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La Belle Cemetery

Oconomowoc Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy

Burials starting with A


This active cemetery is located in the city of Oconomowoc just northeast of East Wisconsin Avenue(Highway 16). It is bounded by Lapham Street on the east, extending north to about east Juneau Avenue. It is also running along the easter shore of the southern end of Fowler Lake to the city park which borders it on the south. Take North Oakwood Avenue to the East Grove Street entrance, Section 33, Oconomowoc Township.

History of La Belle Cemetery

The original cemetery was established May 15, 1851 by the Oconomowoc Cemetery Association. This first cemetery, called Oconomowoc Cemetery was along Walnut Street between Wisconsin Avenue and the Norwegian Bridge in what is now a residential and commercial area. Burials were made there until 1864, when it was decided that a larger area would be required for the cemetery. A new site was selected and named La Belle Cemetery. All of the owners of lots in Oconomowoc Cemetery were given lots in the new cemetery in exchange and the bodies were relocated to La Belle Cemetery. The old cemetery was sold in January, 1865.


There are cemetery records 1851-date, including the reburials from the Oconomowoc Cemetery. There is a chart of the cemetery. The records are not available for public research. The Oconomowoc Cemetery Association will answer mail requests. Currently there is no charge. Contact:
Oconomowoc Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 432
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions of tombstones 1844-1954 Sections A-H, I(blocks 1 and 2 only), J-L. There are transcriptions of the stones as well as additional information from the records and notes on unmarked graves in sections A-D.

Tombstone Photographs

There are some tombstone photos available for some of the stones at the Linking Your Past Gallery. If a photo is available there will be the words [Tombstone] immediately following the name. Some of the stones my have more than one name. One of the names may have been missed in transcription or linking.

Burials and Interments

The information in brackets [ ] is the location in the cemetery.

Available obituaries are linked to the individual's name.

This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery. There are over 8000 interments in this cemetery.

For ease of navigation the pages have been divided alphabetically. When known the wife's maiden name has been crossed referenced to her married name

[ A ][ B ][ C ][ D ][ E ][ F ][ G ][ H ][ I ][ J ]
[ K ][ L ][ M ][ N ][ O ][ P ][ Q ]
[ R ][ S ][ T ][ U ][ V ][ W ][ Y ][ Z ]

OSSW: means on the same stone with

[M-234]		Evelyn R./Oct 25 1920/Nov 17 1993
[M-234]		Kenneth O./1920

[B-242]		Henriette/Dec 25 1873/Apr 21 1926

[M-087]		Susan I./1945/2001/(SSDI: Sue I. Abendroth/b. 12 Feb 1945/
			d. 29 Dec 2001)
[M-088]		Elmer H./1912/1979
[M-088]		Eva I./Mar 3 1916/Jan 25 1993

[2-111]		Walter/1893/1974/(SSDI:b. 31 Mar 1893/d. Sep 1974)
[2-112]		Emma/1889/1957
[D-1032]	Aigista/Apr 10 1888/May 28 1944/Mother
[D-1032]	Leonard/Dec 31 1868/Oct 27 1953/Father
[E-1333]	Conrad/1871/1921
[E-1334]	Annie/1901/1901
[E-1336]	Emil/1874/1945
[E-1337]	Wilhelmina/1848/1935
[E-1338]	August/1841/1926
[E-1339]	Albert/Apr 18 1890/Mar 10 1959/SFC 153 Aero Sq.,WW-I
[F-149]		Alma C./Mar 21 1888/Mar 8 1937
[ ]		Augusta B/no dates

[E-1260]	Elmer/Jul 18 1898/Oct 24 1898/Infant/Son
[E-1261]	Harvey/Mar 24 1897/Jun 30 1897/Infant/Son
[E-1262]	Florence/Aug 11 1902/Aug 6 1903/Infant/Daughter
[E-1263]	Herbert A./Jan  28 1901/Oct 20 1918/Died in France
[E-1264]	Emery C./1907/1982/Son/(SSDI:b. 22 May 1907/d. Feb 1982) 
[E-1265]	Laura A./1877/1964/Mother
[E-1266]	Ole/1863/1929/Father
[E-1267]	Betty P./1914
[E-1267]	Walter H./1905/1982/(SSDI:b. 26 Oct 1905/d. Jan 1982) 

[2X-084]	Luise/1909/1986/(SSDI:b. 17 Jun 1909/d. Apr 1986)
[E-1158]	Bertha W./1877/1967/Mother/(SSDI:b. 19 Apr 1877/d. Nov 1967)
[E-1159]	Richard L./1870/1943/Father
[E-916]		Hugo M.R./Apr 23 1903/Apr 1 1904
[E-917]		Lester M.W./Jan  25 1905/Jan 29 1921
[J-165]		Edward/1884/1963
[J-165]		Luise/1884/1972/(SSDI:b. 11 Sep 1884/d. Nov 1972) 
[K-0000]	Ernst/d. 1952

[E-L-163-G7]	Hugo/1904
[E-0000]	Ella/1905/1925
[E-0000]	Emma/1896/1914
[E-0000]	Lester Mw/1905/1921
[E-0000]	Louisa H./1866/1906
[E-914]		Arthur L./Dec 23 1909/Jul 16 1997
[E-915]		Martin F./Apr 16 1906/Apr 19 1936
[E-918]		Ida M./Apr 11 1875/Feb 19 1993
[E-919]		Frank H./Oct 15 1867/Jun 1 1951
[K-0000]	Ernest/1894/1952
[K-0169]	Erbest A./1898/1952/Husband
[K-0169]	Isabel A./1897/1966/Wife

[E-0000]	Emery/1908/1982/(SSDI:b. 22 May 1907/d. Feb 1982)

[B-0000]	Jeffery H./1989

[D-0000]	Edward/1860/1935

[C-0000]	Eva/1880
[C-0000]	Martha/1817/1900
[C-0000]	Simon/1873
[C-0000]	Simon/1891
[C-0000]	Sophin C./1980

[C-0000]	Sophin D./1872
[D-0000]	Adolph C./1869
[D-0000]	Baby
[D-1486]	William/1868/Jan 18 1939/PVT 4th Wis. Inf.
[D-1487]	Eva/1844/1935/Mother
[D-1488]	Louis/1841/1907/Father
[E-0000]	Elise E./1973
[E-0000]	John F./1976
[E-567]		Otto T./1876/1989/Father
[E-568]		Ploy H./1881/1972/Mother
[E-569]		Harry O./1901/1949/Son
[KC-0000]	Floy H./1972
[L-0000]	Ames/1867/1935

[E-1545]	Elsie E./1905/1973/(SSDI:b.8 Jun 1905/d. Aug 1973)
[E-1546]	John F./1903/1976(SSDI:b. 23 Aug 1903/d. Oct 1976)
[KC-0000]	Otto P./1877/1969

[C-522]		Florantiene/Apr 23 1825/May 26 1834
[C-524]		Henry/Jan  28 1822/Jun 5 1886

[]		Willie/ossw;
[]		Bessie

[E-1178]	William/Sep 30 1855/Aug 2 1884

[A-033]		Thaddeaus G./1907/1955
[A-033]		Theodore G./1907/1955
[A-033]		Margaret M./1914/1988/(SSDI:b.16 Jul 1914/d. 20 Nov 1988)
[D-0000]	Bessie/1901
[D-0000]	Mayme A./1910/1998/(SSDI:b.22 Sep 1909/d. 17 Jan 1998)
[D-1071]	Amelia/1872/1946/Mother
[D-1071]	John/1857/1952/Father
[D-1072]	Jennie L./1902/1989/(SSDI:b. 12 Aug 1902/d. 24 Jun 1989)
[D-1329]	Edna/1898/1975
[D-1329]	George/1896/1981
[E-0000]	Thompson M./1933
[E-1355]	Zenia C./1831/1894
[E-1356]	Ida M./1861/1934

[2-0000]	W.F./no dates
[A-0000]	Aegene R./1943
[N-071]		Gerald/1933
[N-071]		Marcia/1936/1989

[Blk A]		Aegene R./1943

[]		Ryan Christopher/b. Jan. 6, 2005/d. Jan. 12, 2005

[blk C]		Burt/1878/1957

[A-L17-G6]	Justin/1831/1917
[A-L17-G6]	Mrs. J./no dates
[A-067]		Harry J./Mar 19 1885/Feb 8 1960
[A-068]		Lewie H./1857/1933
[A-069]		Jennie E./Nov 29 1881/May 16 1952
[A-070]		Elizabeth H./Jul 6 1850/Nov 6 1933
[A-071]		Merrick J./1830/Jul 28 1917
[A-072]		Alzayda L./Jun 14 1883/Dec 23 1952
[Blk A]		Ann E./1835/1874
[Blk A]		Jamie/1868/1952
[Blk B]		Tillie/1877/1951

[E-1198]	Milda A./1898/1977

[Blk H]		Albert L./1896/1964

[E-1223]	W.F./1810/1888/Father
[E-1224]	Dorothea/1812/1895/Mother
[Blk E]		Dorothea S./1819/1896
[Blk E]		F.W./1819/1888

[D-1354]	May I./1891/1960/Mother
[D-1354]	Thomas A./1887/1938/Father

[N-089]		Dorothy R./May 30 1927/Mar 2 1999

[Blk 2]		Eleanor B./1980

[C-731]		Alice A./Mar 8 1919/Jun 26 2000
[C-731]		John R./Mar 30 1915/May 28 1977

[B-307]		Frederica C./1889/1948/Husband
[B-308]		Alma K./1890/1981/Wife/(SSDI:b.26 Jul 1890/d. Aug 1981)
[Blk B]		Cisus F./1890/1948

[Blk 2X]	Luise/1986
[Blk E]		A.
[M-053]		Amanda/1904/2003
[M-053]		Leif/1898/1975

[2-107]		Eleanor/1919/1986/(SSDI:b. 14 Mar 1919/d. Apr 1986)
[2X-333]	Isabelle/1874/1926
[2X-334]	Donald S./1901/1922
[2X-335]	Mabel/1885/1971
[A-L20-G18]	Kevin Carl/1963
[A-077]		Katherine E./1954/1956/Infant Daughter
[B-328]		Ole F./1851/1925
[B-387]		Maren/1852/1920
[B-388]		Jens/1839/1918
[Blk 2]		Elerson/1919/1986
[Blk A]		Carl K./1963
[Blk B]		William N./1860/1915
[Blk E]		Andrew/1855/1912
[Blk E]		Estelle C./1853/1921
[Blk E]		Karen/1817/1909
[Blk E]		Mary/1850/1927/Infant/Son
[Blk J]		Mary M./1898/1987
[Blk M]		Betty/1934/1978
[Blk M]		Leif/1898/1975
[C-896]		Agnes C./1898/1983/Daughter/(SSDI:b.1 Apr 1898/d. Mar 1983)
[C-897]		Albertina/1871/1947/Mother
[C-897]		Charles/1872/1955/Father
[D-959]		Elizabeth/1900/1930
[D-966]		Gerard/5 12/1965/Seman 2cl, U.S. Navy
[E-073]		Caroline/1874/1960
[E-640]		Harvey B./Mar 11 1829/Apr 20 1886
[E-641]		Jane C./Feb 24 1830/Mar 3 1916
[E-643]		Louise C./May 20 1859/Sep 28 1925
[E-847]		Alma/Jun 25 1892/Dec 25 1920 /wife of  H.M.
[F-304]		Lillian (nee Lutz)/1905/1968
[F-305]		Richard E./1906/1958
[H-312]		John R./1893/1974/(SSDI:b. 7 May 1893/d. Sep 1974)
[H-312]		Louise A./1911/1999
[J-017]		Hans Mark/Oct 16 1893/May 5 1971
[J-018]		Myrtle E./Mar 11 1902/Jun 12 1985
[J-151]		Charles P./1938/1968
[K-333]		Ander/1891/1933
[K-334]		Marie/1870/1960
[K-335]		Gunder/1862/1931
[M-047]		Elizabeth/1934/1979

[Blk G]		Edna/1882/1945

[E-645]		Liesel H./1923/2002
[E-645]		William M./1916/1973

[F-350]		Carlton/1900/1970/(SSDI:b.17 Mar 1900/d. Jan 1970)
[F-350]		Mildred/1901/1990

[Blk K]		Auder/1891/1933

[Blk 2]		William B./1913/2001

[B-237]		Elizabeth/Nov 13 1849/Apr 28 1915/Mother
[B-238]		no name/Father/1880/May 21 1890
[B-239]		Daisy/1891
[B-240]		Bihoy/19 1824/1828
[B-240]		George/1885/1890

[Blk B]		Birdy/1876
[Blk B]		Daisy/1890
[Blk B]		Elizabeth/1915
[Blk B]		George/1890
[Blk D]		Hennietta/1863/1940
[D-1393]	Victor/1898/1953
[D-1394]	Esther/1892/1974
[J-085]		Maynard S./1887/1970
[J-086]		Keith/1879/1947
[J-283]		Joseph J./1892/1969
[J-283]		Mary M./1897/1987/(SSDI:b.27 May 1897/d. Mar 1987)

[E-345]		Fannie L./Jul 10 1840/Dec 27 1911/wife of  O.P.
[E-346]		O.P./Sep 20 1834/Jan 21 1915

[Blk C]		John R./1899/1977

[Blk H]		Albert L./1886/1964

[D-976]		Mary (nee Stratton)/Jan  3 1864/Apr 29 1900
[D-977]		Mary Lydia/Apr 20 1900/Sep 7 1900

[D-1173]	Lillie W.

[Blk H]		Constaine/1884/1969

[E-764]		Joseph/1812/5 Feb 1894
[E-764]		Mary/1810/2 Aug 1892

[Blk A]		Baby/1979

[A-063]		John Henry/1880/1916
[A-064]		Mary L./1896
[A-065]		Grace E./1875/1925
[A-066]		Maud G./1869/1926

[C-804]		Simon/b. Aug. 19, 1815/d. Sep. 9, 1891/OSSW:
[C-804]		Anne/b. Nov. 5, 1814/d. Mar. 2, 1889/wife of Simon

[B-363]		Kathryn Athas/b. Sep. 27, 1900/d. Apr. 5, 1990
[B-364]		Steve Athas/b. Sep. 14, 1895/d. Oct. 2, 1982/U.S. Army WW-I
[Blk D]		Marie J. Athas/b. 1917/d. 1918
[Blk D]		Robert Athas/b. 1932/d. 1933

[C-443]		Emily E./1852/1914
[C-444]		Maud J./1882/1901
[C-445]		Horatio W./1854/1925

[Blk K]		Marie/1870/1960

[Blk E]		Fannie L./1911

[Blk N]		H.

[Blk D]		Martin/1862/1949

[C-670]		Erwin G./1894/1977/(SSDI:b.17 Nov 1894/d. Aug 1977)
[C-670]		Frieda F./1898/1976/(SSDI:b.7 Aug 1898/d. Jun 1976)

[Blk C]		Ida M./1883/1945
[Blk C]		Loraine/1908/1932
[C-858]		Dollie A./1874/1947/Wife
[C-858]		William C./1868/1941/Husband

[Blk D]		Ida/1864/1931

[L-100]		Gertrude J./1887/1965
[L-100]		Oscar L./1875/1951

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