Forest Hill Cemetery
Also known as the Pewaukee Village Cemetery
Pewaukee Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


This active cemetery is located on the south side of Hwy SS (Prospect Ave) near the intersection with School Street, Pewaukee Village, Section 9 Pewaukee Township. It is also known as the Pewaukee Village Cemetery. Enter the cemetery on School Street.

Latitude(DEC): 43.0772222
Longitude(DEC): -88.2641667
Latitude(DMS): 430438N
Longitude(DMS): 0881551W


Forest Hill Cemetery was established about 1837. It is administered by the Village of Pewaukee.


There are records available 1837-date through the Pewaukee Village Clerk or the Pewaukee Department of Public Works Superintendent, both at 235 Hickory Street Pewaukee, 53072. Records are available for public research, Mon-Fri. 8-5. Mail requests are answered at no charge.

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions of tombstones with additional information from the Waukesha County Register of Deeds, 1837-1947.

Other Grave Resources:
USGenWeb Archives Project-Forest Hill Cemetery, Pewaukee

Tombstone Photographs

In 2008 a group of Pewaukee High School AP U.S. History students created an interactive site to look up the names of the people buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery. The website has a database of the burials in the cemetery as well as photos of each tombstone. Be sure to visit the Pewaukee Forest Hill Cemetery website if you are looking for a tombstone photo.

Tombstone Inscriptions

The inscriptions below are taken directly from the tombstones or from obituaries. It is a partial listing. OSSW = On the same stone with
SSDI - Social Security Death Index

This is a partial listing. ADAMS: [Sec A] Elizabeth Adams/b. 1887/d. 20 Sept 1966 [Sec A] J.B. Adams/b. 1886/d. 1938 [Sec A] John W. Adams/b. 1913/d. 26 Jul 1966 [Sec A] Mary Adams/b. 1909/d. 1969 [Sec A] Peggy Adams/b. 1915- no death date AKIN: [Sec A] Barbara A. Akin/b. 1866/d. 1932 [Sec A] William E. Akin/b. 1861/d. 1935 [Sec A] Selma Helene Akin/b. 24 May 1908/d. 2 Jul 1989/SSDI [Sec A] William V. Akin/b. 20 Oct 1905/d. Feb 1980/SSDI ACKLEY: [Sec B] Anita Alma Ackley (nee Luenzmann)/b. 28 Aug 1906/d. 9 Feb 1993/SSDI [Sec B] James Edward Ackley Sr./b. 28 Nov 1902/d. 1 Dec 1988/SSDI [Sec B] James Edward Ackley Jr./b. 30 Jul 1929/d. 2 Jan 1996/SSDI ALLEN: Mary T. Allen/d. July 26, 2008/age 86 ALTON: [Sec C] Mrs. Alvin G. Alton Fannie Alton/d. Feb 24, 1915/age 80/ wife of Alvin Alton/b. 1835/d. 1915 [Sec C] Alvin Alton/b. 1833/d. 1920 [Sec C] George W. Alton/b. 1862/d. August 31, 1925/ age 53/son of Alvin [Sec C] Frederick A. Alton/b. 21 Mar 1897/d. 26 Nov 1972/SSDI [Sec C] Fred C. Alton/b. 27 Jul 1927/d. 26 Jul 1996/SSDI [Sec C] June Ann Alton/b. 30 Jun 1930/d. 3 Mar 1993/SSDI [Sec C] Lois Alton/b. 1931- no death date [Sec C] Bert D Alton (B.D. Alton)/b. Dec. 22, 1867/d. Sept. 1908 [Sec C] Wynifred Alton/b. 26 Aug 1897/d. 17 Aug 1991/SSDI ALTON: See PARSONS ANDERSEN: [Sec F] Christina/b. 25 Dec 1884/d. Dec 1980/SSDI [Sec F] Olaf J. Andersen/b. 3 Sep 1880/d. 9 Jul 1964/SSDI ANDERSEN: See also ANDERSON ANDERSON: [Sec C] Oriola May (Clark) Anderson/b. 1863/d. February 03, 1924 [Sec C] William Lincoln Anderson/b. May 30, 1865/d. November 3, 1924 Fred Anderson/d. Jan. 4, 1947/age 75 [Sec C] Irene N. Anderson/b. 4 Dec 1904/d. 3 Aug 1985/SSDI ANDERSON: See also Andersen AMBRUS: Louis Martin Ambrus/b. 1927/d. 1 Jan 1989 Vendel L. Ambrus/b. 29 Nov 1921/d. 15 Dec 1993/SSDI [Sec E] Vendel Ambrus/b. 2 Oct 1888/d. 17 Apr 1963/SSDI [Sec E] Theresa Ambrus/b. 5 Mar 1900/d. 22 Jul 1980/SSDI ARDELLE: [Sec C] William Ardelle/b. 1922/d. 1923 B. [Sec B] Nellie B./b. 1859/d. 1930 BABE: James P. Babe/d. Jan. 3, 2008/age 79 BACHMAN: [Sec G] Ronald A. Bachman or Backman/b. 1930/d. 1999 BAHR: [Sec B] Galberdean Bahr/b. 2 Feb 1919/d. 2 Mar 1990/SSDI [Sec B] Julius F. Bahr/b. 24 Sep 1917/d. 5 Jul 1974/SSDI John Bahr/d. May 14, 1955/age 75 BAHRKE: [P] Herman Bahrke/b. 1887/d. 1908 BAILEY: [Sec E] Glenn M. Bailey/b. 1895/d. 1958 BAKER: [Sec A] Anne Baker/b. 1811 Shrewsbury, England/d. April 23, 1900 [Sec B] Scott R. Baker/b. 1952/d. 1991 BARRACK: [Sec C] Fannie E. Barrack/b. 1883/d. June 1954/age 71 BARTLETT: [Sec B] Bryan M. Bartlett/b. 1962/d. 1 Sep 1975 [Sec B] Lawrence Bartlett/b. 1929- [Sec B] Marion Bartlett/b. 9 May 1929/d. 15 Feb 1993/SSDI [Sec B] Alma Marie (Hansen)/b. 5 Jul 1892/d. 28 Aug 1993/bur 31 Aug 1993/ daughter of John Hansen and Mary Larson/wife of Harvey Jay Bartlett [Sec B] Halet John/b. 29 Apr 1921/d. 22 Mar 1927/son of Harvey Jay Bartlett and Alma Marie Hansen [Sec B] Harvey Jay/b. 14 Feb 1888 Pewaukee/d. 16 Jun 1956/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett/husband of Alma Marie Hansen [Sec B] Lester Smith Bartlett/b. 11 Aug 1917/d. 5 Mar 1920/son of Harvey Jay Bartlett and Alma Marie Hansen [Sec C] Frank Bartlett/b. 1854/d. 1934 [Sec C] John Bartlett/b. 1845/d. 1905 [Sec C] Mary Newell Bartlett/no dates [Sec C] Amy Bartlett-Buettner/b. 1875/d. 1927 [Sec C] Allison E. Bartlett/b. 4 Aug 1886 Pewaukee/d. 17 Dec 1918 Minot, Ward ND/cause: influenza during the epidemic of 1918/d. 1919 [Sec C] Charles A. Bartlett/b. 11 Jul 1886 Pewaukee/d. 14 Oct 1952 Pewaukee/ bur. 17 Oct 1952/son of Franklin B. and Harriet Julia (Horn) Bartlett/husband of Hortense [Sec C] George Henry/b. 25 Dec 1884 Pewaukee/d. 11 Jun 1959 Pewaukee/bur. 13 Jun 1959/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett/ husband of Katherine Jesina Garrels [Sec C] Grace (MUNN)/b: 25 Mar 1844 Headcorn, Kent, England/ d: 11 Dec 1930 Pewaukee/wife of Smith Lurvey/daughter of William(possibly b. 1841) MUNN and Elizabeth Brakefield [Sec C] Harriet Julia/b. 3 Apr 1914/d. 28 Jun 1918/bur 30 Jun 1918/daughter of Charles J. and Hortense Bartlett [Sec C] Matthew/b. 3 Sep 1877 Pewaukee/d. 8 Aug 1956 Matoki, Ward, ND/bur. 11 Aug Pewaukee/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett [Sec C] Owen John/b. 12 Oct 1882 Pewaukee/d. 8 Aug 1957 Waukesha/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett [Sec C] Smith Lurvey Bartlett/b: 11 Oct 1835 NJ/NY/d: 17 Aug 1917 Pewaukee/son of Charles and Abigail (Smith) Bartlett [Sec C] Walter W./b. 4 Apr 1881 Pewaukee/d. 24 Jul 1964 Waukesha/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett/husband of Ada (Pies) [Sec C] Hortense/b. 1889/d. 1979/wife of Charles J. [Sec C] Julia (Horn) Bartlett/d. Sept. 2, 1903/wife of Frank Bartlett/48 years old/b. 1855 [Sec F] John A. Bartlett/b. 21 Jan 1933/d. 26 Mar 1997/SSDI [Sec F] Sophia A. Bartlett/b. 1893/d. 17 Apr 1962 [Sec F] Lloyd Avery/b. 13 May 1891 Pewaukee/d. 28 Mar 1981 Pewaukee/bur. 31 Mar 1981/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett Abigail (Smith)/b: 28 Mar 1815 Prospect NY/NJ/d: 4 Feb 1899/wife of Charles Charles/28 Dec 1805 Portland, Cumberland Co., ME/ d. 23 Nov 1883 (husband of Abigail) William/b. 5 Jan 1869 Pewaukee/d. 15 Feb 1869 Pewaukee/son of Smith Lurvey and Grace BAUER: [Sec E] Delores Bauer/b. 16 Sep 1917/d. 24 May 1984/SSDI BAUMHOVER: [Sec E] LaVerne Baumhover/b. 1915/d. 1957 BEAUMONT: Charles R. Beaumont/d. April 25, 1954/age 86 BILLINGS: [P] John Billings/Born 1819/Died 1891/OSSw: [P] Lucy Billings/Born 1821/Died 1904 [P] James I. Billings/b. 1857/d. 1942 [P] Anna C. Billings/b. 1868/d. 1938 BEAVER: [Sec B] Nicholaus Beaver/b. 1847/d. 1937 BECKER: [Sec F] John H. Becker/b. 1889/d. 1958 [Sec F] Edna M. Becker/b. 1892/d. 27 May 1966 Mrs. Emma J. Becker/d. Jan. 7, 1946/age 82 [Sec E] Patrick Becker/b. 1957/d. 27 Aug 1973 Robert W. Becker/Sparky Becker/d. Dec. 27, 2007/age 81 BENCE: [Sec E] Bessie L. Bence/b. 3 Jun 1902/d. 11 Jan 2001/SSDI [Sec E] Henry W. Bence/b. 24 Nov 1898/d. 1 Dec 1963/SSDI BENNETT: [Sec C] Frederick S. Bennett/b. 1855/d. July 13, 1924/age 69/buried July 16 [Sec C] Harriet Eliza Bennett/b. 1856/d. Nov. 15, 1910/age 55/wife of Frederick Bennett [Sec C] Beatrice M Bennett/b. 27 Nov 1917/d. 21 May 1985/SSDI [Sec C] Ethel M Bennett/b. 10 Jan 1881/d. Oct 1965/SSDI [Sec C] Frank N Bennett/b. 1887/d. 1921 [Sec C] Libbie M Bennett/b. 20 Dec 1881/d. 27 Dec 1981/SSDI [Sec C] Loizanne Bennett/b. 29 Nov 1914/d. 3 May 1999/SSDI [Sec C] Ray T Bennett/b. 1885/d. July 1921 BERGERSON: George Bergerson/b. Aug. 1, 1846/d. Jan. 13, 1916 Lake County, SD BERGLES: [Sec E] Allen Bergles/b. 1951/d. 1951 [Sec E] Daisy Bergles/b. 1883/d. 1 Oct 1970 [Sec E] Otto H. Bergles/b. 1887/d. 20 Oct 1959 [Sec E] Russell Bergles/b. 1908/d. 24 Jun 1998/(SSDI:b.5 Dec 1918) Robert E. Bergles/d. Dec. 6, 2007/age 80/WWII Veteran/husband of Theresa BERNITT: [Sec A] Dorothy M. Bernitt/b. 27 Jul 1903/d. 24 Oct 1989/SSDI [Sec A] Armin C. Bernitt/b. 5 Oct 1905/d. 23 Jun 1983/SSDI BERRY: [Sec E] Adrian . Berry/b. 1934/d. 1 Nov 1967 BITTNER: Amy (Bartlett)/b. 18 Jul 1875 Pewaukee/d. 29 Jan 1927 /daughter of Smith Lurvey and Grace Bartlett/wife of Adam Bittner (Adam is bur West Allis, Milwaukee Co.) BLACKMAN: [P] Maria Blackman/wife of F.A. Blackman/Died Aug 15, 1855 BLAKE: [Sec B] Kenneth Martin Blake/b. 25 Jun 1969/d. 31 Oct 1995/SSDI BLIESE: [Sec B] Raymond Bliese/b. 1883/d. 1942 [Sec B] Lora Bliese/b. 18 Mar 1894/d. 8 Jun 1985/SSDI BLUM: [P] Charles Blum (Carl Blum)/born June 7, 1809/Died May 26, 1886 [P] Kate Blum/Apr 25, 1845/died Oct 22, 1910/wife of C.F. Blum BLUMBERG: [Sec G] Jack R. Blumberg/b. 13 Sep 1944/d. 5 Jan 2000/SSDI BOLDUAN: [Sec F] Edwin H. Bolduan/b. 1897/d. 1963 [Sec F] Leona H. Bolduan/b. 1898/d. 26 Oct 1980 BOLLES: [P] Solomon T. Bolles/b. 1881/d. 1885 [P] Maria (Smith) Bolles/Died January 29, 1902/ buried Feb. 2, 1902/wife of Solomon Bolles [P] William J. Bolles/b. 1818/d. 1893 BOOTH: [Sec B] Alfred W. Booth/b. 7 Oct 1908/d. Apr 1991/SSDI [Sec B] Beryl S. Booth/b. 15 Dec 1912/d. 9 Jun 1994/SSDI [Sec B] Clara Booth/b. 1876/d. 1937 [Sec B] Donald C. Booth/b. 12 Dec 1915/d. 13 Jan 1999/SSDI [Sec B] Martine R. Booth/b. 2 Mar 1918/d. 30 Dec 1995/SSDI [Sec B] George Booth/b. 1877/d. 1951 BRADLEY: [P] Elizabeth Bradley/wife of Lyman Bradly/Died April 6, 1878/age 71 years BRAEGER: [Sec B] Earl C. Braeger/b. 18 Mar 1906/d. 14 Oct 1987/SSDI [Sec B] Martha Braeger/b. 1911/d. 16 Feb 1965 [Sec C] Melody A. Braeger/b. 1 Jul 1946/d. Jun 1990/SSDI [Sec C] Dennis Braeger/b. 1945- BRANCH: [P] William Branch/Died Dec. 18, 1859/aged 70 Years/OSSW: [P] Hard to read/wife of Wm. Branch/Died Sept. 5, 1850 BRANDT: [Sec B] Jeanette Brandt/b. 4 May 1919/d. 21 Sep 2007/SSDI [Sec B] Leander F. Brandt/b. 1 Sep 1905/d. 22 May 1991/SSDI BRASTED: [Sec C] Daniel B. Brasted/b. 1890/d. May 1915 BRATKOWSKI: [Sec E] Alex Bratkowski/b. 1910/d. Jun 1987/(SSDI: b. 26 Nov 1909)/ (Wisconsin Death index there is a Aloysius F Bratkowski/d. 4 Jun 1987) BRATTEBO: [Sec E] Verdelle M. Brattebo/b. 11 Aug 1920/d. 27 Jun 2005/SSDI [Sec E] John Bruce Brattebo/b. 1949/d. November 11, 1949/age 7 months [Sec E] John Brattebo/b. 8 Oct 1919/d. 21 Dec 1990/SSDI BRAUDT: [Sec B] Rodney A. Braudt/b. 27 May 1920/d. 2 Aug 1999/SSDI [Sec B] Hazel I. Braudt/b. 1 Oct 1929/d. 14 Aug 1999/SSDI BRAUN: [Sec E] Florence Braun/b. 1892/d. 1954 [Sec E] Fred W. Braun/b. 6 Mar 1891/d. 28 Jan 1965/SSDI BRECHLEIN: [Sec B] Sylvester H. Brechlin/b. 1908/d. 1992 BREITLOW: [Sec B] Dorothy I. Breitlow/b. 1913/d. 2000 [Sec B] Frank R. Breitlow/b. 24 Sep 1908/d. 5 Dec 1964/SSDI BRIGHT: [Sec C] Ellen Bright/b. 1834/d. Dec. 24, 1923/age 89 [Sec C] James Bright/b. 1825/d. Jan. 9, 1913/age 87 BROCK: [Sec A] Rosa Brock/b. 1866/d. 1931 [Sec A] Mrs. A.O. Brock/Mae Brock/b. 1891/d. April 12, 1921 BROUWER: [Sec G] Dorothy Brouwer/b. 16 Jan 1919/d. 18 Aug 2001 BROWN: [Sec C] Jimmy S Brown/b. 20 Sep 1943/d. 15 Jun 1994/SSDI BROWNE: [Sec F] Melvin O. Browne/b. 1915/d. 24 Jul 1967 BUETTNER: Mrs. Adam Buettner/Amy Bartlett/b. July 18, 1875/d. Jan. 28, 1927 BRUSSOCK: [Sec F] Carrie M. Brussock/b. 19 Aug 1903/d. 23 Mar 1977/SSDI [Sec F] Norman E. Brussock/b. 7 Feb 1902/d. 18 Oct 1977/SSDI BUNTROCK: [Sec B] Louise Buntrock/b. 1865/d. 1945 (after Nov. 4) [Sec B] Albert Buntrock/b. 1857/d. 1944 [Sec B] John David Buntrock/b. 9 Jul 1965/d. 26 Mar 1999/(J.D. Buntrock)/SSDI [Sec B] David H. Buntrock/b. 15 Mar 1924/d. 1 Oct 1988/SSDI BUSBY: Eric Busby/d. April 6, 1912/buried April 10, 1912 BUSKE: [Sec E] Reuben E. Buske/b. 1903/d. June 4, 1949 [Sec E] Wayne R. Buske/b. 28 Feb 1931/d. 27 Aug 1997/SSDI BUSSIAN: [Sec A] Ervin R. Bussian/b. 9 Aug 1898/d. Jan 1964/SSDI [Sec A] Julius G. Bussian/b. 1876/d. 18 Aug 1962 [Sec A] Lulu M. Bussian/b. 1880/d. March 1946/age 65 BUTENHOFF: [Sec E] Albert H. Butenhoff, Jr./b. 1911/d. Feb 5, 1954/age 42 [Sec E] Anita A. Butenhoff/b. 8 Mar 1910/d. 1 Dec 1998/SSDI/wife of Albert BYERS: [Sec F] Deloyd M. Byers/b. April 11, 1926/d. May 10, 2008/age 82/WWII veteran [Sec F] Marion J. Byers/b. 24 Aug 1926/d. 23 Aug 2000/SSDI CAIRNCROSS: [P] Dr. J. W. Cairncross/Sept 19, 1851-Dec 21 1904/age 53/OSSW: [P] Helen E. Smith/b. 1850/d. 1930/wife of Dr. J. W. Cairncross/OSSW: [P] infant children of Dr. and Mrs. Cairncross/June 25, 1888-Aug 1, 1888 Aug. 26, 1888-Aug 29, 1899 [P] R. A. Cairncross/b. 1849/d. 1914 CAKANIC: [Sec E] Randy Cakanic/b. 1977/d. 1977 CAMERON: [Sec C] Claude Cameron/b. 1865/d. July 07, 1926/age 61 [Sec C] Hannah Cameron/b. 1865/d. October 04, 1924/age 60/wife of Claude [Sec C] Rev. J.H. Cameron/b. 1834/d. January 25, 1926/age 91 CAMPLIN: Patricia Ann (Hilberer) Camplin/d. Sept. 12, 2007/age 67/ wife of Arthur Roy William Chapman/b. 1921/d. March 16, 1922 [Sec C] Sarah Ann Chapman/b. 1931/d. 1931 [Sec C] William R Chapman/b. 11 Jul 1927/d. 30 Aug 1991/SSDI CHRISTENSEL: [Sec E] Leonard Christensel/b. 1940/d. 1960 CHRISTENSEN: [Sec G] Betty E. Christensen/b. 27 Apr 1919/d. 18 Nov 1998/SSDI [Sec G] Leonard W. Christensen/b. 30 Nov 1916/d. 8 Mar 1997/SSDI CHRISTOFFERSEN: [Sec C] Carrie Christoffersen/b. 1878/d. 1965 [Sec C] Forest Christoffersen/b. 1882/d. 1928 [Sec C] George Christoffersen/b. 1847/d. 1925 [Sec C] Hannah Christoffersen/b. 1861/d. 1927 [Sec C] Louis Christoffersen/b. 1880/d. 1959 [Sec C] Ruth Christoffersen/b. 1892/d. 1956 CIGANEK: [Sec G] Joseph J. Ciganek/b. 7 Mar 1914/d. 5 Sep 2001/SSDI [Sec G] Wilda L. Ciganek/b. 23 Nov 1909/d. 28 Nov 2001/SSDI CLARK: [P] Frederick/son of T.L. & S.A. Clark/Died Aug. 25, 1861 [P] James Clark/b. 1827/d. 1865 [P} Naomi Clark/wife of Asa Clark/Died May 16, 1871 [P] Asa Clark/Died Jan. 11, 1873 [Sec E] Arnold Clark/b. 1915/d. 1954 [Sec E] Pearl Clark/b. 1910/d. 1989 CLAYTON: [Sec B] George Clayton/b. 1853- [Sec B] Henry J. Clayton/b. 1889/d. 12 Feb 1959 [Sec B] Mable Clayton/b. 1880/d. 1961 [Sec B] Mrs. George Clayton/Mary Clayton/b. 1855/d. July 22, 1921/age 66 CLEVELAND: [Sec E] Andrew Howard Cleveland/b. 26 Aug 1922/d. 7 Apr 1987/SSDI [Sec E] Doris C. Cleveland/b. 22 Sep 1920/d. Nov 1992/SSDI COLE: [Sec A] Adeline D. Cole /b. 26 Jul 1885/d. 27 Feb 1967/SSDI [Sec A] Elmer J. Cole/b. 1880/d. 1951 COMSTOCK: [Sec C] Ellen Maude Comstock/b. 1903/d. July 26, 1910 [Sec C] James Comstock/b. 1866/d. 1917 [Sec C] Maud Comstock/b. 1879/d. February 1909 CONKLIN: [Sec B] Agigail Whitney Conklin/b. 1874/d. April 03, 1949/age 75 [Sec B] Edgar Moore Conklin/b. 1858/d. 1932 CONSER: [Sec B] Charles C. Conser/b. 1875/d. 1939 [Sec B] Hattie Conser/b. 1872/d. 1944 [Sec B] Letta Conser/b. 1876/d. 1960 [Sec B] Louis A. Conser/b. 1869/d. 1945 [Sec B] Rebecca Conser/b. 1838 Dawley, Shrophire, England/ d. March 25, 1920 Plevna, Montana CONSER/FAUS: [Sec B] Nettie Conser/Faus/b. 1873/d. 1914 COOPER: Harry Cooper/d. June 1924/age 62 COVERT: [Sec B] Daisy Pierce Covert/b. 1873/d. 1956 [Sec B] Richard Perry Covert/b. 1878/d. 1935 [Sec B] Richard Perry Covert Jr./b. 21 Aug 1908/d. 19 Aug 1975/SSDI CREEKMUR: [Sec G] Alvin F. Creekmur (Al Creekmur)/b. 29 Jun 1928/d. 23 Dec 2007/SSDI [Sec G] Peter J. Creekmur/b. 15 Jan 1957/d. 11 Mar 2006/SSDI CULVER: [P] Henry Culver/b. 1854/d. 1946/husband [P] Almira Culver/Wife of ?. G. Culver/Died ? 21, 1908 [Sec B] Lucile Culver/b. 1881/d. April 18, 1952/age 69 [Sec B] Claude L. Culver/b. 1881/d. 9 Jun 1982 CUNDERMAN: [Sec B] Leone Cunderman/b. 1915- [Sec B] Lillian E. Cunderman/b. 28 Nov 1888/d. 15 Jun 1974/SSDI [Sec B] Oscar C. Cunderman/b. 1885/d. May 11, 1952/cause suicide [Sec B] Ralph K. Cunderman/b. 19 Aug 1914/d. 5 Nov 2004/SSDI CURTIS: [Sec F] Lisle C. Curtis/b. 17 Jan 1893/d. 10 Nov 1965/SSDI CUTLER: [Sec E] Waldine Cutler/b. 5 Oct 1896/d. 29 Mar 1974/SSDI DALLMER: [Sec E] Ernst Dallmer/b. 14 Oct 1881/d. Jul 1968/SSDI [Sec E] Maria Dallmer/b. 17 Oct 1912/d. May 1974/SSDI DAUFFENBACH: [Sec C] Portia C. Dauffenbach/b. 16 Jun 1926/d. 11 Feb 1975/SSDI DAUGHERTY: [Sec C] Edward Henry Daugherty/b. 1842/d. 1911 [Sec C] Martha Daugherty/b. 1841/d. 1909 [P] Samuel Daugherty/died March 2, 1861/age 81 years May Daugherty/d. November 19, 1914 DAVIDSON: [Sec A] Emma Davidson /b. 1861/d. 1955 [Sec A] Walter Davidson/b. 1856/d. 1935 [Sec E] Frieda Davidson/b. 1899/d. 26 Dec 1962 DAVIS: [Sec B] Agnes M. Davis/b. 1876/d. 1941 [Sec B] Benjamin U. Davis/b. 1878/d. 1934 [Sec G] Mary Lynn Davis/b. 25 Sep 1951/d. 7 Apr 2008/age 56/SSDI [P] Capt. Daniel H. Davis/Died Oct. 19, 1879/Aged 66 yrs 9 months 20 Dys/OSSW: [P] Montgomery A. Davis/died June 19, 1877/aged 22 yrs DAVY: [P] Fanny Davy/b. 1852/d. 1939 DAWSON: [P] James Dawson Jr/May 19, 1861/aged 22yrs 11 mo & 19 dys [P} James Dawson/May 21, 1856 [P} Mary Dawson/wife of James Dawson/Died Apr 13, 1873/aged 66 yrs DEAKIN: [P] Emma Deakin/wife Joseph Deakin/died June 3, 1860/aged 25 yrs/OSSW: [P] Mary B. Deakin/Daughter of J. & E. Deakin/Died June 12, 1863/aged 9 yrs & 7 mons DESSOW: [Sec B] W. M. Dessow/b. 1848/d. 1930 DEWITT: [Sec C] Jennie L Dewitt/b. 1915- [Sec C] Robert L Dewitt/b. 5 Feb 1909/d. 27 Mar 2000/SSDI DIEDEMAN: Fred Diedeman/d. July 10, 1921/age 83 yrs 5 months DIEMANN: [P] Louise Diemann/Aug. 8, 1860-July 13, 1863/OSSW: [P} John P. Diemann/Nov. 4, 1854-July 24, 1863/OSSW: [P] Philipina Diemann/Aug. 9, 1852-Sept 1, 1863 DILLMAN: George Dillman/d. July 31, 1912/age 33/drowning DOERING: [Sec E] Emma Doering/b. 1901/d. 1 Jun 1962 [Sec E] Henry C. Doering/b. 1883/d. 3 Feb 1960 DOHMEN: [Sec E] Howard E. Dohmen/b. 1906/d. 4 Feb 1972/(SSDI: 18 Sep 1904) [Sec E] Laura A. Dohmen/b. 15 Mar 1907/d. 30 Nov 1995/SSDI DOMROES: [Sec E] August H. Domroes/b. 1902/d. 4 Oct 1963 [Sec E] Vivian Leah Domroes/b. 4 Feb 1914/d. 6 Oct 1993/SSDI DONAHOWER: [Sec C] Charles Henry Donahower/b. 1855/d. February 27, 1911 [Sec C] Ella Donahower/b. 1863/d. Oct. 4, 1923 DONCHEVICH: Mrs. Helen Donchevich/d. March 1949/age 39 DOPKE: [Sec C] Betty Dopke/b. 30 Nov 1919/d. 20 Apr 2005/SSDI [Sec C] Donna Dopke/b. 10 Jul 1922/d. 19 Aug 1996/SSDI [Sec C] Leonard A. Dopke/b. 16 May 1916/d. 7 Jul 1994/SSDI [Sec C] Melville E. Dopke/b. 12 Dec 1919/d. 12 Apr 2007/SSDI [Sec G] Betty J. Dopke/b. 30 Nov 1919/d. 20 Apr 2005/SSDI [Sec G] Donna P. Dopke/b. 10 Jul 1922/d. 19 Aug 1996/SSDI [Sec G] Leonard A. Dopke/b. 16 May 1916/d. 7 Jul 1994/SSDI Melville E. Dopke/b. 12 Dec 1919/d. 12 Apr 2007/SSDI/ husband of Donna DOUGHERTY: Martha Dougherty/d. Jan. 23, 1910/age 68 DOYLE: [Sec C] Ruth Evert Doyle/b. 9 Jun 1906/d. 2 Dec 1998/SSDI DRAEGER: [Sec B] Eileen Draeger/b. 1931- [Sec B] John F. Draeger/b. 11 May 1931/d. 5 Mar 2005/SSDI DUCKGEISCHEL: [Sec F] Anna M. Duckgeischel/b. 1896/d. 17 Sep 1965 [Sec F] Harry Adolph Duckgeischel/b. 5 May 1895/d. 10 Feb 1971/SSDI DURGES: Robert Durges/d. Dec. 1906 DURSKI: [Sec G] Randolph J. Durski/b. 12 Mar 1949/d. 14 Apr 2001/SSDI EALES: [Sec C] Bertha A. Eales/b. 1907/d. 1953 [Sec C] Herbert W. Eales/b. 1898/d. 9 Sep 1961 ECKERT: [Sec C] Viola Eckert/b. 1898/d. 1942 EDWARDS: [Sec B] Lois A. Edwards /b. 1852/d. 1932 ELLINGSEN: [Sec E] Warren Ellingsen/b. 1924/d. 1953 ELLINGTON: [Sec B] Bertha H.M. Ellington/b. 1899/d. 1936 ELLIOT: [Sec C] Lucille Elliot/b. 1876/d. 1910 [Sec E] Fred Elliot/b. 1868/d. 1950 ELY: [Sec C] Charlotte Ely/b. 1885/d. 14 Dec 1966 [Sec C] Florence Ely/b. 1852/d. April 1923 [Sec C] Franklin Ely/b. 1840/d. 1916 [Sec C] Joseph Ely/b. 14 Jan 1885/d. 30 Apr 1972/SSDI EMMONS: [Sec B] Anna Emmons/b. 1874/d. 1934 [Sec B] Harry D. Emmons/b. 1868/d. July 1947 Mrs. Anna Emmons/d. May 23, 1954/age 79 ENSLEY: [Sec E] Dorothy Ensley/b. 1918/d. 9 Feb 1979 [Sec E] Lawrence Ensley/b. 14 May 1942/d. 14 May 1942/SSDI [Sec E] Ralph R. Ensley/b. 1923/d. 20 May 1963 [Sec E] Sharon E. Ensley/b. 19 Nov 1946/d. 13 Apr 1979/SSDI [Sec E] Walter Ensley/b. 4 Nov 1910/d. 30 Nov 1987/SSDI ERNST: [Sec C] Alan W. Ernst/b. 1881/d. August 14, 1952 [Sec C] Cora Ernst/b. 1882/d. 1952 or possibly 58 EVERT: [Sec C] August Evert/b. 1837/d. May 1910 [Sec C] August J Evert/b. 1872/d. 1937 [Sec C] David Evert/no dates [Sec C] Della Evert/b. 1884/d. Aug 4, 1954 [Sec C] Elizabeth Evert/b. 1847/d. 1882 [Sec C] Emily Evert/b. 1872/d. 1934 [Sec C] Jessie I. Evert/b. 1887/d. 26 Jan 1961 [Sec C] Mary Ann Evert/b. 1872/d. Nov 1947 [Sec C] Otto W. Evert/b. 1883/d. 15 Feb 1962 [Sec C] Rudolph Evert/b. 1878/d. 1925 [Sec C] William Evert/b. 1870/d. 1942 [Sec C] William Evert/b. 1913/d. 1914 Clara E. (Prager) Evert/b. Aug. 2, 1894/ d. May 10, 1947/age 52/wife of E.J. Evert Ruth E. Evert/. March 4, 1921/d. Nov. 29, 2008/age 87/wife of John FIEDLER: [P] Lucy Fiedler/June 30, 1865-Nov 25, 1948 FLAESCHEL: [Sec F] Anton A. Flaeschel/b. 13 Aug 1899/d. 31 Jul 1997/SSDI [Sec F] Elizabeth A. Flaeschel/b. 1908/d. 17 Sep 1963 FLEMING: [Sec C] Dorothy Fleming/b. 1905/d. 1907 [Sec C] Frank Fleming/b. 1898/d. July 24, 1906 (Obit says he is buried in Rose Hill) [Sec C] Grace Fleming/b. 1880- [Sec C] John Fleming/b. 1870- FOGG: [Sec E] Lloyd Fogg/b. 16 Jan 1886/d. 16 Jul 1966/SSDI [Sec E] Lucille F. Fogg/b. 1886/d. 8 Apr 1962 FRACARO: [Sec C] Bess-Jo Moore Fracaro/b. 16 Aug 1921/d. 17 Apr 1997/SSDI [Sec E] Armand D. Fragaro/b. 17 May 1923/d. 16 May 2001/SSDI FREDERICK: [Sec C] Alexander Frederick/b. 1895/d. 1969 [Sec C] Florence Frederick/b. 20 Oct 1894/d. May 1987/SSDI(Flo Frederick) [Sec C] Infant Frederick/b. 1903/d. 1903 FREDERIKSEN: [Sec C] Frode Frederiksen/b. 15 Jun 1895/d. 3 Nov 1965/SSDI [Sec C] Jessie Frederiksen/b. 1881/d. 10 Jan 1970 FREEMAN: [P] Olive M. Freeman/Died May 30, 1860/aged 22 yrs 2 ms 6 ds FRITZ: Adolf Fritz/b. 1912/d. 1996 [Sec C] Gertrud Fritz/b. 1920- FRUIT: [Sec B] Albert Nelson Fruit /b. 1913/d. 1934 [Sec B] Annabel Fruit/b. 1890/d. 1908 [Sec B] Bert L. Fruit/b. 24 Nov 1887/d. 13 Jan 1980/SSDI GALLAGHER: [Sec E] Emma K. Gallagher/b. 1886/d. 13 Dec 1961 [Sec E] John Gallagher/b. 1890/d. 1957 [Sec E] Sgt. John E. Gallagher/b. 1912/d. Aug. 3, 1944 Warrington, England/US Army Air Forces/WWII GALVAN: [Sec E] Jesse Galvan/b. 1986/d. 1986 GARDINIER: [Sec E] Joan Gardinier/b. 1937/d. 1950 [Sec E] Richard Gardinier/b. 1938/d. 1950 [Sec E] Robert McClure Gardinier/b. 1914/d. May 1, 1949/age 34 GARRETS: [Sec C] Augusta Garrets/b. 1843/d. 1923 GARST: [Sec E] Kathleen Garst/b. 8 May 1911/d. 29 Jun 1991/SSDI [Sec E] Walter Garst/b. 15 Oct 1906/d. May 1957/SSDI GATES: [P] Nancy Ursala Gates/wife of W.C. Gates/b. February 19, 1827/ d. Oct. 9, 1856/wife of William Cushing Gates [P] Sarah S. Gates/wife of Wm. C. Gates/b. September 21, 1821/ d. May 21, 1878 [P] Mary Ann B. Gates/wife of W.C. Gates/b. March 17, 1810 in Lunenburg, VT/d. Jan. 11, 1848/in the 38th year of her age (Mary Ann Bracket Webb)/1st wife of William Cushing [P] Henry A. Gates/son of W.C. & Nancy U. Gates/Died May 13, 1853 [P] Nora Drianna/daughter of W.C. and N.U. Gates/Died May 22, 1856 [P] William Cushing Gates/b. March 20, 1811 in Lunenburg, VT/ d. June 13, 1880/husband of Mary Ann Bracket Webb/second Nancy Ursal Allen/third to Sarah Sykes Nicholson and fourth to Mary F. Currie Mary F. Currie Gates/b. August 12, 1837/d. November 02, 1895/ buried in Currie Plot GEBHARD: Marilyn A. Gebhard/b. 22 Oct 1934/d. 9 Mar 1988 GILLARD: [Sec C] Grace Gillard/b. 1898/d. Dec 1923/age 26/daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Gillard GLUTH: [Sec G] Carl Gluth/b. 16 Jul 1923/d. 20 Feb 1997/SSDI GOLDBECK: [Sec A] Wm. Goldbeck/b. 1857/d. 1932 GOODE: [Sec E] Keith Goode/b. 11 Nov 1960/d. 26 Sep 2003/SSDI GOODMAN: Nancy Lynn Goodman/b. Jan. 26, 1946/d. Jan. 14, 2009 Chicago GORALSKI: [Sec E] August Goralski/b. 1892/d. 1957 [Sec E] Louis Goralski/b. 1920/d. 1963/(b. 9 Oct 1921/d. Apr 1963/SSDI) Raymond W. Goralski/b. Aug. 20, 1925/d. Feb 4, 2008 GOSS: [P] Nathaniel Goss/b. 1788/d. 1855 GOTT: Bryan H. Gott/b. 3 Oct 1978/d. 10 Sep 1997/SSDI GRAF: [Sec B] Anita C. Graf/b. 13 Sep 1904/d. 1 Mar 1990/SSDI [Sec B] Frederick N. Graf/b. 11 Aug 1901/d. 3 Jun 1973/SSDI [Sec E] Augusta Graf/b. 1893/d. 1956 [Sec E] Fred Graf/b. 1987/d. 1956 GRANT: [Sec C] Fred Grant/b. 11 Jun 1913/d. 11 Jul 2002/SSDI [Sec C] Ruth A. Grant/b. 18 Dec 1912/d. 13 Nov 1994/SSDI [Sec E] Joann K. Grant/b. 1962/d. 25 Apr 1963 [Sec E] Norma Jean Grant/b. 17 May 1934/d. 25 Dec 1992/SSDI (N.J. Grant) [Sec G] Fred A. Grant/b. 11 Jun 1913/d. 11 Jul 2002/SSDI [Sec G] Ruth A. Grant/b. 18 Dec 1912/d. 13 Nov 1994/SSDI GREEN: Frank M. Green/b. 27 Mar 1936/d. 2 Jan 2003/SSDI [Sec C] Judith Lynn Green/b. 1946- GREENE: [Sec A] Thomas R. Greene /b. 1928- [Sec A] Charles E. Greene/b. 1897/d. 7 Apr 1969 [Sec A] Charles E. Jr. Greene/b. 1918/d. 1969 (death date might be wrong) [Sec A] Gladys Leona Greene/b. 1 Jan 1898/d. 18 Mar 1975/SSDI [Sec A] Marjorie Greene/b. 1949- [Sec A] Nancy C. Greene/b. 1943- [Sec A] Thomas R. Greene Jr./b. 13 Mar 1950/d. 11 Feb 1974 [Sec A] William H. Greene/b. 1858/d. 1938 [Sec G] Joan Y. Greene/b. 9 Dec 1937/d. 18 Apr 2000/SSDI [Sec G] Patricia A. Greene/b. 18 Oct 1928/d. 29 Jan 2007/SSDI GREENOUGH: [Sec E] Allan Greenough/b. 12 Feb 1899/d. 18 Dec 1976/SSDI GRETZ: Mr. Gretz/d. April 1904 GRIFFING: [P] Richard Griffing/Died Oct. 25, 1876 [P] Julia Etta (Bacon) Griffing/wife of Richard Griffing/born Jan. 18, 1816/ died April 15, 1903 GRISWOLD: [P] Lyman Griswold/Father/b. 1807/d. 1864 [P] Miles Griswold/b. 1839/d. Nov. 1910 GROTH: [Sec B] George A. Groth/b. 1876/d. 1956 [Sec B] Bertha A. Groth/b. 1880/d. 26 Jun 1960 GUDGER: [P] John Gudger/d. Nov 3, 1895 GURRERO: [P] Amy Gurrero/wife of Geo/Gurrero/Died Aug 12, 1870 HAAK: Lee C. Haak/d. April 2, 2007/age 62 HAERLE: [Sec C] Henry J. Haerle/b. 1909/d. 1968 [Sec C] Violet L. Haerle/b. 25 Jan 1911/d. 8 Feb 1996 HAERTER: [Sec B] James R. Haerter/b. 4 Aug 1927/d. 29 Sep 1995/SSDI [Sec B] James R. Haerter/b. 1953/d. 1988 [Sec B] Louise A. Haerter/b. 1931- HAMMEL: [Sec E] Gladys Hammel/b. 11 Apr 1921/d. 9 Nov 2002/SSDI [Sec E] LaVerne Hammel/b. 1921/d. 1956 HAMP: [Sec E] Robert Dean Hamp/b. 1963/d. 4 Jul 1980 HANSEN: [Sec B] Hans Johannes Hansen/b. 1877/d. 1939 [Sec B] Nellie Palin Hansen/b. 1872/d. 1950 [Sec E] Eunice Hansen/b. 24 Sep 1927/d. 1 Apr 2004/SSDI [Sec G] Donald R. Hansen/b. 1930/d. 2006 [P] Chris Hansen/son/b. 1869/d. 1900/OSSW: [P] George Hansen/son/b. 1876/d. 1898 [P] Niels Hansen/Apr 2, 1843/Nov 28, 1887/OSSW: [P] Marie Hansen/Oct 3, 1843/Feb 22, 1912/wife of Niels Fred Hansen/d. December 1914/age 62 HANSON: [Sec G] Curtis O. Hanson/b. 1924/d. 1989 HARLAND: [Sec E] Ronald Harland/b. 1934/d. September 1952/cause Excusable Homicide [Sec E] William W. Harland/b. 1911/d. 31 May 1963 Dr. Gowan H. Harland/b. Jan. 27, 1868/d. May 1947/age 79 HARRIS: Frank Benjamin Harris/d. April 25, 1954/age 83 HARTWIG: [Sec E] Sandra Hartwig/b. 1953/d. 1958 HASKINS: Edwin Haskings/b. Jan. 14, 1856/d. April 1927 Altadena, CA HAWLEY: [Sec B] Edwin J. Hawley/b. 23 Feb 1912/d. 23 Sep 1989/Waupaca County, WI/SSDI [Sec B] Norma E. Hawley/b. 2 Sep 1916/d. 5 Mar 1994/SSDI HEATH: [P] Ellen M. Heath/Daughter of J. M & A. R. Heath/Died April 2, 1856 [P] Belinda M. Heath/died Sept 6, 185?/wife of James N. Heath [P] Angeline R. Heath/Died Aug. 6th, 1871/wife of John Heath [P] Austin W. Heath/son of C.G. & E.M. Heath/Died Sep 15, 1851 [P] Elen M. Heath/Wife of Jas. N. Heath/Died Feb 5, 1836 HEATH: See WASHBURN HEFFNER: [Sec E] Benjamin Anthony Heffner/b. Apr. 15, 1982/d. Feb. 22, 1985 HEIDEN: [Sec F] Tracy Ann Heiden/b. 1960/d. 18 Dec 1960 Ester J. (Koskelin) Heiden/b. Jul 21, 1912/d, Sept 24, 2000/ wife of Bowman William Heiden HEINZE: [Sec F] Clara B. Heinze/b. 1882/d. 1957 [Sec F] Oscar L. Heinze/b. 1880/d. 7 Aug 1964 HELLIER: [P] Thomas Hellier/died Dec 25, 1862 [P] Elizabeth Hellier/wife if A. Hellier/daughter of Charles $ Mary. A. Bein/ 1841/d. 1872 HELMARK: [Sec E] Melvin Helmark/b. 1913/d. 1950 [Sec E] Pearl Helmark/b. 1917/d. 2004 HERKER: [Sec E] Edward Herker/b. 1884/d. July 30, 1951/age 67 HILBERER: [Sec A ] Francis Hilberer /b. 1893/d. 1942 [Sec A] Fred S. Hilberer/b. 1883/d. 1958 [Sec A] Frederick W Hilberer/b. 21 Dec 1914/d. 13 Apr 1979/SSDI [Sec A] Lois M. Hilberer/b. 1916/d. 9 May 1964 HILL: [Sec E] Thomas Hill/b. 1960/d. 1986 HILLEN: [Sec B] Kevin F. Hillen HILLER: [Sec E] Harry Hiller/b. 1937/d. 1955 [Sec E] Jerry Hiller/b. 1936/d. 1955 HINDERMAN: [Sec F] Thrall B. Hinderman/b. 1903/d. 23 Mar 1965 [Sec F] Wilma Martha Hinderman/b. 14 Aug 1908/d. 10 Apr 1992/Dane County WI HINTZ: [Sec B] Elsie J. Hintz/no dates [Sec B] Harold F. Hintz/b. 1891/d. 1938 [Sec B] Herman J. Hintz/b. 1865/d. December 10, 1951/age 86 [Sec B] Katherine Hintz/b. 1869/d. March 12, 1948/age 78/wife of Herman HINZEY: [Sec G] William R. Hinzey/b. 2 May 1926/d. 7 Aug 1989 HODGSON: [Sec B] Dorothy R. Hodgson/b. 1920/d. 1925 [Sec B] Frank J. Hodgson/b. 1876/d. Dec. 30, 1954/age 78 [Sec B] Myrtle M. Hodgson/b. 30 May 1897/d. 15 Jan 1975/SSDI Mary Hodgson/d. Sept. 1923/age 84 HOFFMAN: [Sec B] Mona Swetland Hoffman/b. 1904/d. 26 Feb 1975/SSDI HOILAND: Luella C. Hoiland/b. 15 Mar 1931/d. 1 Nov 1997/SSDI [Sec C] Charles Hoiland/b. 1928- HOLMQUIST: [Sec E] Albert Holmquist/b. 19 Aug 1901/d. 22 Jun 1977/SSDI [Sec E] Christine Holmquist/b. 1904/d. 1956 HOLZER: [Sec B] L. Holzer/b. 1871/d. 1951 [Sec C] Jesse J. Holzer/b. 1 Jun 1972/d. 23 Jan 1996/SSDI HOPPER: [P] Wm. Hopper/Died Mar 23, 1878 HORNING: Matilda Horning/d. May 1, 1945/age 93 HOWELL: [P] Martha A. Howell/Daughter of R. & W. Howell/D. April 23, 1856 HOUSER: [Sec C] George E. Houser/b. 9 Oct 1911/d. 6 Oct 1977/SSDI [Sec C] Laura M. Houser/b. 19 Sep 1915/d. 23 Jun 1984/SSDI HOUSTON: [Sec B] Anna D. Houston/b. 30 Apr 1909/d. Jul 1986/SSDI [Sec B] William J. Houston/b. 1895/d. 8 Oct 1966 HUISMANN: [Sec F] Bernhard Huismann/b. 1889/d. 20 Sep 1960 [Sec F] Ramona B. Huismann/b. 1896/d. 11 Jun 1967 HULBERT: [Sec C] Frederick Hulbert/b. 1871/d. 1937 [Sec C] Lucy Hulbert/b. 1871/d. 1965 HURD: [Sec G] Robert J. Hurd II (Rob Hurd)/b. 27 Sep 1976/d. 28 Apr 2000/SSDI HUTCHINSON: [Sec G] William George Hutchinson/b. 3 Oct 1927/d. 10 Jun 2006/SSDI IMSE: [Sec F] Clark C. Imse /b. 1954/d. 16 Jul 1960 IUHR?: [P] Maria Iuhr?/wife of William Iuhr?/Died June 8, 1861 JACKSON: [Sec F] Aveline Marie Jackson/b. 20 Mar 1914/d. 3 Jul 1983/SSDI [Sec F] Orlan Le Roy Jackson/b. 1908/d. 5 Oct 1960 [Sec G] Darrell A. Jackson/b. 24 Mar 1941/d. 24 Sep 1999 JEKEL: [Sec G] Henry Jekel Jr./b. 28 Jun 1917/d. 24 May 1991/SSDI [Sec G] Margaret Anna Jekel/b. 25 Jul 1923/d. 30 Dec 1991/SSDI JENNERJOHN: [Sec A] Edward Jennerjohn Sr./b. 1895/d. 1966 [Sec A] Fredrick W. Jennerjohn/b. 1860/d. 1917 [Sec A] Nellie Tannis Jennerjohn/b. 1871/d. Jan. 26, 1923/age 51 [Sec A] Pearl Wiedeman Jennerjohn/b. 1905/d. 1993 [Sec G] Edward C Jennerjohn/b. 1931/d. 2000 JENSEN: [Sec B] Hans Peter Jensen/b. 1877/d. 11 Jun 1966 [Sec B] Marie Jensen/b. 1875/d. 1934 JESSE: [P] Frederick Jesse/b. 1849/d. 1915/OSSW: [P] Antonia Jesse/b. 1852/d. 1888/OSSW: [P] Alfred Jesse/b. 1884/d. 1886 JOHNSON: [Sec B] Edward A. Johnson/d. 1 Jul 1963 [Sec B] Edward O. Johnson/b. 2 May 1891/d. 31 Oct 1976/SSDI [Sec B] Mary M. Johnson/b. 14 Feb 1899/d. 9 Aug 1974/SSDI [Sec E] Charles Johnson/b. 1927/d. 2005 [Sec E] James Johnson/b. 1872/d. 1956 [Sec E] Joyce Johnson/b. 1926/d. 2005 [Sec E] Petronella Johnson/b. 1875/d. 1956 [Sec G] Phoebe E. Johnson/b. 19 May 1913/d. 19 Dec 2005/SSDI JONES: [Sec C] W. Frederick Jones/b. 1903/d. 1971 [Sec E] Gordon R. Jones/b. 30 Apr 1898/d. 1 Mar 1977/SSDI [Sec E] Margaret E. Jones/b. 1901/d. 21 Jul 1959 William H. Jones/d. Oct. 27, 1921/age 62 William Jones/d. Apr. 23, 1923/age 77 JUNG: [Sec G] Eleanor M. Jung/b. 7 May 1909/d. 5 Aug 1993/SSDI KAVON: [Sec F] Martin John Kavon/b. 1922/d. 10 Jun 1967 KEELER: [P] Sarah Jane Keeler/died November 6, 1882/Aged 26 yrs 5 Mos 4 Dys KEEVER: [Sec G] Burnette Keever/b. 30 Jun 1913/d. 4 Jan 1990/SSDI [Sec G] Harry W. Keever/b. 23 Sep 1910/d. 6 Sep 1994/SSDI KELLOGG: [P] Caroline C. Kellogg/wife of J. S. Kellogg/Died Feb 25, 1863 KELLY: Dr. Julia (Peffer) Kelly/Mar 1860/d, Mar. 22, 1836/wife of (Edward) James Kelley who is buried in Holy Cross Milwaukee. KERN: [Sec B] Isabelle A. Kern/b. 1912/d. 11 Oct 1969 [Sec B] William H. Kern/b. 1909/d. 31 Mar 1970 KIDNEY: [Sec F] Anne Veronica Kidney/b. 27 Mar 1892/d. 7 Aug 1988/SSDI [Sec F] Richard S. Kidney/b. 1885/d. 25 Dec 1964 KIENAST: [Sec C] Jerome R. Kienast Sr/b. 5 Jun 1929/d. 28 Aug 2007/age 78/SSDI [Sec C] Margaret Kienast/b. 1931- [Sec E] Ella Kienast/b. 1893/d. 22 Nov 1962 [Sec G] David M. Kienast/b. 15 Nov 1963/d. 8 Nov 2005/SSDI [Sec G] Koreen K. Kienast/b. 13 May 1942/d. 17 Aug 2006/SSDI KIEPERT: [Sec C] Faye A. Kiepert/b. 1936- [Sec C] Theodore H. Kiepert/b. 14 Apr 1933/d. 15 Apr 1993/SSDI KILTS: [Sec G] Harvey William Kilts/b. Jun. 5, 1927/d. Oct. 26, 2001/OSSW: [Sec G] Myrtle Ann (Teuteberg) Kilts/b. Apr. 1, 1929/d. Oct. 22, 2000/daughter of Milton and Helen Alice Stein Teuteberg. Wife of Harvey Kilts KINGSLEY: [Sec G] Donald E. Kingsley/b. 21 Aug 1934/d. 5 Jan 1999/SSDI KIRCHHOFF: [Sec C] Hubert Kirchhoff/b. 1880/d. 1953 [Sec C] Mayme Kirchhoff/b. 1879/d. 1957 KLATT: [Sec G] Edward R. Klatt/b. 31 Aug 1898/d. 13 Oct 1986/SSDI [Sec G] Rose C. Klatt/b. 22 Oct 1901/d. 19 Jul 1987/SSDI KLUENDER: [Sec A] August C. Kluender /b. 1866/d. 1942 [Sec A] Charlotte Kluender/b. 1842/d. 1903 [Sec A] Emma Kluender/b. 1877/d. 6 Dec 1961 [Sec A] Frederick W. Kluender/b. 1889/d. 22 Jan 1965 [Sec A] William Klueder/b. 1835/d. Jan. 18, 1915/age 80 KLUG: [Sec E] Michael C. Klug/b. 1962 or 1965/d. 11 Mar 1965 (age 3 yrs or 3 mon) KNEGENDOBE: [P] Dora Knegendobe/b. ? Marz 1907/d. 17 Dez 1893 KNIGHT: [P] John Knight/Died Nov. 5, 1876/aged 19yrs & 7 mo's [P] Eleanore Knight/daughter of J. & M. Knight/Died July 9, 1868/ age 13 yrs & 7 mos KNUTH: [Sec A] Emma Knuth/b. 1892/d. 12 Apr 1969 [Sec B] George A. Knuth Jr./b. 1939/d. 14 Mar 1960 [Sec C] Albert Herman Knuth/b. 1885/d. Nov. 19, 1946/age 61 [Sec C] Elsie A. Knuth/b. 11 Jan 1890/d. 22 Oct 1987/SSDI [Sec C] Richard Knuth/b. 1883/d. June 22, 1950/age 67 [Sec F] William A. Knuth/b. 1942/d. 1 Mar 1965 David A. 'Dak' Knuth/b. 13 Sep 1982/d. 5 Jul 2008/SSDI KNUTSON: [Sec G] Earl F. Knutson/b. 19 Nov 1921/d. 24 Oct 1997/SSDI [Sec G] Raymond H. Knutson/b. 1927/d. 14 Oct 1989 KOEBELE: [Sec G] John Paul Koebele/b. 9 Jan 1987/d. 12 Jun 1999/SSDI KOLANDER: [Sec A] Muriel A. Kolander/b. 18 Apr 1907/d. 22 Jan 1981/SSDI [Sec A] Reuben L. Kolander/b. 10 Oct 1896/d. 8 Nov 1990/SSDI [Sec E] Frank E. Kolander/b. 1 Aug 1903/d. 8 Nov 1990/SSDI [Sec E] Sadie M. Kolander/b. 21 Feb 1908/d. 18 Jul 2001/SSDI John Kolander/d. Feb. 20, 1925 KONKOL: Mary Ann Konkol/b. 21 Nov 1940/d. 6 Nov 2005/SSDI KOPP: [Sec G] Otto J. Kopp/b. 19 Oct 1926/d. May 1998/SSDI KORNFEHL: [Sec F] Edward W. Kornfehl/b. 1892/d. 6 Mar 1964 [Sec F] Ella S. Kornfehl/b. 4 Feb 1894/d. 22 May 1980/SSDI KOSANKE: [Sec A] Carl S. Kosanke/b. 1903/d. 1960 [Sec A] John Charles Kosanke/b. 1872/d. 1940 [Sec A] Marie Katherine Kosanke/b. 1872/d. 1955 [Sec E] Elenora Kosanke/b. 1907/d. 2 Dec 1976 [Sec F] Arthur R. Kosanke/b. 30 Jan 1897/d. 17 Jul 1983/SSDI [Sec F] Eleanor Kosanke/b. 21 Sep 1895/d. 21 Mar 1974/SSDI [Sec G] Paul E. Kosanke/b. 30 Dec 1919/d. 11 Feb 1999/SSDI KOSTKA: [Sec B] Patricia R. Kostka/b. 15 Sep 1935/d. 11 Jun 1985/SSDI [Sec G] Robert C. Kostka/b. 11 Apr 1932/d. 9 Apr 2001/SSDI KRANICH: [Sec A] Eleanor J. (Wiedeman) Kranich/b. 22 May 1907/d. 20 Dec 1993/SSDI KRAUS: [Sec G] Jerry Kraus/b. 1928/d. 1998 (possibly Gerald L. Kraus) KUFAHL: [Sec G] Kelly Marie Kufahl/b. 1982/d. 1999 KUREK: [Sec G] Janice A. Kurek/b. 6 Dec 1938/d. 27 Mar 2006/SSDI KUTSCHENREUTER: [Sec E] Angela Kutschenreuter/b. 1979/d. 26 May 1979 LA CHAPELLE: [P] Abraham La Chapelle/b. 1841/d. July 15, 1905/Father/age 64 LAESSIG: Catherine Laessig/d. June 23, 2008/age 62 LANDERS: [Sec E] Irvin A. J. Landers/b. 1931/d. 4 Jun 1988 LARSEN: [Sec E] Edward Larsen/b. 22 Dec 1908/d. 21 May 1973/SSDI [Sec E] John Larsen/b. 1884/d. 1955 [Sec E] Marie Larsen/b. 9 Oct 1908/d. 31 May 1972 [Sec E] Tillie Larsen/b. 1880/d. 1963 LARSON: [Sec C] Alfred Larson/b. 1879/d. 1 Feb 1961 [Sec C] Jessie B. Larson/b. 1903/d. 1904 [Sec C] Lauretta L.Wieland Larson/b. 1902/d. 1988 [Sec C] Minnie W. Larson/b. 1883/d. 1953 Young Child Larson/died Oct. 1905 Eliza J. Larson/d. Jan. 1949/age 71 LEE: [Sec F] Helen R. Lee/b. 1926- [Sec F] Richard W. Lee/b. 1925/d. 20 Jul 1964 LEMBCKE: [Sec B] Andrew C. Lembcke/b. 4 Jun 1891/d. 12 Aug 1965/SSDI [Sec B] Emma G. Lembcke/b. 11 Sep 1891/d. 26 Mar 1970/SSDI LEMBKE: [Sec C] Mrs. Anna Lembke/b. 1869/d. Oct. 10, 1945/wife of William Lembke [Sec C] Erwin William Lembke/b. 3 Jan 1896/d. 3 Aug 1969/SSDI [Sec C] Hilda A. Lembke/b. 17 May 1903/d. 30 Jul 1993/SSDI [Sec C] Marion Valentine Lembke/b. 1908/d. 1995 (SSDI: 14 Feb 1907/d. Jun 1995) [Sec C] Rockwin John Lembke/b. 29 Nov 1893/d. Jan 1968 [Sec C] Webster Lembke/b. 28 Mar 1899/d. 8 Aug 1986/SSDI [Sec C] William Ardelle Lembke/b. 1922/d. 1923 [Sec C] William Lembke/b. 1864/d. Jan. 1945 [Sec F] Dettmer Lembke/b. 21 Feb 1907/d. 29 Mar 1974/SSDI [Sec F] Sylvia Lembke/b. 1913/d. 22 Mar 1961 LENZ: [Sec G] Barbara Marie Lenz/b. 16 Nov 1947/d. 15 May 2002/SSDI LEONARD: [Sec E] Karen Leonard/b. 4 Jun 1949/d. Apr 1973/SSDI LESTIKO: [Sec E] Barbara Lestiko/b. 1916/d. 1925 [Sec E] Russell Lestiko/b. 1913/d. 1963 LEUTEBERG: [Sec B] Betty J. Leuteberg/d. 1968 LEVERANCE: [P] William C. Leverance/b. 1878/d. 15 May 1965/Father LOBDELL: Clara Lobdell/d. April 1946/age 85 LORENZ: [Sec B] Arthur J. Lorenz Sr./b. 4 Feb 1910/d. 15 Jul 1972/SSDI [Sec B] Mildred E. Lorenz/b. 18 Nov 1909/d. May 1985/SSDI LORIER: [Sec F] Alice Eleanor Zimdars Lorier /b. 21 May 1924/d. 31 May 1982/SSDI [Sec F] George H. Lorier/b. 27 Mar 1915/d. 25 Mar 1977/SSDI [Sec F] Karen A. Lorier/b. 1948/d. 4 Aug 1964 LUENZMANN: Alice C. (Carpenter) Luenzmann/b. Jul. 15, 1904/ d. Feb. 18, 1997 Sheboygan Edward Luenzmann/b. Nov. 13, 1881/d. Mar 30, 1952 Edward Doerr Luenzmann/b. Nov. 7, 1910/d. Jun 3, 1955 Frieda Mary (Leidel) Luenzmann/b. Apr. 11, 1881/d. Nov. 21, 1965 LUNDHOLM: [Sec E] Verdi E. Lundholm/b. 1909/d. 21 Sep 1962 LUTGEN: [Sec B] Doris Lutgen/b. 1924- [Sec B] Edna Lutgen/b. 1 Dec 1888/d. 2 Mar 1975/SSDI [Sec B] Lewis A. Lutgen/b. 15 Feb 1922/d. 8 Sep 1977/SSDI [Sec B] Louis T. Lutgen/b. 6 Aug 1889/d. 9 May 1972/SSDI MAGRITZ: [Sec E] Erwin C. Magritz/b. 1917/d. 20 Jan 1959 MANSFIELD: [Sec B] Anna B. Mansfield/b. 1867/d. April 1949/age 82 [Sec B] George W. Mansfield/b. 1848/d. 1885 (death date possibly wrong) MANSKE: [Sec A] August Manske/b. 1864/d. 1932 [Sec A] Charles A. E. Manske/b. 1895/d. 1942 [Sec A] Johanna Manske/b. 1868/d. 1941 [Sec A] Louise B. Manske/b. 29 Aug 1895/d. 13 Sep 1972/SSDI [Sec E] Frieda Manske/b. 1893/d. 1963 [Sec E] Herman R. Manske/b. 1891/d. 1952/military veteran Ernestine Manske/d. April 1912 MANZKE: [Sec A] Dolores Manzke/b. 1924- [Sec A] Edward W. Manzke/b. 31 Dec 1920/d. 21 Aug 1995/SSDI MARCZINKE: [Sec B] Elsa Marczinke/b. 1894/d. 1980 [Sec B] Gustav Marczinke/b. 1858/d. 1904 [Sec B] Hulda Marczinke Grenwis/b. 1870/d. 1911 MARKWARDT: [Sec G] Matthew R. Markwardt/b. 7 Jul 1960/d. 9 Apr 1997/SSDI MARSZALEK: [Sec G] John Marszalek/b. 31 Aug 1921/d. 27 Jul 1997/SSDI MARTIN: [Sec G] William F. Martin Jr/b. 7 Feb 1926/d. 9 Feb 2005/SSDI MATHIAS: [Sec G] Mark C. Mathias/b. 3 Oct 1958/d. 2 Aug 2003/SSDI MATTHIESSEN: [Sec G] Georgina L. Matthiessen/b. 22 Jul 1929/d. 7 Nov 2002/SSDI MATZEN: [Sec E] Adeline Matzen/b. 1901/d. 18 Nov 1965 [Sec E] Walter Matzen/b. 1891/d. 1956 MCCONNELL: [Sec B] Lara H. McConnell/b. 30 Sep 1886/d. May 1970/SSDI MELBY: [Sec G] Curt C. Melby/b. 22 Apr 1956/d. 19 Oct 1986/SSDI [Sec G] Robert C. Melby/b. 26 Sep 1925/d. 1 Jan 1996/SSDI MERZ: [Sec F] Carrie E. Merz/b. 1899/d. 15 Feb 1965 [Sec F] Joseph L. Merz/b. 1904- MEYER: [Sec G] Winifred G. Meyer/b. 14 Oct 1925/d. 8 Jan 2004/SSDI Arnold Fiebing Meyer/b. Jul. 26, 1910/d. Jan. 12, 2003 MILKOWSKI: [Sec B] Arthur J. Milkowski Sr./b. 14 Jan 1915/d. 20 Jul 1987/SSDI [Sec B] Dorothy R. Milkowski/b. 3 Apr 1922/d. 20 Sep 2000/SSDI [Sec G] Margaret E. Milkowski/b. 8 Jul 1922/d. 1 Mar 2003/SSDI [Sec G] Richard B. Milkowski/b. 30 Jul 1919/d. 31 May 2002/SSDI MILLARD: [Sec E] Jon Millard/b. 1956/d. 1956 MILLER: [P] Maria (King) Miller/wife of M.A. Miller/b. 1794/d. 1884 [Sec E] Amanda Miller/b. 1988/d. 1988 [Sec E] Sarah Miller/b. 1976/d. 1988 MINYOUNG: [Sec A] Adelaide MinYoung/b. 10 Dec 1891/d. 17 Jun 1977/SSDI MITTELSTADT: [Sec E] Otto Mittelstadt/b. 1900/d. 1958 MITTER: [Sec E] Victor J. Mitter/b. 10 Jun 1944/d. 27 May 1971/SSDI MOLL: [Sec B] Laureen Marie Moll/b. 22 Jul 1959/d. 27 Aug 2004/SSDI MOORE: [Sec C] John E. Moore/b. 13 Feb 1887/d. 9 Apr 1971/SSDI [Sec C] Marcella M. Moore/b. 1 Apr 1913/d. 14 Oct 1992/SSDI [Sec C] Portia E. Moore/b. 24 Feb 1896/d. 1 Jun 1966/SSDI MORGAN: [P] Elizabeth Morgan/daughter of H.C. & Lurancy Morgan/died Feb 21, 1846/ age 4 yrs 11 mos & 3 days MORITZ: [Sec E] Deborah Moritz/b. 1956/d. 1956 [Sec E] Doris A. Moritz/b. Sep 6, 1936/d. Jul 30, 2006 [Sec E] Lori L. Moritz/b. 1966/d. 13 Aug 1966 [Sec G] Roderick J. Moritz/b. 29 Nov 1925/d. 8 Mar 2005/SSDI MORRISON: [Sec B] James Morrison/b. 3 Apr 1928/d. 10 May 1995/SSDI [Sec B] Mary Jane Morrison/b. 1930- MUNZ: [Sec A] Anna M. Munz/b. 10 Aug 1892/d. 17 Oct 1977/SSDI [Sec A] Paul O. Munz/b. 1883/d. 1958 MUTCHLER: Richard Mutchler/d. Nov. 1921 NELSON: [Sec B] Kisten Nelson/b. 1856/d. 1932 [Sec B] Nels Nelson/b. 1854/d. 1939 Agnes Nelson/d. Dec. 1918 Mrs. Andrew Nelson/d. July 1945/age 87 John Nelson/d. Feb. 26, 1912/age 23 NEUBERT: [Sec B] Gertrude Neubert/b. 1880/d. 1939 [Sec B] William C. Neubert/b. 1875/d. 1936 [Sec B] William C. Neubert/b. 9 Nov 1916/d. 19 Aug 1993/SSDI NEUMAN: Edwin F. Neuman/d. Dec. 7, 2007/age 77 NEUMANN: Delores Neumann/b. 13 Apr 1933/d. 25 Jun 2005/SSDI [Sec G] Linda H. Neumann/b. 31 Aug 1950/d. 10 Nov 2000/SSDI NICHOLAS: [P] Norman Nicholas/Born March ?2, 1827/Died March ?2, 1886 [P] Olive Nicholas/wife of N. Nicholas/Born Feb 24, 1822/Died Dec 23, 1906 NICHOLS: [Sec B] Father Nichols - [Sec B] Mother Nichols - [Sec B] Robert C. Nichols/b. 1891/d. 17 Dec 1960 NOLTE: [Sec B] Daniel C. Nolte /b. 22 Oct 1904/d. Jan 1972/SSDI [Sec B] Ida L. Nolte/b. 1877/d. 8 Jan 1966 [Sec B] William Nolte/b. 1874/d. November 23, 1952/age 77 NORTH: [P] Thomas North/Died June 21, 1851/OSSW: [P] Margaret North/died Sept 4, 185?/son and daughter of F.E. & M North NOWACKI: [Sec G] Joesph R. Nowacki/b. 19 Sep 1918/d. 12 Feb 2001/SSDI [Sec G] Paul J. Nowacki/b. 28 Nov 1946/d. 23 Dec 1998/SSDI O'CONNOR: [Sec B] Joseph C. O'Connor/b. 9 Aug 1919/d. 14 Nov 1997/SSDI O'NEILL: [Sec A] L. G. O'Neill /b. 1937/d. 1937 [Sec A] Leroy G. O'Neill/b. 24 Jun 1909/d. 9 Jan 1999 [Sec A] Leroy William O'Neill/b. 15 Dec 1938/d. 6 Jul 2001 [Sec A] Lucille L. O'Neill/b. 29 Apr 1914/d. 31 Jan 2000 OSENGA: [Sec G] Bernita Z. Osenga/b. 7 Mar 1924/d. 25 Sep 1991 (Possibly Bernita E. Osenga) PALIN: [Sec B] Flora Belle Hardiman Palin/b. 1877/d. 27 Jan 1959 [Sec B] Rosalie Ann Palin/b. 2 Jun 1901/d. Jul 1987/SSDI (possibly died New York) PAPAMOROS: [Sec E] Doris Papamoros/b. 1928/d. 1985 (possibly April 6, 1985) PARK: [Sec C] Isabel C. Park/b. 1856/d. 1951 PARKER: Edith Parker/October 1919/age 30 Mrs. Frederick Parker nee Horn/d. April 26, 1926 PARSONS: [Sec A] Cyril A. Parsons /b. 1900/d. 5 Sep 1963 [Sec A] Fern Parsons/b. 1899- [Sec A] Thomas L. Parsons/b. 26 Jun 1934/d. 18 Mar 1970/SSDI [Sec C] Mary J (Alton) Parsons/b. 1867/d. April 30, 1947(buried in Alton lot) Mrs. Clarence Parsons/d. Dec 22, 1914 PARSONS: See ALTON PEARSON: [Sec B] Emma M. Pearson/b. 1867/d. 1938 [Sec B] Heber B. Pearson/b. 1834/d. December 12, 1905/age 71/Civil War Veteran [Sec B] Homer Pearson/b. 1897/d. 1937 [Sec F] Emil L. Pearson/b. 1892/d. 1973 [Sec F] Stella M. Pearson/b. 1896/d. 24 Aug 1963 PENCE: [Sec B] Florence M. Pence/b. 1895/d. 14 Aug 1969 [Sec B] Pearl L. Pence/b. 1894/d. 1968 PETERMAIR: [Sec E] Irma Petermair/b. 1907/d. 15 Jan 1990 [Sec E] Raymond J. Petermair/b. 1909/d. 8 Dec 1962 PETERSON: [Sec B] Anna G. Peterson/b. 1887/d. 1959 [Sec B] Christian Peterson/b. 1868/d. 1953 PFANNERSTILL: [Sec G] Richard T. Pfannerstill/b. 10 Mar 1947/d. 13 Jan 2001/SSDI PFEIFFER: [Sec B] Albert H. Pfeiffer/b. 1897/d. 1938 [Sec B] Dora O. Pfeiffer/b. 25 Jul 1895/d. 27 May 1991/SSDI PONTEL: [Sec A] Albert Pontel/b. 1873/d. 1959 [Sec A] Barbara Pontel/b. 1877/d. 1915 [Sec A] Cyrilla M. Pontel/b. 29 Jun 1914/15/d. 7 Aug 1992/SSDI [Sec A] Frederick Pontel/b. 1901/d. 1958 [Sec A] Harold A. Pontel/b. 25 Dec 1906/d. 22 Mar 1971/SSDI [Sec A] Walter H. Pontel Sr./b. 24 Sep 1913/d. 19 Jul 1997/SSDI [Sec A] William R. Pontel/b. 4 May 1902/d. 20 Mar 2002/SSDI POPE: [P] Sarah Pope/wife of J.C. Pope/Died Oct. 13, 1883 POYTINGER: [Sec G] Edward M. Poytinger/b. 27 Jun 1922/d. 1 Dec 2001/SSDI [Sec G] Margaret Poytinger/b. 24 Jan 1926/d. 24 Jan 2004/SSDI PRAGER: [P] Salma B. Prager/b. 1866/d. March 7, 1954/ (also seen as Selma Prager)/age 87/OSSW: [P] William F. Prager/b. 1864/d. 1935 PRESCOTT: Chauncey Prescott/d. Nov. 12, 1921/age 50 PRICE: [Sec G] Sherrill E. Price/b. 21 May 1934/d. 6 Jun 2007/SSDI (possibly Sherrill W.) QUABIUS: [Sec F] Anna K. Quabius /b. 1887/d. 1 Jun 1959 [Sec F] David F. Quabius/b. 29 Jul 1885/d. 7 Aug 1966/SSDI RADEMAN: [Sec F] Wayne D. Rademan/b. 1935/d. 28 Jun 1961 RAETHER: [Sec A] Harold H. Raether /b. 21 Jan 1917/d. 20 May 1998/SSDI [Sec A] Frederick Raether/b. 1872/d. November 05, 1945 [Sec A] Lena Raether/b. 22 Aug 1882/d. 14 Dec 1973/SSDI [Sec A] Willard A. Raether/b. 13 Jul 1905/d. 24 Jul 1971/SSDI [Sec E] Herman Raether/b. 17 Oct 1911/d. Apr 1973/SSDI [Sec E] Pauline Raether/b. 8 Apr 1909/d. Feb 1973/SSDI RATKE: [Sec A] Wilhelmine Ratke/b. 1864/d. 1911 REDFIELD: [Sec B] Lorraine C. Redfield/b. 2 Mar 1904/d. 26 Nov 1979/SSDI [Sec B] Thomas A. Redfield/b. 25 May 1897/d. 22 Sep 1965 REES: [Sec E] David Rees/b. 22 Dec 1907/d. 5 Dec 1982/SSDI [Sec E] Doris Rees/b. 14 Nov 1926/d. 1 Jun 2001/SSDI REICK: [Sec C] Robert L. Reick/b. 1879/d. 1948/age 69 REISS: [Sec B] Rosina Reiss/b. 1889/d. 1959 [Sec B] Waldermar R. Reiss/b. 1891/d. 1937 [Sec B] William C. Reiss/b. 1884/d. 1946 - RHODES: [P] Benjamin Rhodes/Died May 25, 1874/aged 68 yrs 10 mos and 28 days RICHTER: [Sec F] Florence J. Richter/b. 16 Oct 1904/d. 18 Oct 1995/SSDI [Sec F] Joseph Richter/b. 4 Jul 1901/d. 19 Dec 1988/SSDI RIEVE: [Sec A] Caroline Rieve/b. 1886/d. 1957 [Sec A] Ferdinand Rieve/b. 1883/d. 1938 RINGRESE: [P] Annie Ringrese/wife of John Ringrese/died May 4, 1882 ROE: [Sec C] Rodney E. Roe/b. 1953/d. 1957 [Sec C] Roger Dale Roe/b. 1948/d. 1953 [Sec C] Royce E. Roe/b. 1950/d. 1969 [Sec E] George W. Roe/b. 29 Dec 1899/d. 16 Feb 1987 [Sec E] Leonard Roe/b. 11 Apr 1926/d. Nov 1974/SSDI [Sec E] Mabel Melinda Roe/b. 24 Apr 1901/d. 12 Feb 1985/SSDI [Sec E] Robert G. Roe/b. 13 May 1919/d. 20 Aug 2006/SSDI [Sec E] Ronald V. Roe/b. 13 Apr 1944/d. 17 Oct 1969/SSDI RONKOSKI: [Sec G] Beatrice B. Ronkoski/b. 21 Jun 1931/b. 12 May 1998/SSDI [Sec G] Robert F. Ronkoski/b. 8 Dec 1930/d. 7 Jul 2005/SSDI ROSE: [Sec E] Irvin Rose/b. 1906/d. 1960 ROUND: [Sec B] Carl E. Round/b. 1901/d. 14 Jul 1962 [Sec B] Carrie I. Round/b. 4 Jan 1896/d. 4 Dec 1975/SSDI RUSS: [Sec A] William T. Russ/b. 4 Jan 1914/d. 5 Oct 1983/SSDI [Sec E] Lawrence A. Russ/b. 14 Dec 1915/d. 7 Jan 1969/SSDI [Sec E] Ruth Russ/b. 1893/d. 1981 [Sec E] William Russ/b. 1889/d. 1953 SANTNER: [Sec F] Joseph H. Santner/b. 8 Jan 1901/d. 17 Feb 1985/SSDI [Sec F] Pearl A. Santner/b. 1901/d. 1958 SAVATSKI: [Sec B] Joseph Savatski/b. 1 Sep 1900/d. 18 Mar 1970/SSDI SAYLES: [Sec G] Raymond Dean Sayles/b. 1935/d. 30 Aug 1994 SCHEELE: Augustus Scheele/d. uly 15, 1926/age 62 SCHICKOWSKI: [Sec B] Anita Schickowski/b. 29 Nov 1943/d. 9 Jan 1997/SSDI [Sec B] LeRoy Schickowski/b. 1930- SCHLAUGAT: [Sec G] Cynthia T. Schlaugat/b. 1 Mar 1959/d. 11 Mar 2001/SSDI (Cindi Schlaugat) SCHLESNER: [Sec F] Ellen D. Schlesner/b. 1924- SCHMID: [Sec C] Adolph G. Schmid/b. 1886/d. 1940 SCHMIDT: [Sec B] Augusta Schmidt/b. Jan. 24, 1853/d. June 10, 1954/age 101/wife of Gustav [Sec B] Gustav Schmidt/b. 1855/d. January 1915/age 55 [Sec B] William L. Schmidt/b. 1893/d. 1958 [Sec C] Louis E. Schmidt/b. 1911/d. 1953 SCHMITZ: [Sec B] Edna M. Schmitz/b. 1898- [Sec B] Joseph F. Schmitz/b. 1898- SCHMUL: [Sec A] Charles Schmul /b. 1884/d. 1929 [Sec A] Amelia Wiedeman Schmul/b. 1877/d. 1915/1st wife of Louis [Sec A] Emma J. Schmul/b. 1886/d. 15 Apr 1963/2nd wife of Louis [Sec A] Louis C. Schmul/b. 1874/d. October 19, 1949 [Sec A] Gustie Schmul/b. 1879/d. 1902 [Sec A] Minnie Schmul/b. 1843/d. 1915 SCHNEIDER: [Sec C] Anita M. Schneider/b. 1925- [Sec C] Lloyd H. Schneider/b. 25 Sep 1925/d. 3 Jun 1998/SSDI [Sec G] Audrey A. Schneider/b. 16 Oct 1932/d. 18 Feb 1999/SSDI SCHULTZ: [Sec B] Dorthy Schultz/b. 1937- [Sec B] Grace A. Schultz/b. 1895/d. 21 Nov 1967 [Sec B] Leroy O. Schultz/b. 19 Jan 1894/d. Dec 1968/SSDI [Sec B] Walter F. Schultz/b. 1905/d. 1993 [Sec E] Elizabeth M. Schultz/b. 1882/d. 13 Jun 1965 [Sec E] Herbert H. Schultz/b. 1883/d. 19 Jul 1962 SCHULZ: [Sec B] Frank C. Schulz/b. 1881/d. 1936 [Sec B] Ida Schulz/b. 1882/d. 1955 [Sec B] Rose A. Schulz/b. 1899/d. 1999 [Sec B] Walter E. Schulz/b. 1905/d. 1953 SCHUPP: [P] Georg Schupp/b. 1852/d. 1882 SCHWARTZ: [Sec F] Mayme Schwartz/b. 1892/d. 9 Feb 1964 SCOMELL: [P] Geo. Scomell/b. Feb 6, 1783/Died Jan. 30, 1864 [P] Mary Scomell/b. Aug 6, 1871/Died Nov 14, 1868 SEELEY: [P] Grace Seeley/daughter/b. 1895/d. 1896 SERVICE: [Sec C] Walter K. Service/b. 1874/d. 1951 SHANNON: Ruth Shannon/d. Jan. 1945 SHARP: [Sec B] Etta Jane Sharp/b. 1861/d. 1938 SHEELE: [Sec B] Grover A. Sheele/b. 1887/d. 1961 SHIPMAN: [Sec G] Erna F. Shipman/b. 1 Jul 1910/d. 4 Sep 1985/SSDI [Sec G] William Ezera Shipman/b. 9 Mar 1902/d. 10 Oct 1994/SSDI SHOMIN: [Sec G] Mother Shomin [Sec G] Daughter Shomin SHROEDER: [Sec B] Susan W. Shroeder/b. 1883/d. 1955 SIMMONS: [Sec E] David Edward Simmons/b. 14 Sep 1933/d. 28 Jun 1987/SSDI [Sec E] Marion L. Simmons/b. 30 Jul 1912/d. 9 Nov 1997/SSDI [Sec E] Gail Nance (Petermair) Simmons/. Feb. 2, 1937/d. April 17, 2007/age 70/ SSDI/wife of David SKEBBA: [Sec E] Adolph Skebba/b. 1898/d. April 26, 1954/age 56 SLAUSON: [Sec G] James E. Slauson/b. 15 Aug 1921/d. 15 Nov 2001/SSDI SLOCUM: [Sec C] Mary A. Slocum/b. 1861/d. 1953 SMITH: [P] Maria Jane Smith/wife of Henry Smith/Died Dec 15, 1870 [P] Henry Smith/Died Dec 14, 1865/aged 50 yrs 6 months [P] Isaac B. Smith/Born Dec 25, 1822/Died Nov 22, 1900/OSSW: [P] Jeannette (Small) Smith/his wife/b. 1826/d. 1917 [P] Emma B. Smith/Daughter of I.B. & J Smith/date illegible [Sec C] Alice B. Smith/b. 26 Sep 1885/d. 17 Feb 1971/SSDI [Sec C] Ava O. Smith/b. 1853/d. 1929 [Sec C] George E. Smith/b. 1854/d. 1932 SOBERG: [Sec E] Casper Soberg/b. 1898/d. 1968 [Sec E] Eugene Soberg/b. 1933- [Sec E] Margaret Soberg/b. 1904/d. 15 Apr 1962 [Sec E] Ruth Soberg/b. 1929/d. 1952 SOPER: Pvt Richard W. S. Soper/d. December 06, 1946/age 25 STANISCH: [Sec E] Caroline Stanisch/b. 13 May 1897/d. 16 Apr 1979/SSDI [Sec E] John Stanisch/b. 1884/d. 1957 [Sec E] John Stanisch/b. 22 May 1918/d. 7 Jan 1997/SSDI [Sec E] Louise Stanisch/b. 27 Nov 1913/d. 11 May 1979/SSDI STANNISCH: [Sec E] Timothy Stannisch/b. 1968/d. 1968 STEELE: [P] George W. Steele/b. 1837/d. 1929 [P] Zerua Steele/b. 1803/d. 1879 [P] Willis Steele/b. 1799/d. 1881 [Sec B] Lola Steele/b. 20 Mar 1876/d. 15 Jul 1966/SSDI [Sec B] W. Bert Steele/b. 1868/d. 1941 STEIN: Bertha Stein/b. 1866/d. July 11, 1923/wife of Charles Stein Charles H Stein/b. 1856/d. 1930 STEIN: See TEUTEBERG STEVENS: [Sec E] Nancy Ann Stevens/b. 1947/d. 10 Jul 1963 STILER: [P] Sarah R. Stiler/wife of Wm. Stiler/Born May 16, 1847/ Died Sep 15, 1884 STOREY: [Sec G] Joseph H. Storey/b. 1 Aug 1934/d. 23 Mar 1987/SSDI STUEBE: [Sec F] June C. Stuebe/b. 1936/d. 12 Mar 1960 STUTZ: [Sec E] Charles Stutz/b. 21 Feb 1888/d. 21 Oct 1972/SSDI [Sec E] Gertrude Stutz/b. 1888/d. 7 Feb 1971 SUCHOCKI: [Sec A] Margaret Trew Suchocki/b. 29 Mar 1919/d. Jul 1987/SSDI SWANG: [Sec B] Benjamin L. Jr. Swang/b. 1915/d. 1932 [Sec B] Bent D. Swang/b. 1856/d. 1941 [Sec B] Elizabeth V. Swang/b. 1876/d. 1958 [Sec B] Harriet E. Swang/b. 1875/d. 1936 [Sec B] Lena Swang/b. 1860/d. 1959 [Sec B] Marion Swang - [Sec B] Peter H. Swang/b. 1868/d. 1953 SWETLAND: [Sec B] Charlotte Swetland/b. 30 Aug 1921/d. 7 Jun 2001/SSDI [Sec B] Delle Fountain Swetland/b. 1913/d. 1941 [Sec B] Ira Fern Swetland/b. 1876/d. 1951 [Sec B] Jack J. Swetland/b. 4 Nov 1907/d. 28 Jan 1992/SSDI [Sec B] Nellie May Swetland/b. 1875/d. 1937 TAYLOR: [Sec A] Annabel Taylor /b. 18 Jun 1889/d. Dec 1968/SSDI [Sec A] John Taylor/b. 1827/d. 1903 [Sec A] Mary Annette Taylor/b. 1854/d. 1933 [Sec A] Mary Taylor/b. 1838/d. Dec. 21, 1922/nee Sears [Sec A] Dr. Richard W. Taylor/b. 1851/d. July 2, 1926 [Sec B] Earl A. Taylor/b. 1888/d. 1958 [Sec B] Olive M. Taylor/b. 1889/d. 6 Jan 1978/(SSDI b. 2 Oct 1890) [Sec C] Ann E. Taylor/b. 1857/d. 1936 [Sec C] Harold E. Taylor/b. 1894/d. 1952 [Sec C] Harriet Mary Taylor/b. 2 Mar 1898/d. 15 Feb 1982/SSDI [Sec C] John J. Taylor/b. 1842/d. 1919 [Sec C] John W. Taylor/b. 28 Jun 1895/d. Aug 1972/SSDI [Sec C] Kathryn A. Taylor/b. 1932/d. 2000 [Sec C] Marguerite Taylor/b. 1896/d. 1997 [Sec C] Melinda Taylor/b. 1864/d. 1943 [Sec C] Robert Taylor/b. 1846/d. Apr. 8, 1923/age 77 [Sec C] Robert W. Taylor/b. 1924/d. 1937 [Sec C] Roger W. Taylor/b. 1931- [Sec C] Ruth E. Taylor/b. 1897/d. 19? [Sec C] William W. Taylor/b. 30 Oct 1891/d. 28 Oct 1975/SSDI [P] Leah Taylor/b. 1848/d. 1923/age 74/OSSW: [P] George N. Taylor/b. 1850/d. 1927 [P] Edward Taylor Sr/b. Jan. 18, 1807 in England/d. Dec 15, 1871 [P] Miles Taylor/b. 1804/d. 1884/OSSW: [P] Margaret Taylor/b. 1802/d. 1870 TERLSON: [Sec B] Hattie Terlson/b. 16 Jan 1890/d. 24 Jul 1979/SSDI TESCH: [Sec G] Stephen A. Tesch/b. 3 Sep 1957/d. 20 Jun 1990 TEUTEBERG: [Sec B] Christena Teuteberg/b. 1859/d. 1930 [Sec B] Dolores M. Teuteberg/b. 17 May 1915/d. 26 Mar 1981/SSDI [Sec B] Donna J. Teuteberg/nee Washburn/d. Nov. 29, 2007/age 75/wife of Willard R. [Sec B] Willard R. Teuteberg/b. 31 Mar 1931/d. 24 Oct 2005/SSDI [Sec B] Elizabeth Teuteberg/b. 1880/d. 1956 [Sec B] Harold Teuteberg/b. 1908/d. 1940 [Sec B] Helen Alice (Stein) Teuteberg/b. 1905/d. Mar. 20, 1959 [Sec B] Henry August Teuteberg/b. 1880/d. Mar. 31, 1946/age 66 [Sec B] Herman Teuteberg/b. 1850/d. 1942 [Sec B] Joseph J. Teuteberg/b. 28 Oct 1886/d. 29 Apr 1972/SSDI [Sec B] Lester Frank Teuteberg/b. 31 Jul 1911/d. 30 Nov 1991 [Sec B] Michael A. Teuteberg/d. 1964 [Sec B] Milton Teuteberg/b. 1890/d. 1947 [Sec B] Neil F. Teuteberg/b. 1933/d. 1997 [Sec B] Richard Teuteberg/d. 1939 [Sec B] Virginia A. Teuteberg/b. 1938- [Sec F] William B. Teuteberg/b. 24 Feb 1893/d. 11 Aug 1969/SSDI [Sec G] Matthew Louis Teuteberg/b. Oct. 25, 1981/d. Mar. 26, 2000 [Sec G] John R. Teuteberg Sr./b. 21 Nov 1936/b. 28 Sep 1995/SSDI [Sec F] Amelia E. Teuteberg/b. 19 Feb 1905/d. 5 Feb 1976/SSDI TEUTEBERG: See KILTS THIBAULT: [Sec E] Clifford Thibault/b. 3 Oct 1941/d. Mar 1984/SSDI THOMAS: Paul Emil Thomas/b. May. 22, 1872 Milwaukee/d. Feb. 9, 1948/ Miami Dade County Florida [P] Capt. William H. Thomas/co. D 3d Regiment Wis Volunteer Cavalry/ Promoted to Batt Ads. Transferred to Co. H. as Lieutenant Promoted to Capt. July 1, 1863 TILLOTSON: [Sec G] Ruth Tillotson/b. 1908/d. 16 Dec 1997/(SSDI b. 11 May 1910) TINNES: [Sec A] Anna Tinnes/b. 1859/d. 1910 TOLZMAN: [Sec G] Edwin O. Tolzman/b. 18 Feb 1919/d. 27 Jul 1992/SSDI [Sec G] Myrtle C. Tolzman/b. 7 Feb 1912/d. 8 Mar 2003/SSDI TOOKER: Armin Tooker/d. July 1912 TORKELSON: [Sec E] Eleanor M. Torkelson/b. 1903/d. 21 Oct 1965 [Sec E] Norman Torkelson/b. 1912/d. 1956 TREW: [Sec A] Robert R. Trew/b. 2 Nov 1916/d. 20 Dec 1973/SSDI TREXELL: [Sec E] Dorothy Trexell/b. 19 Jul 1919/d. 1 Feb 1979 [Sec E] Edgar C. Trexell/b. 4 Jan 1914/d. 15 Oct 1971 TROJAN: [Sec F] Madeline B. Trojan/b. 1915/d. 13 Jan 1965 [Sec F] Walter G. Trojan/b. 17 Oct 1915/d. 20 Nov 1967/SSDI TRUMBLY: [P] William Trumbly/son of A.&E. Trumbly/Died March 2, 1861 TRUSTY: [Sec C] Edith L. Trusty/b. 1887/d. 16 Jul 1963 [Sec C] Roy A. Trusty/b. 16 Jul 1891/d. 10 Feb 1966 ULNESS: [Sec F] Gregory A. Ulness/b. 1952/d. 1952 [Sec F] Mervin A. Ulness/b. 1923- [Sec F] Ruth L. Ulness/b. 1924/d. 1999 [Sec F] Wayne A. Ulness/b. 1947/d. 20 Jun 1964 URBANCHEK: [Sec G] Oliver Jeff Urbanchek/b. 1967/d. 23 Dec 1991 URBANOWSKI: [Sec G] Jan Marie Urbanowski/b. 1963/d. 3 Jan 1995 URTUBEES: [Sec A] Fred Urtubees /b. 1879/d. 1946 [Sec A] Alfred J. Urtubees/b. 1849/d. June 18, 1926/age 76 [Sec A] Frances J. Urtubees/b. 1858/d. 1934 VALENTINE: Janet Dana Valentine/d. March 21, 1994 Prescott, Arizona/age 75 VERTZ: [Sec E] Betty Lou (Ellingsen) Vertz/b. Jun. 17, 1927/d. Jul. 24, 1986/SSDI [Sec E] Richard Vernon Vertz/b. May 14, 1924/d. Jul. 19, 2003/Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona/SSDI VOLLERT: Charles A. Vollert/b. 1936 Alstadt, Germany/d. Sept 25, 1912/ Co. C 5th Wisconsin Regiment VOSS: [Sec E] Edna Helen Voss/b. 1905/d. March 4, 1955/age 49 Charles J. Voss/d. March 14, 1946/age 77 WA??: [P] Belle/Died Feb 9, 1875 WAGNER: [Sec A] Louisa Wagner /b. 1842/d. 1935 [Sec A] Siegfried Wagner/b. 1837/d. 1929 WALDELE: [Sec B] Frank Waldele/b. 1870/d. 1947 [Sec B] Jane Clayton Waldele/b. 1885/d. bef Jan. 25, 1952 (probate record published Jan. 25) WANK: [Sec G] Gabriel J. Wank/b. 24 Mar 1924/d. 19 Jun 2004/SSDI WARD: Emma Ward/d. Dec. 6, 1953/age 80 WASHBURN: [Sec B] Ann E.M. Washburn/b. 1878/d. 1953 [Sec B] Christina M (Heath) Washburn/b. 1845/d. 1940/daughter of James Nelson Heath/age 95 years old/wife of William H. Washburn/ William was a Civil War soldier/mother of Holland and Raymond [Sec B] Hollon Faville Washburn/b. 1874/d. 1947 [Sec B] Katherine Mary Washburn/b. 1917/d. 1998 [Sec B] William H. Washburn/b. 1842 New York/d. 1916/Civil War Soldier, Co. G. 28 Wis. Vol. Infantry/married in 1871 [P] Ephram Washburn/born May 13, 1802/Died A 19, 1877 WATERMAN: [P] M.N. Waterman/b. 1821/d. 1893 [P] J.H. Waterman/b. 1813/d. 1894 WEAVER: [P] Martin H. Weaver/b. 1837/d. 1930 [P] Adeline Weaver/his wife/b. 1837/d. 1908 Stephen Weaver/b. June 25, 1810 Sussex, Co., England/ d. August 06, 1894/husband of Elizabeth Maxon and second to Phoebe Maxon/third Sarah Hankey Phoebe (Maxon) Weaver/b. March 18, 1816, Courtright, NY,/ d. April 10, 1886/wife of Stephen Weaver Sarah (Hankey) Maxon/d. 1911/wife of Stephen Weaver WEBER: Marie C. (Huhn) Weber/d. April 11, 1954/wife of Victor weber WEGENER: [P] Michael Wegener/b. Feb 9, 1817/d. Dec 3, 1893 [P] Maria D.S./Wife of Michael Wegener/b. Sept 4, 1825/Died Feb 8, 1863 WENDELBERGER: George A. Wendelberger/d. Feb. 6, 2008/age 71 WENDT: Mrs. Wendt/d. June 1912 WENGATZ: [Sec G] Sharon W. Wengatz/b. 22 Sep 1938/d. 1 Feb 1987/SSDI WEST: [P] Louisa H. West/wife of J.V. West WESTCOTT: [Sec B] Augusta Westcott/b. 1884/d. 1942 [Sec B] Charles G. Westcott/b. 1884/d. 1953 [Sec F] Anna M. Westcott/b. 2 Sep 1912/d. 23 Nov 1999/SSDI [Sec F] Charles A. Westcott/b. 1909/d. 1957 WHEELER: [P] Sally M. Wheeler/wife of Simon R. Wheeler/b. 1820/d. 1867 WHEELOCK: [P] Emma L. Wheelock/Daughter of I.H. & Fatima Wheelock/ d. Feb. 3, 1848 [P] Fatima Wheelock/wife of I.H. Wheelock/died Dec. 28, 1848/age 28 yrs & 3 months WHERCAFF: [P] Hannah Whercaff/wife of John Whercaff/Died Nov. 9, 1862 WHITE: [P] Eliza J. White/June 1840/July 1917 [P] Mary A. White/b. 1858/d. 1891 [P] Jos. A. White/28 N.Y L.A. Civil War WIEDEMAN: [Sec A] Alma M. Wiedeman/b. 2 Apr 1892/d. 1 Jan 1978/SSDI [Sec A] August J. Wiedeman/b. 14 Mar 1888/d. 16 May 1973 [Sec A] Elizabeth Wiedeman/b. 1838/d. 1915 [Sec A] Emma E. Wiedeman/b. 1873/d. 1920 [Sec A] Fred J. Wiedeman/b. 1870/d. 1943 [Sec A] Fred Wiedeman/b. 1838/d. before Sept. 1, 1921 (probate published Sept. 1) [Sec A] John A. Wiedeman/b. 1873/d. 1930 [Sec A] Charles Wiedeman/b. 1876/d. August 22, 1945/age 70 [Sec A] Margaret E. Wiedeman/b. May 10, 1882/d. Sept. 22, 1954/age 72/ wife of Charles [Sec A] Mildred E. Wiedeman/b. 25 Sep 1916/d. 24 Nov 1993/SSDI [Sec A] Rudolph Wiedeman/b. 1877/d. March 1947/age 69 [Sec F] Gladys L. Wiedeman/b. 1915- [Sec F] Lester C. Wiedeman/b. 1911/d. 5 Apr 1959 Dan Lester Wiedeman/b. Sep. 14, 1946/d. Jun. 26, 2006/SSDI WILDISH: [P] Eliza Wildish/born June 8, 1822/Died July 19, 1902/Our Mother [P] James Wildish/Died Sept 6, 1888/aged 71 years 11 months WIKE: [Sec F] Paul V. Wike/b. 12 Jun 1950/d. 19 Sep 2005/SSDI WILLIAMS: [Sec B] Amy M. Williams/b. 1920/d. 1940 [Sec B] Bernice Williams/b. 1917/d. 2001 [Sec B] LeRoy A. Williams/b. Feb. 23, 1939/d. May 13, 2005/son of William and Amy (Schultz) Williams [Sec B] William H. Williams/b. 25 Nov 1907/d. 17 Feb 1990/SSDI [Sec E] Clara Williams/b. 1882/d. 1958 [Sec E] Irene Williams/b. 7 Jul 1923/d. 9 Jun 1999/SSDI [Sec E] Robert Williams/b. 24 May 1915/d. 5 Oct 2005/SSDI [Sec E] Stanley Williams/b. 1898/d. 1952 [Sec E] Stanley Williams/b. 27 Sep 1923/d. 4 Nov 1990/SSDI [Sec E] Viola Williams/b. 1914/d. 21 Feb 1970 [Sec E] Walter J. Williams/b. 12 Mar 1923/d. 18 Aug 1987/SSDI [Sec E] William Williams/b. 1877/d. 1958 WILLAN: [P] Mary Willan/wife of L.W. Willan/July 16th 1858/aged 12 years WILSON: [P] A.C. Wilson/Died March 31, 1858/aged 52 years WITZ: Harry LaVerne Witz/b. Nov. 20, 1899 New Lisbon, Juneau County/ d. Dec. 6, 1946/Pewaukee/age 47 WINTERSBERGER: [Sec G] Siegfried Wintersberger/b. 1941/d. 7 Sep 1994 WINZENRIED: [Sec A] Margaret A. Winzenried/b. 1914/d. 1968 [Sec A] William B. Winzenried/b. 1911/d. 1968 [Sec G] William R. Winzenried (Dick Winzenried)/b. 22 Mar 1933/d. 4 Jan 2000/SSDI WITZ: [Sec E] Jerry Witz/b. 15 Aug 1941/d. 26 Nov 1972/SSDI WOLFERSDORF: [Sec F] C.M. Wolfersdorf/b. 1910-no date (possibly Clarence/b. 19 Jan 1910/d. 26 Jul 1972/SSDI) [Sec F] Mary Wolfersdorf/b. 2 Aug 1886/d. 28 Aug 1973/SSDI [Sec F] Max Wolfersdorf/b. 18 May 1883/d. 27 Oct 1963/SSDI WOLFGRAM: [Sec A] Anna Wolfgram/b. 1 Apr 1883/d. 13 Oct 1978/SSDI [Sec A] Julius Wolfgram/b. 1869/d. 1937 [Sec A] Mary B. Wolfgram/b. 2 Jun 1916/d. 2 Feb 2006/SSDI [Sec A] Walter H. Wolfgram/b. 16 Mar 1911/d. 6 Dec 1999/SSDI WOOD: [P] Thomas Wood/Died Nov. 5, 18?3/aged 13/OSSW: [P] James Wood/Died Apr 6, 1861/aged 78 years WRIGHT: [Sec E] Elmer E Wright/b. 1889/d. before June 14, 1952/ (probate published June 14) [Sec E] Marie Wright/b. 1898/d. 1952 YACKEY: [P] Louis E. Yackey/died Sept 16, 1871/aged 15 yrs 10 months 21 days YONKE: [Sec B] Bernard A. Yonke /b. 1930- [Sec B] Nancy A. Yonke/b. 14 Apr 1933/d. 2 Oct 2002/SSDI [Sec F] Arthur Yonke/b. 13 Jul 1905/d. 15 Sep 1961/SSDI [Sec F] Lois Yonke/b. 12 Sep 1907/d. 31 May 1991/SSDi YORK: [P] Isaac York/Died Aug. 12, 1875/OSSW: [P] Ester M. York/Died Aug 10, ??? YOUNGKOSKE: [Sec B] Ida C. Youngkoske/b. 1898/d. 1965 YUNGK: [Sec G] Robert L. Yungk/b. 12 Apr 1934/d. 10 Jun 2006/SSDI ZICKER: Mrs. John Zicker/d. Apr. 23, 1927/age 80