Monches History

Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

Earl Wright was the first permanent settler in this vicinity. In 1842, H.K. Kuntz came, and, in 1843, built a saw-mill here, the second in the town. In 1847 or 1848, Mr. Kuntz built a grist-mill. the saw-mill is gone; Mr. Kuntz sold it to Mr. Berg, the present proprietor several years ago. Mike Shiel had the first store. Subsequently, Henry McCaul opened a small store and ashery. Before the post office was established here, about 1847 or 1848, this point was called Kuntz's Mills, but the post office was called Monches, after an old Indian chief, who used to haunt this locality, and who was buried here. John Hartz was the first Postmaster; then John Whipp Sr. After him P. O'Reily; then, John Knapp Jr.; then A. Mullen, and after him John Purtell, the present incumbent, was appointed; and been in charge about fifteen years. there is a Catholic Church here, the only one in this locality. A log house of worship was built about 1844, with Father Morrisy as first priest. A few years after, the present frame church was constructed.