Lookup Volunteers and Queries

If you have access to a courthouse, library, archive, genealogical books, etc. dealing with Waukesha County and would be willing to do lookups for others, please contact me.

When asking for a lookup, please limit yourself to one or two names. Remember that the people that offer are doing this on their own time.(and are not getting paid for it). Let's not overburden them or they will no longer enjoy helping. And a big heartfelt "Thank You" goes a long way.

Death and Obituary Lookups

Waukesha Newspapers - A volunteer has emailed the Waukesha list stating the following: I am able to do lookups for obits and special articles. I have listed all the areas and time frames for the papers that I am able to check. I will update this list as more become available. Please send your requests to me directly at my email address. Please be specific in the time frame you are requesting. Asking her to look through all of the articles for information on John Smith is very time consuming.

Daily Freeman - 1883 and 1890
Evening Journal - 1890 only
Republican - 1887 only
Republican Freeman - 1888 and 1898
The Republican - 1887 only
Waukesha County Democrat - 1875 only
Waukesha Daily Freeman - 1882, 1937, 1945 thru 1955
Waukesha Freeman - 1882 thru 1883, 1944 thru 1945
Waukesha Journal - 1889 thru 1890
Email Me

Cemetery Photographs-North Prairie - Dee-Dee is willing to do lookups in the cemeteries in the North Praire Area. Cemeteries include: North Prairie Cemetery, Wales and Mukwonago. She has a digital camera and can take photos and email them to you. Please supply the cemetery name and as much information about the person that you have. Email Me

Cemetery Photographs-Menomonee Falls Cemeteries - Lenora will take photographs at cemeteries in Menomonee Falls. Contact her directly with your requests.

See also Church Records Category

Church Records

St. Albans Church Records - Judy B. will do lookups in the St. Albans Church records, Sussex. Although many have been posted online, there are more details that are available in a careful search. Email Me

Grace Episcopal Church Records - Judy B. will do lookups in the Grace Episcopal Church records, Hartland. Although many have been posted online, There are more details that are available in a careful search. Email Me

First Congregational Church Records - The First Congregational Church records, Hartland are on permanent loan at the Family History Center near Judy. Judy has offered to do lookups. Email Me

St. Anthony- Fussville church records - Lenora will do lookups in the St. Anthony Church Records-Fussville.

Federal and State Censuses

Please be very specific as to what year and any information you already have for someone. Simply asking to look for John Browne will not be enough information to find who you are looking for.

Waukesha County Census - Judy B. will do lookups in the Waukesha County Censuses. Email Me

1850 to 1920 Census - Lenora will do lookups in the 1850 to 1920 Census for Waukesha County. Email Me

Census Lookups - Norma has agreed to do lookups in the federal census for the years 1850, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.Email Me

Brookfield City Directories - Sherry has in her possession two Brookfield City Directories; in the 1967 directory, She can look up by full name OR by street address. In the 1977 directory, she can only look up by name, but this directory also includes the towns of Butler and Elm Grove. Email Me

School Yearbooks and Annuals

Brookfield Central High School - Sherry will do lookups in the Annuals of the years 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962. She also has available an alumni directory which includes all graduating classees from 1958-2000. In August she will include all classes through the graduating class of 2006. Email Me

Miscellaneous Lookups

Brookfield Central High School - Bianca will be able to do look-ups. Items include 1880 listing Biographies of some families, index to civil war volunteers, index for obituaries from the Waukesha Freeman. Email Me

A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America - Dave J. has a copy of the book and is willing to do lookups. In 1635 the Comstocks came to America from Devonshire, England. Some of them settled in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties. Over 19,000 names in print. Email Me