Stone Bank History

Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

John Johnson entered the land on which Stone Bank village stands, on Section 19, in January 1841. He had moved on to it in 1840. About the same time came J. Weikert (who afterward committed suicide by hanging himself). Christian Hershey and a Mr. Schneider. Mr. Johnson built the first house in April 1842. David Mason and James Miles settled where they now are. In 1842, John Ferguson Sr., came and purchased from Mr. Johnson a portion of the Stopne Bank mill privilege. In the fall of 1842, Mr. Johnson built a saw-mill about sixty rods north of the present grist mill. It was used nearly thrity five years before being abandoned. This was the first saw-mill in the town. In 1844, J. Ferguson, Sr., built the first grist-mill in the town, where it now stands, putting in two run of stone. In 1845, the first store was started here, in a small log house near the mill. Soon after, F. Schraudenbach started a food store. About 1858, the first post-office was established, Leonard Requa, POstmaster. He held it until 1860, when it was transferred to John Ferguson, Jr. Mr. Ferguson held it about foru years. In 1864, unbeknown to him, the office was given to Samuel Darrah, his deputy. Mr. Ferguson remained in ignorance of this change until the ensuing year, when Mr. Darrah resigned in his favor. E. Drummond is the present incumbent, who has held the office for eight years.

Wohlen Bros. started a blacksmith's shop here as early as 1843. The Stone Bankl Public burying ground was established about thirty-five years ago, the land being donated by J. Ferguson, SR. A small Presbyterian Church was built here abouot twenty-one years ago, the land where it stood being presented by J. Ferguson, Sr.; it was rebuilt in 1878. Elder Wheelock preached here in 1842; also a Mormon, who made some converts. The NOrwegian Lutheran Church was built about 1850. The Temple of Honor, at Stone Bank, was instituted January 16, 1878, by J.A. Watrous, with twenty-seven charter members. The following officers were elected: W.H. Bolson, W.C.T.; Frank Holt, WQ.V.T.; S.Darrah, W.R.; Ed Drummond, W.T.R.; John Mason, W.T.; S. Siverson, W.U.; H. Wild, W.G.; John Cassidy, W.S.