Wisconsin Artists

This project was begun October 22,2000, the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Society of Milwaukee Artists

Compiled and submitted by:
Eugene B.Meier, Jr.
December 18, 2010

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Exhibition Record 1900-2000
Sound View Press, Madison,CT

Note: A reverse-directory in Milwaukee is referred to as a criss-cross directory in Chicago; the latter is a brand-name

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          1957:West Allis,WI
	59.The Kitchen,oil

Haas,Steven-WP&S Northeast Chapter
            1997:3071 Birch Rd.,Little Suamico,WI 54141[WP&S 1997]-pro
            1999-Suamico[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

         1932:1220 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#139 Lilacs @ $15.00;#140 Still Life @ $15.00]
          1936:Walther League Lutheran Girls Home/Wetzel Lillian[1936 MCD]

Haberland,Mrs.H.N.(Irene Pamperin)
         1935:5906 N.Kent,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Edge.2643       
         1936:5906 Edwards Griffith E[1936 MCD]

          1975:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1975]
          1977:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1977-78]

        1979:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1979]
        1980:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1980-81]
        1982:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1982]clay
        1985:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1989]
        1990:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1990]
        1991:N95 W31301 County Line Rd.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1991]

Hackenburg,Nora[WP&S Board of Directors 1981-82]
          1975:2312 E.Kensington Blvd.,2121 E.Capitol #410,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1975]
          1977:2312 E.Kensington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
          1979:2121 E.Capitol Dr.,Apt #410,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]
          1980:2121 E.Capitol Dr.,Apt #410,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]
          1981:2121 E.Capitol Dr.,Apt #410,Milwaukee,WI 53211
	Stairway to the Metro,9" x 12",watercolor @ $290.00[Membership Show]
	Stop.St.Jacques,9" x 12",pencil,watercolor @ $290.00[Membership Show]
	On the Way to Annonay,9" x 12",pencil,watercolor @ $290.00[Membership Show]
          1982:2121 E.Capitol Dr.,Apt #410,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1982]wc,drawing,bookbinding

Hackett,Clarence G.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
         1935:1204 Main St.,Whitewater,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1935:1043 S.29th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Mi.0797
	69.Street Corner-black and white
         1936:  "1204 Main St.,Whitewater,WI">926 N.Plankinton,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
         1936:Hackett Clarence G.,artist 926 N.Plankinton av R22 h do[1936 MCD]
	79.Whitewater City Hall-oil
	80.Band Concert--watercolor
	77.Black Cat,watercolor @ $15.00
	124.Figure,stone @ $50.00
	11.The Sailboat,oil @ NFS
        1948: Centennial
	105. Enigma; wood engraving @ $10

Hackett,Helen Ruth
         1947:Hackett,Helen R tchr PS r3009 N 74th [1947 MCD]
	12.Neighbor Roofs,oil @ $35.00
        1948: Centennial
	104. Old Milwaukee; oil @ $100

         1929:Hackman,Gerald H slsmn Kappelman Radio Co r2612 Vine[1929 MCD]
         1935:1933 N.17th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:1933 Greenwaller  Oscar H[1936 MCD]
         1937:1933 N.17th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1929:Haderer,Henry W(Alva)slsmn h1127 49th [1929 MCD]
         1935:2617 W.Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Haderer Alva M Mrs interior decorator 2617A W Lincoln av h2617 do[1936 MCD]
         1937:2617 W.Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing] [Alava]

         1919:Hadley,Fredk S dentist 406 Colby-Abbot bldg,h512 Newton av(Swd)[1919 MCD]
	2.Signora Bella Rodriquez[sculpture]

	64.The Scribe,oil

Hagemeister,Karon Eltgroth
	31.A Siren Doing What Sirens Should;oil pastel @ $600.00
	34.Les Fleurs Du Mal;oil @ $300.00[51st Annual]

Hagen,Gary D.
        1973:Stevens Point,WI
	17.Yavapai Broadcast;wood,formica,plexiglas @ $600.00[58th Exhibition]
        1977:801 Johns Dr.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:1648 Main,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1979]
        1980:1648 Main,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1980-81]

Hager,Rich-WP&S South Central Chapter
          1991:822 18th Ave.,P.O.Box 573,Monroe,WI 53566[WP&S 1991]
          1997:P.O.Box 573,Monroe,WI 53566[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;clay-batik sculpture

       1935:529 N.13th St.,Apt.305,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership][no phone #]
       1936:Hahn,Juliet tchr 35th St Sch r529 N 13th apt 305[1936 MCD]

Haise, Walter
	56.Breakthrough,watercolor @ $85.00
	36.Old Things Remembered ,watercolor @ $65.00
          1961:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
          1963:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
          1964:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 8,WI[WP&S board member]
          1965:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 8,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1966-67]
          1970:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1970]
          1972:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1972]
          1973:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1973]
          1974:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1974]
          1975:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1975]
          1977:1318 N.54th St.,Milwaukee 53208[WP&S 1977]

	57.Hinterland,oil @ $350.00
	37.Venice Festival,oil @ NFS

	61.Bone Composition,oil
	58.Circus Dew,oil @ $200.00

	The Dance,1979;color lithograph(6/16),16 x 19 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
$300.00 award

Halbrook,Robert[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition /1935]
          1935:1429 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:T Robert Halbrook(Rose)decorator Conrad Schmitt Studio h1926 N Bartlett av[MCD]
          1937:1429 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

        1975:415 Green Bay Rd.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1975]
        1977:415 Green Bay Rd.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1977-78]

          1900-01:Montgomery Building,Room 511,Milwaukee,WI
         1901:reception,Milwaukee Public Library
         1902:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
         2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
           Harold Hall,untitled,1901;oil on board;1992-002
           Harold Hall,untitled,n.d.,oil on canvas;1992-003

	18.Magic Box;acrylic,wood @ NFS[58th Exhibition]

	18.Bourgogne;acrylic,30 ½" x 22 Ύ" [Exhibition 63]
	19.L'eau vivante;acrylic31" x 23"[Exhibition 63]

Hamady,Walter S.
$50 Mr. and Mrs.William Law
	32.The Equivocal Kiss,collage @ $350.00[54th Annual][ill.]
	33.All Roads Lead to Home,collage @ $150.00[54th Annual][ill.]
	33.The Inner Ear in Flight,collage @ $200.00[56th Exhibition]

Hamilton,LeRoy[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
          1935:2008 S.77th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	71.Bahn Frei Hall-oil
	72.The Graveyard--watercolor
          1936:2008 S.77th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1936 membership][Lerow-1936 cat.]
 	81.Steve's Backyard--oil
          1937:2008 S.77th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1935:3544 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.1027
         1936:Hammersmoth Eleanor prfrdr Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co r3544 N.Prospect av[1936 MCD]

Hammersmith, Sr. ,Paul J.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]WP&S President 1927
           Naperville,IL 1857-1937 Milwaukee,WI
         1919:Hammersmith,Paul Pres-Mgr Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co h567 Belleview pl[1920 MCD]
          1919:"Paul Hammersmith"crossed out[WP&S 1919 membership]
         1920:Hammersmith Sr Paul W v pres Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co h641 Stowell av[1920 MCD]
           16.The Willows
           17.Jones Island
           18.Tanbark Schooners
           20.Close of Day
            [Second Honorable Mention to Paul J.Hammersmith for group of etchings]
         1922:Milwaukee & Michigan Sts.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S November 16,1922 membership]
         1923:Hammersmith,Paul(Louise K.),567 Belleview Pl[1923 MCD]
           14.Lily Pond
           15.The Old Mill
           16.Autumn Gold
         1924:Hammersmith,Paul(Louise K)pres-mgr Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co
 h3,567 Belleview pl[1924 MCD]
         1924:Milwaukee and Michigan Sts.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1924 membership]
           40.Autumn @ $75.00
           41.Golden Days @ $75.00
         1925:Hammersmith,Paul(Louise K) h3,567 Belleview Pl[1925 MCD]
         1925:Milwaukee and Michigan Sts.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1925 membership]
           36.Old Fish Houses-etching
           38.When the Tide Goes Out-etching
         1926:Milwaukee & Michigan Streets,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1926 journal ]
         1927:Who's Who in Art & Music-no address-p.247
         1929:116 E.Michigan,St.,Milwaukee,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
             48.Baileys Harbor [oil] JOURNAL Gallery
         1929:Paul Hammersmith(Louise K) h567 Belleview pl apt 3[1929 MCD]
         1930:116 E.Michigan St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
         1931:Hammersmith Paul(Louise K)pres-treas Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co
 h2821 E Belleview pl[1931 MCD]
         1932:322 E.Michigan St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	15.Workman's Hut,Cuba-black and white works @ N/P[#546 on A.B.C.list]
	16.Old Slave Quarters,Cuba-black and white works @ N/P[#545 on A.B.C.list]
	17.The Four Giants-black and white works @ $10.00[#544 on A.B.C.list]
	[#541 Sheboygan Falls @ $50.00;#542 Jones Island @ N/P;#543 Jones Island @ N/P]
           1934:2821 E.Belleview Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
         1935:2821 E.Belleview Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Hammersmith Paul(Louise)pres-treas Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co
 h2821 E Belleview pl apt 3[1936 MCD]
    Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co Paul Hammersmith Pres-Treas,
P.W.Hammersmith v pres and mgr A Platt sec.Artists,Engravers and Printers,
322 E Michigan[1936 MCD]
         2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
           Paul Hammersmith,Lake Palmyra,The Bridge,ca 1900,etching;
gift of Dorothy Bucklin West in memory of Ella Kuehlthau;1993-005
           Paul Hammersmith,The Four Giants,ca 1920;etching;1993-006
           Paul Hammersmith,Franksville Windmill,Wisconsin 1894;etching;1993-007

Hammond,Mary Alice
        1979:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1979]
        1980:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1980-81]
        1982:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1982]paintings,2-D
        1985:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1989]
	Fall Intensity;handmade paper collage[Juried Membership Show]
        1990:6339 Fifth Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1990]
        1991:1916 Wisconsin #113,Racine,WI 53403[WP&S 1991]
        1995:1916 Wisconsin #113,Racine,WI 53403[WP&S 1995]

Hampel,Jack R.
       Milwaukee,WI 1883-1978 Waukesha,WI
          1935:747 Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]    
          1936:Hampel John R artist 747 N Plankinton av R303 r2157 N 34th [1936 MCD]
          1937:747 Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1935:2871 N.50th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Hi.7276
            1936:2871 Arndt Ewald W[1936 MCD]

	21.Water Tower Place #9:Public Places II,1983;etching,22 x 30 inches[Exhibition 62]

           1951:West Bend,WI
	40.A Game in the Street-oil
	80.The Old One-casein


Handley,Robert W.
       1944:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1944-45 MCD
	46.Tugs,gouache @ $150.00
       1946:Greendale,WI;MCD not printed in 1946
	94.Closing Time,tempera @ $35.00
       1947:Greendale,WI;not listed in 1947 MCD
	6.Steadfast,tempera @ $100.00
	122.Carnival Night-watercolor

	35.Landscape in Articulomortis;watercolor @ $75.00[51st Annual]
	36.Incensement by Incarceration;watercolor @ NFS[51st Annual]
          1982:740 Carver Lane,Menasha,WI 54952[WP&S 1982]supporting

Hann,Haipo C.T.
         1934:not listed in 1934 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	54.Crouching Figure-sculpture

       1975:4825 W.Parkview Dr.,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1975]
       1977:4825 W.Parkview Dr.,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1977-78]

       1975:6993 Meadowdale Dr.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1975]
       1977:6993 Meadowdale Dr.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1977-78]
       1979:6993 Meadowdale Dr.,Hartford,WI 53027[WP&S 1979]

Hansen,Armin O.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        Chicago,IL   1893-1976 Milwaukee,WI
           1917:Hansen,Armin O student h405 Irving pl[1917 MCD]
	38.The Blue Kimona @ N/L
	39.A Japanese Motif @ N/L
           1919:Hansen Armin O adv dept artist r405 Irving pl[1919 MCD]
           1919:"244 W.106th St.,New York">166 Mason St.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S 1919 membership];
	22.My Mother
	23.Truth and the Lie
           1920:Hansen,Armin O 7,166 Mason r405 Irving pl[1920 MCD]
               21.Elkhart Hill
               23.The Convent (St.Nazianz)
               24.Snow Scene
               25.Snow Scene
	[Special Mention to Armin O.Hansen for group of paintings]
           1921:New York[WP&S "Exhibitors 1921"]
           1922:405 Irving Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  November 16,1922 membership]
           1923:Hansen,Armin O artist 421 Metropolitan blk h405 Irving pl[1923 MCD]
               17. Milwaukee River
	[Honorable mention to Armin O.Hansen,for "Milwaukee River…"]
           1924:Hansen,Armin O artist 421 Metropolitan blk r405 Irving pl[1924 MCD]
           1924:405 Irving Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1924 membership]
	42.Spring Afternoon @ $600.00
	[Honorable Mention to Armin O.Hansen for "Spring Afternoon"]
	43.Portrait of Mrs.D.Cooper @ $1000.00
            1925:Hansen Armin O artist 421 Metropolitan blk r405 Irving pl[1925 MCD]
            1925: 405 Irving Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1925 membership]
	40.Winter Hills-oil
            1926:405 Irving Place,Milwaukee[WP&S 1926 journal]
            1927:Who's Who in Art & Music-no address given--,p.248
            1927:Hansen,Armin O artist 421 Metropolitan blk r405 Irving pl[1927 MCD]
            1929:405 Irving Place,Milwaukee,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
                      6.Portrait, Miss Gertrude Deuster [oil];  7.St. John's Cathedral [oil] JOURNAL Gallery
             1929:Hansen Armin O  artist 290 3d R421 r562 Prospect av apt F[1929 MCD]
1929:Mrs Paul Hammersmith Prize of $25.00 for best Marine Subject:
1929 Armin O.Hansen
            1930:290 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
            1931:Hansen,Armin O artist 1012 N 3d R 414 r 2572 N Prospect av apt F[1931 MCD]
	33.McGregor Bay-Canada-oil
            1932:414 Metropolitan Block,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#598 Mural Sketch(Pioneers) @ $175.00;#599 Bay of Finn @ $175.00;#600 Moon Rise @ $75.00
#601 Afternoon Sun @ $100.00;#602 The Threshers @ $150.00]
            1933:617 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#86 Landscape @ $150.00;#87 Landscape @ $150.00;#88 Portrait @ $150.00;#89.Digger @ $200.00]
               1934:617 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
            1935:617 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	73.In Winter Quarters-oil
	74.Harbour at Nassau-oil
             1936:Hansen Armin O (Dorothy V)artist 904 Manhattan bldg h4218 N Downer av[1936 MCD]
             1940:Hansen,Armin O(Dorothy V.)aritst 617 N 2d R904,h4218 N Downer av[1940 MCD]
	72.Cedarburg Quarry,oil
             1945:617 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee 3,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
        1948: Centennial
	106. Union Depot; oil @ $300
	29.Solitude-oil & encaustic

Hansen,James Allan
	41."The Call to Life of His Soul",oil @ $200.00
$50 Sax Brothers Award 41 "The Call to Life of His Soul",oil James Allan Hansen

	34.Still Life-watercolor
           1932:1715 N.70th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#574 Still Life @ $15.00]
             1935:327 6th Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:327 6th Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1933:2547 N.48th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#445a Along the Tracks @ N/L;#446a Landscape Near the Shore @ N/L;#495a Back Yard @ N/L]
          1935:2547 N.48th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Hanson Eunice tchr 31st st Sch r2547 N 48th [1936 MCD]
          1937:2547 N.48th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Hanson,John C.
	26.Untitled #1,plexiglass,electric @ $500.00[55th Annual]

          1935:3838 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.4438
          1936:Harbeck Irene tchr Mil State Teachers College r 3838 N Farwell av[1936 MCD]
          1937:Harbeck,Irene tchr Mil State Teachers College r3838 N Farwell av[1937 MCD]
	69.Capitol Drive Bridge-water color
          1938:not listed in 1938 MCD
	75.From Wahl Ave--watercolor

          1935:MILWAUKEE JOURNAL,Milwaukee,Wi[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Hardie Reginald T (Lillian)artist JOURNAL Co r1416 Martha Washington dr(W'tosa)MCD
          1937:MILWAUKEE JOURNAL,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Hargarten,Mark A.
	20.Imitation Botany in Bronze;bronze 20" x 12"[Exhibition 63]

          1935:2518 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.1052
          1936:Harley,Eugenia student r2549 N Lake dr apt 2[1936 MCD]
                   Harley,Grahm H mach r2549 N Lake dr apt 2 [1936 MCD]
                   Harley Lillian W (wid Geo H)tchr Wis Coll of Music
 h2549 N Lake dr apt 2[1936 MCD]

Harlos,Stella Emma [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
           Milwaukee,WI 1901-1978        
           1922:724 24th St.,Milwaukee,WI[C N-JSA]
           1923:Harlos,Stella E. tchr Madison St.Sch r752 24th[1923 MCD]
              18.Autumn Morning
              19.Autumn Rain
              20.Winter Afternoon
              21.The Garage
           1924:Harlos,Stella E student r752 24th [1924 MCD]
	44.Back Yards @ $25.00 [painting]
	45.The End of Town @ $20.00[painting]………………………[#170 FALK AIC 1990,p.407]
	46.Winter Twilight @ $25.00[painting]
	4.Sculpture 1. @ N/P
	5.Sculpture 2. @ N/P
	6.Sculpture 3. @ N/P
	[Honorable lMention to Stella Harlos for a group of sculpture]
          1925:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1929:Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
          1929 Harlos,Stella instr Layton Sch of Art,r 3113 Vine[1929 MCD]
            8. Breakfast Nook [oil] 9.Church at Chaimayo [oil] JOURNAL Gallery
          1930:Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
          1930:Water Color Purchase Prize of $50.00 Donated by a Friend for the Best Work
              in that Medium to be Presented to the Milwauee Art Museum:1930 Stella Harlos
           1931:Harlos,Stella E instr Layton School of Art r3113 W Vine[1931 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
           1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee-residence 3117 W.Vine St.[p.165]
	35.Selling Fruits and Vegetables-watercolor
	36.Mexican Fruits-oil
	37.At Quadelupe Mexico-watercolor
	38.Market Place-Mexico City-oil……………………………….[#88 FALK AIC 1990,p.408]
	39.Market at Toluca,Mexico-oil
            1932:3117 W.Vine St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list][FALK AIC 1990]
	30.Pink House-watercolor @ $50.00[#703 on A.B.C.list]
	31.Blue Mountain-watercolor @ $50.00[#702 on A.B.C.list]
	32.Women in the Market-watercolor @ $50.00[#701 on [A.B.C.list]
	33.Tacubaya,Mexico-watercolor @ $50.00[#700 on A.B.C.list]
	13.Good Food-black and white work @ $8.00[#705 A.B.C.list]
	14.Ladies of Leisure-black and white work @ $10.00[#704 on A.B.C.list]
           1933:3117 W.Vine St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	48.Still Life-oil[#92 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $75.00]
	49.Drawing-drawing[#95 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $6.00]
	50.Drawing---drawing[#399 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $10.00]
	[#91 Tropical Waters @ $45.00;#93 Sans Souci Tourists @ $50.00;#94 Manana @ $6.00;$751 Composition @ N/L]
           1934:720 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
           1935:720 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Daly 0106
	76.Picnic -tempera
           1936:Harlos Stella E tchr Layton Sch of Art h 720 N Milwaukee[1936 MCD]
	83.Woman with a Flower-sculpture
           1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Gulf of Mexico
           1937:Harlos,Stella E art instr Layton Sch of Art r720 N Milwaukee[1937 MCD]
	70.Beach Scene-water color
           1938:Harlos,Stella instr Layton Sch of Art h720 N Milwaukee[1938 MCD]
	76.Man Feeding--drawing
           1945:3060 N.Gordon,Milwaukee 12,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
        1948: Centennial
	107. Mary; ceramic sculpture @ $150

           1931:2503 27th Avenue,South Minneapolis,MN[WP&S 4-27-1931membership]

	33.Movement Away,oil @ $450.00
	32.Water Fall,oil @ $400.00

Harmes,Elmer Esmond
        Milwaukee,WI 1902-1951
         1925:Harmes,Elmer E student r1020 Newhall[1925 MCD]
                  Harmes,Ernst E.(Anna)formn Nat'l Brake & Elec Co h1020 Newhall[1925 MCD]
	41.Portrait of Mrs.Burnette-oil
         1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,res.1020 Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI,p.248
         1929:University of Minnesota,Dept.of Art Education Minneapolis,MN
[BULLETIN April 1929] MEMBER                                                                                  
10. Mississippi Squatters [oil] 11.Yellow Pig [oil] JOURNAL Gallery                                                                                            
          1930:1000 University Ave.,S.E. Minneapolis,MN[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
         1930:Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $100.00 for Painting:
1930 Elmer Esmond Harmes(medal and $100.00)
         1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee-3454 N.Newhall St.[p.165]
	42.Little French Girl-oil
Friends of the Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $175 for painting to
 become part of Art Institute Permanent Collection:1931 Elmer Harmes-
(hand-written note in catalog)
        1932:2503 27th Ave.,South Minneapolis,MN[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	27.Relaxation Exercises-oil @ $200.00[#511 on A.B.C.list]
	28.Millot-oil @ $200.00[#505 on A.B.C.list]
	29."Young 'Man of the Forest'"-oil @ $100.00[#506 on A.B.C.list]
       1935:2503 27th Ave.,South Minneapolis,MN[WP&S 1935 mailing list[Mr.& Mrs.Elmer]
       1937:2503 27th Ave.,South Minneapolis,MN[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Harpke,Anita[Gregory III,pp.682-4]
         1929:Harpke,Anita dept mgr Tessie Lou Studio r1892 Newhall[1929 MCD]
                  Harpke,Carl F.(Lucille)sec-treas Pantke-Harpke Co inc r1802 Newhall(WB)[1929 MCD]
                  Harpke,Pauline Mrs v-p Pantke-Harpke Co Inc r1802 Newhall(Whitefish Bay)[do]
                  Harpke,Robt F.(Pauline)pres Pantke-Harpke Co Inc r1802 Newhall[do]
         1931:Anita "at home"Gregory III,p.683;Pantke-Harpke"exclusive hatters"
         1936:Harpke,Anita r4756 N.Newhall(WB)[1936 MCD]

         1933:4302 N.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	53.Zanzabar-sculpture[#746a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ N/L]
         1935:4302 N.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:4302 Andrus,Orrin E[1936 MCD]
         1937:4302 N.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Harrigan,Miss Margaret
          1935:31st Street School,W Brown & N 31st,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Harrigan Margt tchr 31st St Sch h4315 W Lisbon av apt 31 [1936 MCD]
          1937:31st Street School,W Brown & N 31st,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	63.Lifting Stone,Bedford stone @ $75.00

          1935:3026 W.Eggert Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
          1936:Steffan Dorothy Mrs.[1936 MCD]

Harris,Betty[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1932:1824 Rowley Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership][Mrs.Elizabeth]
      1933:1824 Rowley Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00][Mrs.Betty]
	51.Unfinished Portrait of Paul Kochausky-sculpture[#535a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ N/L]
	52.Portrait-sculpture[#539a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $150.00]
	[#536a Decorative Head @ $150.00;#537a Study @ $200.00]
	56.Alexandre Alexandrovitch Vasiliev-sculpture
      1935:1414 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	77.Portrait Study --sculpture
      1937:1414 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Harrison,Janice Griffin 
        1948: Centennial
	108. From My Window; watercolor-casein @ $75
         1949:Harrison,Richd W(Janice G)acct exec Cramer-Krasselt R720 N Milwaukee[1949 MCD]
	30.Joy's Living Room,gouache @ $50.00
        1950:Harrison,Richd W(Janice G)acct exec Jim Baker Assoc h2317 E Olive SWD[1950 MCD]
	29.Old Woman at Flower Shop,gouache @ $150.00…..[#111 FALK AIC 1990 p.411]@$100.00
	81.Grey Squares-casein
	82.Summer Night-casein
	56.Reflections No.2,casein
	65.Study in Spots,oil
	59.Scribe,oil @ $100.00
        1961:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
        1963:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1963] Prof
        1964:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1964]
        1965:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1966-67]
        1970:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1970]
        1972:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1972]
        1973:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1973]
        1974:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1974]
        1975:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1975]
        1976:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211
	City Scape;mixed media @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Grey Squares;mixed media @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1977:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1977-78]life 
        1979:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1979]
        1980:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1980-81]life
        1982:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1982]paintings,life
        1985:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1985-86]life
        1986:4476 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1986-87]

Harrison,Lawrence V.
	27.Cube,acrylic @ $250.00[55th Annual]
	34.Baroque Formation No.1,net,dye @ $175.00[56th Exhibition]
	19.Diaplastic Banana;documentation,plastic,bananas @ $300.00[58th Exhibition]
	20.Chicken Wire;charcoal @ NFS[58th Exhibition]

            1991:13 S.Hancock St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1991]student member

	15.Landscape I; watercolor @ $95.00[52nd Annual]
	16.Landscape II; watercolor @ $95.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$50 Northern Gases and Supplies Co.,Milwaukee Jeannine Hart,Oshkosh 16 Landscape II,watercolor
	33.Landscape I; watercolor @ $200.00[53rd Annual]

            1990:754 Miami Pass,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1990]
            1991:754 Miami Pass,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1991]
            1994:Hart,Phillip A & Marilyn G.,754 Miami Pass Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]Marylin

Hartel,James B.
	Temptation of St.Anthony,33" x 48",watercolor @ $1,500.00[Membership Show]
         1982:3022 W.Michigan Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1982]paintings

Hartman,Priscilla L.[Gregory III,pp.312-315;related to Leenhouts,below]
       1936:Hartman,Priscilla L.,student,r7267 N Bridge la(Fox Point)[1936 MCD]
                Hartman,Howard A(Marguerite;Lines,Spooner & Quarles)h7267 N Bridge la[do]
	131.Margot,pastel @ $50.00

Hartwell,Vera M.
        1935:c/o Milwaukee Teachers College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1935:1940 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Lake.4537J
        1936:1940 -apartments--[1936 MCD]

	33.Tree Forms,oil @ $125.00

Harvey,Edward C.
	35.Bob,mirrors @ $1,000.00[56th Exhibition]

Harvey,Ruth-WP&S Northeast Chapter
           1990:5162 Island View Drive,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1990]
           1991:5162 Island View Drive,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1991]associate member
           1997:5162 Island View Drive,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1997]pro

         1965:409 S.High St.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:409 S.High St.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1966-67]

Hasek,Joseph A.
	52.Three Figures,oil @ $300.00
         1965:4950 Hunting Park Drive.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:4950 Hunting Park Drive.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1966-67]treas.
	17.Evolution; acrylic @ $150.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$50 Kohl Good Stores,Milwaukee Joseph Hasek,Franklin,17 Evolution,acrylic
          1970:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1970]
          1972:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1972]
          1973:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1973]
          1974:4950 N.Hunting Park Dr.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1974]

	First Class Names Have Been Here No.1,52"x52",oil @ $1,200.00[Membership Show]
        1982:1019 Graves Ave.,Wausau,WI 54401[WP&S 1982]paintings
	Transcendental Fossil #3;oil on canvas[Juried Membership Show]
WP&S award
	Transcendental Fossil #4;oil on canvas[Juried Membership Show]
        1985:--028 Eagle Heights Court,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1985-86]paid/--02 B
        1986:--028 Eagle Heights Court,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:2432 34th Ave.South,Minneapolis,MN 55406-1427[WP&S 1987]pro

         1989:310 Sherry St.,Neenah,WI 54956[WP&S 1989]entrants

Hatfield,Donald G.
	42.Exploration,oil & collage @ $400.00
$50 Palette Shop Award 42 Exploration,oil Donald Hatfield
	34.Continuation,oil,collage @ $350.00
	35.Echo,oil,collage @ $175.00
$250 MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award ;painting to be presented to Mil.Public Schools
35 Echo,oil and collage,Donald Hatifield
           1964:Auburn,AL ["Auburndale,WI"in catalogue]
	34.Site,oil @ $250.00
	35.Warm Bathers,oil @ $250.00
$50 Palette Shop Award 35 Warm Bathers oil Donald G.Hatfield
           1965:140 Norwood Ave.,Auburn,AL[WP&S 1965-66]
           1966:140 Norwood Ave.,Auburn AL[WP&S 1966-67]

Hatfield,Marilyn J.& Howard-membership,WP&S Northeast Chapter 1997
         1989:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1989]entrants
         1990:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1991]
         1993:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1993]$15.00
/Marilyn Hatfield,NE Chapter Chair/President State Board WP&S
         1995:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302
	Suzanne IV;Denial[ill.];acrylic/pastel on paper,33 ½ x 25 ½ @ $600.00
Kit Basquin,$50;Suzanne;Denial-Marilyn Hatfield
         1996:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302
	Remembering Frida;acrylic[Past,Present & Future]
         1997:1112 Smith St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1997]pro;painter

Haubert,Peggy-vice chairman WP&S Southeast Chapter 1995-96;1997
         1993:1744 N.Pulaski St.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Head-on;mixed media
         1995:1744 N.Pulaski St.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1995]mixed media,film/video
         1996:Haubert P J ,1744 N.Pulaski [Ameritech 1996-97][Past,Present & Future]
	Psyche;mixed media
         1997:1744 N.Pulaski St.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1997]honorary;mixed media,film,video,photo
                              /SE Chapter VC/Acting Pres.State Board WP&S
	Emerging;mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Haug,Einar J.
       1932:4441 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[158 Lake View-Fall @ $10.00;#163 Light House @ $25.00;#164 Barn Yard @ $10.00]
       1935:4441 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Haug,Einar J.(Hertha C)sec Globe Van Doorn Corp,h4441 N Maryland av[1936 MCD]
       1937:4441 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

           1962.Gotterdaemmerung,oil @ $145.00

         La Crosse,WI 1909-              
         1934:756 Greenwich St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]
         1938:Hauser,Alonzo(Nancy)sculptor h2310 S.Howell av[1938 MCD]
	78.Otchi Tchorniya-sculpture
         1940:Hauser,Alonzo(Nancy)sculptor h2310 S.Howell av[1940 MCD]
	73.Martha Graham-sculpture
Art Institute Medal and $50.00 for Sculpture:Alonzo Hauser-"Martha Graham"
         1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	125.Memorial Figure to John Flannagan,wood @ $250
	126.Invictus,wood @ $400[Milwaukee Art Institute Prize of $50.00 for sculpture.Unrestricted]
        1948: Centennial
	109. Invictus; Tennessee marble @ $1000

Haushalter,Miss Alma
           1935:Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]                                                                         

Haussmann,Olga K.
                41.Sunshine in the Woods
            1935:438 N.Lake St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:438 N.Lake St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

        1975:1735 Cormier Rd.,Green Bay,WI 53404[WP&S 1975]
        1977:1735 Cormier Rd.,Green Bay,WI 53404[WP&S 1977-78]

         1991:3025 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]

Hawkins,David-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1997:8419 22nd Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53142[WP&S 1997]pro;painter,sculptor;wood sculpture,acrylic

            1935:1910 Regent St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:1910 Regent St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Hay,Donald C.
	67.Over the Mosque,oil
	60.Oriental Festival,oil @ $300.00

Haycock,Charles M.
	64.Balzac,stone @ $85.00
	33.Med.II-oil & encasutic

Hayden,Harriet Estelle
	42.The Washington-Cornwallis Bowl-oil

Hayden,Martha N.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1991:143 Prairie St.,Sharon,WI 53585[WP&S 1991]
           1993:143 Prairie St.,Sharon,WI 53585[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	The Anniversary;oil
           1995:143 Prairie St.,Sharon,WI 53585[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing
           1997:143 Prairie St.,Sharon,WI 53585[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;drawing
	Astoria Window;oil [Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Cash award $200.00
	The Lamp (ill.);oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           2000:143 Prairie St.,Sharon,WI 53585[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 16:January Light;oil on canvas;42"x40"[Centennial Exhibition]

Hayne,Miss Helen
           1935:3213 W.Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:3212A Susko Peer;3215 Winobradsky Ignace[1936 MCD]
                     Hayne,Helen h1805 E Park pl apt 32[1936 MCD]
           1937:3213 W.Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Haynes,Doug E.L.-WP&S South Central Chapter
           1993:9902 Blue Valley Rd.,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	Green Cemetery;acrylic on canvas
           1994:Haynes Douglas W Rev,5414 Retana Dr Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
           1997:St.Benedict Ctr.Box 5070,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter,acrylic,wc
           1999:Middleton[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
           2000:1008 Emerald St.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 17:Adoption;watercolor;36"x36"[Centennial Exhibition]

          1975:7233 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1975]
          1977:7233 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1977-78]
          1986:see WASSERMAN-Hearst,Judith

Heath,Mrs.Frederick(Mrs.Elizabeth B.Dorethy)Gregory III,pp.796-800
           1935:902 W.Locust St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Heath Frederic (Elizabeth)supervisor 16th District h902 W Locust[1936 MCD]
           1937:902 W.Locust St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Heath,Mrs.Grace[undated biographical sheet]
           1935:1810 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Heath Raymond B (Grace C)dist sls mgr Rockwood Sprinkler Co
 h1810 W Wisconsin apt 205[1936 MCD]
           1937:808 N.3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Heckman,R.Frederick[see Merrill pp 39-40]
        1914:Heckman,R.Frederick,artist 65,111 Mason,h.95 33rd.[1914 MCD]
	43.Portrait of O.Z.
	44.Still Life
        1915:Heckman,R.Frederick,artist 65,111 Mason,h 262 34th[1915 MCD]
	28.Outdoor Light
	29.Indian Summer

	36.On the Fourth Day,oil @ $250.00

          1989:5508 Short Rd.,Racine,WI 53402[WP&S 1989]entrants

Hefti,Scott E.
	22.At the Pool,1983;oil on canvas,48 x 36 inches[Exhibition 62]
           1989:1926 Church St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1991:1926 Church St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1991]associate member/"1929"
           1993:1926 Church St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1993]$15.00/1926
	Still Life;pastel
           1995:1926 Church St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing

	53.Balder of Asgard,steel @ $250.00

Heidel,Francis J.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1935:3072 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Heidel,Frances J.(Kath M),pntr r3072 N 2nd[1936 MCD]
        1937:3072 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	54.Mandrillus Sphinx,steel @ NFS
	55.Design in Space,steel @ $300.00

Hein,Dr.Harold W.
         1936:445 E.Howard:Hein,Harold W.[1936 MCD]reverse;dentist,2631A S Kinnickinnic
         1937:445 E.Howard,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Heindl,Elsie-WP&S Southeast Chapter
	68.The Laughing Pork;oil
	61.Two Bees and a Caterpillar;oil @ $100.00
	38.The Valley;oil @ $35.00
	37.Big Boy;oil @ $175.00[51st Annual]
         1970:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1970]
         1971:[2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210]
	36.The Happy Look;oil @ $300.00[56th Exhibition]
         1972:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1972]
	25.So dignified;oil @ $400.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
	26.Blue jays stayed for the Winter;oil @ $400.00[57th Exhibition]YH
         1973:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1973]
         1974:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1974]
         1975:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1975]
         1976:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210
	Snow Man;oil @ $225.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1979]
         1980:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210
	Working the Land in Germany,19" x 24",oil[Membership Show]
 	Fancy Barn board,12" x 17",acrylic[Membership Show]
         1982:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1982]paintings,oil
         1985:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1989]
         1990:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1990]
         1991:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1991]life
         1995:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1995]
         1996:Heindl Frank & Elsie,2927 N 70 [Ameritech 1996-97]
         1997:2927 N.70th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1997]Heindel;life member

Heine,Friedrich Wilhelm
       Leipzig 1845-1921 Milwaukee,WI
         1902[3rd exhibit.]55 Oneida St.,Milwaukee,WI
	7.The Old City Hall,Milwaukee
         1902:[4th exhibit]55 Oneida St.,upstairs,Milwaukee,WI
	11.Landscape near Dresden (watercolor)
         1914:Heine,F.W.,artist,59 Oneida,h.857 Island av.[1914 MCD]["F.A."]
	45.Mexico,Rurales Fountain
	46.Mexico,Juarez Monument
         1915:Heine,F.W.,artist,59 Oneida h.857 Island av[1915 MCD]
	30.Jersusalem-Holy Sepulchre
         1919:Heine,Fredk W.(Heine's Art School)h857 Island av[1919 MCD]
	24. On Way to City of Mexico
25.	Suez Canal
         1921:Heine,F.W.died August 26,1921;does not appear in 1921 MCD
         1921:Milwaukee,WI[WP&S "Exhibitors 1921"]
              42.Street Scene,Jerusalem
	43.Street Scene,Jerusalem
         1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:#28 Sketches from the Battle of Gettysburg (1886);#29 Market Place(1906)
        2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
	Frederick Wilhelm Heine,Lake Shore-Milwaukee,WI 1912;oil on board;1996-004
               Frederick Wilhelm Heine,untitled 1912;oil on board;1996-005

         1961:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1963 ]Active
         1964:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1965:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1970]
         1973:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1973]
         1974:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1974]
         1977:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:624 Jackson St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1979]

Heintzman,Mary P.D.-WP&S board member 1995-96
         1995:2003 22nd Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1995]drawing,sculpture
	Journey #15;conte,30" x 22" @ $600.00
         1997:2003 22nd Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;drawing

Hekking,William Matthews
           Chelsea,WI 1885-
	43.Back Rush at Squeeker-oil

Held,Sheila A.
        1993:2363 N.47th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Helena,O.S.F.,Sister Mary
	146.Mother of Divine Love;sculpture
	6.I am the Mother of God;sculpture @ $65.00
	69.Saint Clare;granite
          1965:Alvereno College,3401 S.39th St.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1965-66]
	38.Loaves and Fishes;oil,liquitex,glue @ $160.00[51st Annual]
          1966:Alvereno College,3401 S.39th St.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1966-67]

Heller, Miss Carla
          1933:302 N.Rankin St.,[Appleton],WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[#456a Dorothy @ N/L;#457a Indian Boy @ N/L]
          1935:302 N.Rankin St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:302 N.Rankin St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1935:302 N.Rankin St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:302 N.Rankin St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Hellmuth,Lynn Slattery
            1991:914 Castle Place,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1991]
            1994:Hellmuth Phillip J & Lynn A 914 Castle Pl, Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

	23.Path to the Forest,1983;silver print,11 x 14 inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
honorable memtion

          1989:P.O.Box 254,Cassville,WI 53806[WP&S 1989]entrants

Hempel,Arno W.
          1948: Centennial
	290. Jesus' Head; oak @ $500
	62.Self Portrait,wood @ $500.00


Hendon,R.Chamb,Dir.,Madison Art Center
         1972:720 E.Gorham,Madison 53703[WP&S 1972]honorary

          1991:5135 W.Roosevelt Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1991]

         1950:Milwaukee,WI;does not appear in 1950 MCD
	30.Moby Dick,cassin & oil @ $250.00

Henke,Connie-WP&S Central Chapter
            1997:6321 Wintergreen Dr.,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54494;pro;painter;weaving,wc

Hennecke & Co[important firm that makes casts]
	WMRF to H &Co 11-21-1900
	WMRF to H&Co.9-2-1902
	WMRF to H&Co 4-3-1906
	WMRF to H&Co 1-23-1907
	WMRF to H&Co 12-9-1911

Hennig,Lorna J.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
            1989:5227 Nicholson Rd.,Franksville,WI 53126[WP&S 1989]entrants
            1991:5227 Nicholson Rd.,Franksville,WI 53126[WP&S 1991]
            1993:5227 Nicholson Rd.,Franksville,WI 53126[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	One Potato,Two Potato;pencil
            1995:5227 Nicholson Rd.,Franksville,WI 53126[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing,papermaking
	At the Tennis Ball;drawing,37" x 28 ½"
            1997:5227 Nicholson Rd.,Franksville,WI 53126[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;drawing,papermaking

          1996:future members/student participants[Past,Present & Future]
	Trifle (ill.);steel,gauze,wax,clay,string;College Student Award

Henschel, Miss Amanda A.
	45.Still Life-oil
	46.Still Life-oil
          1926 WHO'S WHO IN CHICAGO:Henschel,Alfred Charles,cigar box mfr;b.Sheboygan,WI,Sept.24,1866;
 s.Charles B.and Alvina (Pott)Henschel;ed pub schs.,Sheboygan;m.Sheboygan,June 1891,Minnie Gehr.In sawmill work in Wis.,
1880-3;then became mgr.with brother,Otto B.(now deceased) of the C.B.Henschel Cigar Box Factory at Milwaukee,WI;
came to Chicago,1901,and assumed management of the Chicago factory,under firm name of A.C.Henschel & Co.Home:
1452 Granville.Office:829 Orleans St.[pp404-5]
           1931:WHO'S WHO IN CHICAGO:Henschel,Alfred Charles,retired cigar box mfr.See WHO'S WHO IN CHICAGO 1926
          1933:2951 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#556a Still Life @ $30.00;#557a Flowers @ $20.00;#558a From My Window @ $20.00]
          1935:1742 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
          1936:1742 N.Prospect Ave.,The Edgewater,Apartm