./1904-1977

*Wilhelm/Geb 9 Oct 1842/Gest 30 Apr 1917/Onkel/Ruhe in Frieden
*Henriette/1846-1929/Tante/Ruhe in Frieden
*Meta M. (Haass)/1899-1987/Mother/SSDI b. 4 Feb 1899/d. May 1987) 

*Augusta/1896 - 19__ 
*Dorothy/21 June 1926/20 Mar 1927/Baby
*Loraine/1906-2000/SSDI b. 18 Dec 1906/d. 27 Apr 2000 
*Karl/1903-1971/SSDI b. 14 Nov 1903/d. May 1971 

KRUGER: (see alos Krueger)
*Arthur C./Geb Den 12 Marz 1897/Gest, Den 13 Marz 1897/rest of text illegible

KRUEGER: (see also Kruger)
*William F./1849-1937/Father/Rest In Peace
*Wilhelmina/1852-1947/Mother/Rest In Peace

*John M./1844-1917/Father
*Emelia M./1843-1934/Mother
*Emma M./5 Jan 1875/20 Jan 1906
*Raymond M./3 Mar? 1899/22 Mar? 1899
*Ida M./14 May 1877/26 Nov 1898

*[Bruce A./d. April 18, 2000/Age 45 years]/SSDI b. 27 Jun 1954/d. 18 Apr 2000

*Arthur/1887-19__/Father (SSDI b. 17 Sep 1887/d. Nov 1983) 

*Emily/1 Feb 1883/17 Feb 1917
*Anna I./1850-1967/Daughter
*Edward E./1855-1939/Father
*Edward W./1893-1981(SSDI b. 7 Feb 1893/d. Apr 1981) 
*Jessie/1896-1994 (SSDI b. 25 Jul 1896/d. 21 Apr 1994)