Village of Hartland History

Source: Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

Stephen Warren was the first settler at this place and remains here yet. The first improvements of any value were constructing the dam and erecting the saw and grist mills, which were going as early at 1842, under the management of Christ Hershey. The grist-mill is now used for a cider mill; the saw-mill was torn down several years ago. It stood west of the grist mill. The first store was opened by William Hobkirk in 1844. The next store was opened in 1846 by McVean and William P. Clark. McVean died or left in a short time after and Chauncey Simonds bought and ran the business.

The first mail route through Hartland was established in 1846. The first Postmaster was William P. Clark, who was soon succeeded by Chauncy Simonds, and the first quarterly returns were $5.46.

The Congregational Church was built in 1855-57, but the society was organized as early as 1842. A meeting was held, it is said, in a barn on the farm of Mr. Cheney, now owned by Mr. Wakeman, where the society was organized by the Rev. Baker, to be called the First Congregational Church of Warren. The members were: J. C. Molster, Sarah Molster, Nancy Hopkins, William Cheney, S. Warren, D.K. Warren, N. Nicholson, Sybrant Hale, J. Ferguson, Euphemia Ferguson and Lucy Wells. O.S. Smith is the present pastor. Since the first school taught here by Mrs. Warren, in a small room, the number of pupils has increased, until now a fine school building is used, with two departments. About eighteen years ago the Rev. Bennett, a student of Nashotah, preached in the cider-mill, and succeeded in getting enough by subscription to buy a lot. After about six years, there was enough money raised, by church socials and sundry subscriptions, with $100 presented by Bishop Kemper, to begin a church. The Church cost $1,100; the furniture was obtained from an old church in 'Chicago. Services are now held at irregular intervals.

The first Lutheran Church movement of Hartland was started in 1870, by Mr. J.C. Krause and Mr. Ole Hansen, each pledging together that they would donate $50 a piece toward a church. Accordingly, meetings were called at two different times, first at the house of Jacob Blitch, second at the home of Ole Hansen, where, a large number being present, it was decided to build a church. As a result, they had a snug little church ready for dedication on the second Sunday of 1871, and P.M. Hatelstadt, preached the sermon in English. The church is free, the minister being supported by subscription. Preaching is in English. There are now 100 members.

The first depot of the La Crosse Division of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad built at this point, is now used for a stable. The depot which succeeded it was built in 1867 and stood here until the morning of the 25th of May, 1879, when it was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

A large amount of grain is shipped from this point annually. Mr. Johnson, who has a warehouse, having shipped as high as 100,000 bushels per annum.

The charter of Bark River Lodge, No. 122, A. F. & A.M., was granted to William Goodman, Master; George E. Bergwell, Senior Warden, and Henry Shears, Junior Warden, by the Grand Lodge, June 13, 1860. There are now thirty-seven members on the roll. The lodge room over the store of Mr. Staps, is carpeted and now neatly furnished and decorated.

Hartland Temple of Honor, No. 93, was organized December 28, 1876, and was finally instituted on the 15th of January, 1877, with fifteen members. The officers were: W.C.T., William S. O'Brien; W.V.T., H.E. Salsich; P.W. C.T., J.T. Bickford; W.C., Charles A. Fassett; A.R., George Crozier; F.R., W. Wilson; W.T., William LeRoy; W.U., Charles Kerr; D.U., O. Finch. There have been 110 initiated. There are now 36 members in good standing, with a good hall.

There is a large flouring-mill here now; also several stores and mechanic's shops.

Nashotah Station, once called Pine Lake, is in this town. There have been a hotel and store near here for several years.