Elm Grove History

Source: Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

The majority of the inhabitants of Elm Grove are Germans, and it is an exceedingly quiet little burg.

The depot was built here in 1864 and about that time the post office was established, with G.B. Breed as Postmaster. After him, Mr. Schlick, then Mr. Reusch, then Mrs. Reusch, the present postmistress. The first store was kept by Mr. Wood, in the basement of the building now owned by Mrs. Reither. Mr. Reither is now the oldest store-keeper here.

"St. Mary's Orphan Asylum and Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame was founded by Lady Superior Caroline, of the Mother House, in Milwaukee, in 1855, at first as an asylum." It was then used as a convent school as well as an asylum. It was self supporting and had a large farm connected with it. At that time (1850's) there were about eighteen children, twenty candidates and twenty four sisters in the convent. There was a church and two parish schools in connection with the institution. Sister Mary Hippolita was the sister in charge.